You’ll find my fellow contributors and I often comparing the law of attraction to a delivery service. Most recently, we did so in our article on how the law of attraction works. In that feature, we concluded that while there are many comparable factors, delivery speed isn’t always one of them.

What Works for Me Might Not Work for You

A lot of what we know about the law of attraction is theoretical. Nobody knows what it involves as well as you do because everyone is different. What works for you might not work for someone else, and the time it takes for something you’ve sought to attract to manifest can vary massively.

On a personal level, one anecdote I always go back to, and you’ll hear more about if you explore Widibi, involves parking spaces. It’s not just me either. If in doubt – try parking spaces to prove to yourself whether or not the law of attraction works!

One of the first times I ever encountered the law of attraction was when a family member told me about their experience with parking spaces. I was in the car with them at the time, and we ended up parking right outside the venue we visited. I was impressed and made a point of saying so. They were dismissive, almost like they expected to have got that parking spot.

As it turned out, they had! More importantly, they hadn’t even thought to ask. Prime parking had become as expected as the sun rising, and they never thought about it again. They wanted it, and they believed.

What does that have to do with the time it takes for the law of attraction to work? Well, this wasn’t their first time. It had actually been years since they first asked for a prime parking spot. It was delivered quickly. It went from being a humble request to being expected.

The Law of Attraction Might Work Right Away

Following that experience, I decided to put that anecdote into practice. Next time I needed a parking spot, I asked for the best one available. Lo and behold, I parked right by the doors of the shop. Funnily enough, that’s the first time I tried to implement the law of attraction. It didn’t take long for me to become a believer.

Incidentally, when my partner, who doesn’t practice the technique as much as I do, goes to the shops, she doesn’t get any special assistance. Sometimes she comes across the perfect space—most of the time, she doesn’t. In the latter cases, she’ll often come home and lament the fact that I wasn’t with her!

I had an advantage here. It’s a lot easier to believe something when you’ve seen it for yourself. As I’ll discuss momentarily, you really need to believe that your request is in processing, even if it doesn’t appear immediately.

Same-Day Delivery or a Several-Year Backorder

So, how long does it take for the law of attraction to work?

Well, it could be almost instantaneous. It could take years. As my favourite vision board speaker would attest, vision boards don’t come with an expiry date. While the team discuss vision boards elsewhere, I will say that the same applies here.

This is where the law of attraction shares less in common with ordering from a website or catalogue. It’s impossible to tell when something specific you’ve requested will come to you.

I’ve written in the past that you might have a Ferrari on your list. However, while not impossible, it’s unlikely that you’d request it before bed one evening and wake up the following morning with it on your driveway.

Without going too in-depth in this article, you need to ask yourself how well-positioned you are to take delivery of your order.

At the most extreme end of the spectrum, you might be unemployed and without a driving licence. The universe has a lot to do to make your Ferrari order happen. Conversely, if you already have a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce out front, the universe has less sorting out to do in order to fulfil your request.

Returning to the online delivery analogy, you must consider the challenges faced by the universe in making a delivery.

I used to live relatively close to an Amazon fulfilment centre. My ‘reward’ was the availability of Prime Now. I could browse everything that warehouse had in stock and have it delivered within two hours.

Since then, I moved house. In the process, I found myself several miles further from the warehouse than I had been previously. Through a combination of logistics, costs and various other factors, orders of the same items would now take longer – they wouldn’t even arrive on the same day.

Critically, my orders would still arrive. However, they wouldn’t be quite as fast. By moving house, I actively did something to make it more difficult for something to reach me. Amazon still works diligently to get my orders to me in a timely manner, but it takes a bit more work.

Arranging Circumstances

With the above analogy, I complicated the delivery process by moving house. Admittedly, I wasn’t going to stay where I was just for Prime Now, especially when everything else about the move represents a marked improvement!

However, the analogy makes sense and rings true. Think of where you are in your life. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but you shouldn’t be scared to wait either.

If you’ve just joined a company as an intern but have your eyes on the CEO role, the universe has to pull some strings. It will identify what needs to happen to fulfil that request. It may require specific qualifications and the universe will nudge you toward gaining them.

It may require several years of experience and rising through the ranks. Again, the universe will do what it can, but sometimes there’s no substitute for waiting it out.

How Long Does It Take for the Law of Attraction to Work if You’re in a Rush?

Some say that you have no influence over how long the universe will take to manifest your request. I disagree. As with most people, more manageable tasks are completed willingly and quickly. Those that take more time are always susceptible to delays.

There are two main cases where you might be in a rush.

You Want to See if the Law of Attraction Works

It’s perfectly fine to be sceptical. As I mentioned earlier, I had an advantage when I started using the law of attraction as I’d already seen it used to great success. I can completely understand why someone else may be less confident.

The key here is to set the universe a relatively simple task. Parking spaces are a fantastic example. Putting out to the universe what you’d like for dinner and finding that someone else suggests eating just that is another excellent example.

Try to think of something you’d like and believe that it will happen. It shouldn’t take long at all as long as you remember the underlying principles of belief and gratitude.

You’re Desperate for Something to Happen

Unfortunately, this option isn’t quite as simple. If you’re desperate for something, either through need or greed, it’s impossible for your emotions to be positive. If you desperately need money to pay a bill, your request of the universe will be clouded by the worry and negativity of not having the money already.

Quick Manifestation with the Law of Attraction

If you’re new to the law of attraction, I’d suggest focusing on the small wins to start with. Instant gratification builds confidence and belief and sets you up perfectly to tackle more significant tasks. Go for the parking space, or request a trip to your favourite restaurant. It’s usually a good idea not to go all-in on a lottery win right from the outset – not least because the universe has to jump through so many hoops that you’ll probably lose interest!

How Long Does It Take for the Law of Attraction to Work? – In Summary

No matter what you do, you’re always attracting something. How you carry yourself, the gratitude you show for what you receive, and numerous other factors determine what comes along and when.

The chances are that if you’re here at Widibi, you’re here for the right reasons. You want a positive impact on your life from the law of attraction. Seeking out information is a positive step in its own right.

If you’re unsure of the power of the law of attraction, that’s absolutely fine. However, if you can force yourself to believe, and you give the universe an easy job to start off with, you’ll see your hopes and dreams manifesting far sooner than you might have thought.