I’m a writer – I enjoy writing. Sure, I prefer to write for myself than for clients, not least because I’m quite the fan of my style and quirks – some of which don’t always measure up to the APA Style guide! Fortunately for me, manifesting is pretty personal, and the universe, angels and energies around you have no interest in spelling, punctuation and grammar!

As long as what you write makes sense to you and fills you with focus, confidence and positivity, it’s perfectly suitable for manifesting.

If you enjoy writing as much as I do or feel like it’s the most powerful manifestation method available to you, there are various methods to choose from. This article highlights my five favourite ways to manifest with writing.

The components of a positive affirmation

Before I do, I’ll touch on the importance of writing affirmations. To manifest with writing, you need to grasp the concept of affirmations. These are the statements you make that make your manifestations possible. I’ve borrowed an image from the linked article to illustrate the point, but do give it a read if you need to build your affirmation skills as they’re the writing part of manifesting with writing.

1. Start a Manifesting Journal

A manifestation journal is a fantastic idea for anyone looking to dip their toe into the concept of manifesting with writing. It’s a straightforward, dedicated space to write down and focus on your thoughts and something you know you can put away and ignore before returning to it when you’re ready.

The simple act of buying a journal or starting a document on your computer can be enough to build a habit around writing down your affirmations. In turn, that creates consistency. Affirmations don’t necessarily need to repeat to manifest, as I’ll discuss further below, but consistent focus and repetition can be powerful tools for making something significant happen.

Perhaps the best part of all when it comes to manifesting journals is that they’re unique to you. You might want to format your desires and affirmations as a script, or you could follow a specialist manifestation technique. You may just write down what you want as it pops into your head. A dedicated manifestation journal can be the ideal place to store this work, safe in the knowledge you can add and refer to it as you progress along your journey.

2. Try the 5×55 Manifestation Method

Specific manifestation methods are ideal for anyone that’s either brand new to manifesting or wants more structure in their efforts. Popularity plays a part, as these methods tend to spread as people try them and find success. You won’t find many more popular techniques than the 5×55 manifestation method, and it just so happens to involve plenty of writing.

The 5x55 Method

Some manifestation techniques, such as the 369 method, aren’t overly specific about how to express your affirmations. You’re free to think, say or write them as you see fit. However, the 5×55 method is specific about writing things down. It certainly helps to have a passion or fondness for writing if and when you try this one, as you’ll write a specific affirmation, meaning a complete sentence, 55 times every day.

That’s a solid few minutes out of your day, but that’s a good thing. The time you spend will become a dedicated time for reflection, positivity and imagination. After all, you don’t need your total concentration when you’re writing the same thing multiple times. That leaves you free to focus on the supporting parts of manifestation, all while sticking to the plan consistently.

3. Manifest on Your Phone

Just as I mentioned that it doesn’t matter if your spelling and grammar aren’t up to scratch; it doesn’t matter where you put your text when you manifest with writing. The universe has witnessed people and probably the creatures that came before us trying to change the world with the power of thought for millions of years. Just as you don’t need a press to print something anymore, you don’t need paper to manifest with writing.

Write an Affirmation On Your Phone

Furthermore, not only can you manifest on your phone, but it’s possibly the best way to do it. Not only is it quick and convenient, but you can add and remove affirmations at will. You also benefit from having your affirmations and other information available with a couple of taps. The same logic is why my fellow Widibi writers and I recommend doing everything from vision boards to bucket lists on your phone if that works for you. Best of all, everything else mentioned in this article is perfectly suitable for your phone or tablet.

It’s not necessarily what you write; it’s what you do once you’ve written it. Plus, in these environmentally conscious times, why risk losing and therefore wasting a piece of paper when you can get closer to your manifestations electronically?!

4. Consider Scripting with the Law of Attraction

You probably like writing. Do you love it? Then scripting might be just what you’re looking for. Law of attraction scripting can be compared to writing yourself into a movie or television show. Fortunately, you don’t have to mentally land a part in a horror film or the Truman Show. Instead, your role is one of great abundance, positivity and success, and it’s all down to what you decide to write.

Your script should be believable in the context of your current existence. Ask yourself if what you’re writing could feasibly happen. Think of yourself not as the character but as the director. When you write a story, you have to consider whether something makes sense.

Take one of my (relatively) recent favourites, Parks and Recreation. If you haven’t seen it, this won’t make sense, but would Leslie Knope or Ann Perkins go on a violent, destructive rampage? Almost certainly not. Would Ron Swanson or Jean-Ralphio Saperstein? I’d almost be disappointed if they didn’t.

While it sounds like a contradiction, fiction should be realistic, at least in the context of the world built around the characters. The same applies to your role in your life when you write the script. Consider what’s come before and your current situation as parts of the story that have already played out.

The law of attraction is extremely powerful, but it can’t overrule other laws without significant time and effort. For example, to become US President, you must be a natural-born citizen. The only way the law of attraction could change that is by effecting a change in those rules if you were born elsewhere.

It’s not impossible, but “I went to bed a janitor, but woke up as the President” isn’t going to happen, no matter how powerfully written your affirmations.

Nevertheless, scripting with the law of attraction is one of the most enjoyable opportunities to manifest with writing if the story makes sense. It can also complement other goals and dreams. So if you’ve got ‘write a novel’ or ‘direct a movie’ on your bucket list, your life’s script could be a fantastic starting point.

5. Write One-Off Lists

The above tips focus on structure and consistency – both extremely important to manifesting through writing or any other technique. Some people believe that repetition is vital, whether you manifest verbally, by writing and typing or merely thinking. There’s merit to that opinion, but it’s not necessarily essential.

Cosmic ordering is similar to the law of attraction, and cosmic ordering with writing works exceptionally well too. The critical difference is that cosmic ordering works because you ‘order’ something and then wait for it to arrive. You don’t check if it’s on its way, and you don’t order it over and over again.

My preferred method of cosmic ordering relies primarily on thought. Still, I write things down, too – I was thinking more of this technique than typical manifestation methods when I designed the instant vision board.

Some might say that the instant vision board isn’t a vision board at all. After all, it’s a list of four affirmations, usually on a Word document but equally valid on a sheet of paper. However, it does draw on typical vision board techniques, such as positioning and how often you look at it.

The key here is that once you write something down as an order or a manifestation, it’s in the system. Even if you never ask again, the universe now knows you want it. It might not be fast – the energies around you will work harder when you do, such as through repetition. However, it’s there, and it’s on its way.

So, if something pops into your mind and you’d like to manifest it, write it down in the form of an affirmation. Then, consider the order made and go about your day. File it away or screw it up and recycle it – the hard part is done!

How to Manifest with Writing – In Summary

You don’t need to be a writer to manifest anything you like, but if you love scribbling and typing, there are some fantastic techniques and opportunities out there to help you achieve your dreams. With the write levels of positivity, gratitude and clarity, anything you write can contribute towards becoming whatever you want to be. The techniques above are ideal whether you’re just starting out with manifesting, or you’re looking for structure, consistency and, above all, success!