You’ll have to bear with me here, as I’ve got a slightly weird anecdote to share. When I was younger, I liked to write. As you might have noticed if you’ve spent some time here at Widibi, I still do! When I’d write things, it was almost like I wrote them into existence. Like most kids, I wanted to go to Disney World, and I wrote a story about it. About eight months later, there I was at the Magic Kingdom. I’d even written about getting out of exams to do it (nothing major). I was permitted to miss three weeks of school and the exams that took place. It’s like everything slotted into place, just as I’d written it.

I was old enough to know what a coincidence was, but it didn’t feel like that. Incidentally, the more I read, write and experience about the law of attraction, the less and less I believe in coincidence. Someone I have a lot of respect for that also uses the law has given up on the idea of coincidence altogether.

I find that the more I lean into the law of attraction, the easier it is to see it working. Something happens that someone who doesn’t follow the practice might put down to coincidence. For me, it doesn’t take a lot to find the link between what I want and what I received.

The Concept of Law of Attraction Scripting

Just as the name would suggest, law of attraction scripting involves writing the script for your life and how you’d like it to be. I want to compare it to writing your autobiography. However, rather than writing about what you’ve done in the past, you’re writing what you plan to have done in the past. I prefer not to talk about it as writing about the future. A vital concept of the law of attraction is living the life you want. Wherever possible, you want to act as you would if your life was perfect. Crucially, it would be best if you also showed gratitude along the way.

The best thing is that even if you’re not inclined towards writing, you have nothing to worry about. Your dreams can be as big as you want them to be, and your writing doesn’t need to be perfect. It might turn into a bestseller one day but, for the time being, it’s only about you, and there’s an audience of one.

The Most Important Part of Law of Attraction Scripting

If you only take one thing away from this article, it’s to remember that your law of attraction script should be treated as an autobiography. It may be a fictional one, but that’s not the attitude. Write the story of what you did, how you did it and how it felt.

If you read the intro, you’ll remember I wrote about going to Florida, and it happened. I’m not in the US, so that was a big deal for me. What I wrote was the story of what I did while I was there and how it felt. I don’t know why I did that, but it means that I can think back nearly thirty years on how and why that worked for me.

Starting Law of Attraction Scripting

It doesn’t matter where you write your first law of attraction script. You can buy specialist journals for the purpose, but there’s no need. A pen and paper, the notes app on your phone or my personal favourite, good old Microsoft Word, all work just as well. That’s because it isn’t all about what you write or where you write it that makes law of attraction scripting work. It’s the act of writing it down.

The first step, as is often the case with anything to do with the law of attraction, is to have a good idea of what you want. I won’t go too much into my favourite metaphor, but I always compare the law of attraction to shopping from a catalogue. It can only deliver if you’re specific about your order – read more on that if you’re interested in my article on how the law of attraction works.

If you’ve written articles, stories, books or scripts before, start with your outline draft. Use bullets or a list of your choosing to note down what you want. It could be something conventional like money, property, cars or love, or you might have your own unique desires. Again, it doesn’t matter, as you’re the writer, but you’re also the audience.

Then, put yourself in the shoes of the main character – you – and get writing. Write about what you bought with that money you asked for or craft a story about how it feels to spend a quiet evening in the house of your dreams. If your interests lie in using the law of attraction for weight loss, write a short story about the shopping spree you went on to celebrate going down a few sizes.

Always Stay Positive and Grateful in Law of Attraction Scripting

The law of attraction thrives on positivity, and your scripts should too. If you’ve got a car on your vision board and plan to write about buying it or driving it, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t write about crashing it! That’s an extreme example, but you get the point. Focus on the good things that come from your law of attraction manifestations, and you really will be writing your future.

Alongside positivity, gratitude also goes an incredibly long way in making the law of attraction happen. It doesn’t hurt to add a dose of gratitude into your stories. Something along the lines of “…and when we moved in and finally had time to sit back and relax, I felt a wave of gratitude come over me as it dawned on me that everything had come together to manifest this new home.”

Finally in this section, the positivity shouldn’t extend only to your writing. You have to have a positive approach when you sit down and write. If you’re struggling with writer’s block or you can’t picture yourself enjoying your manifestations, it’s better to stop for now and come back to it than to cause yourself any unnecessary stress! This isn’t a thesis, and you may be the only person ever to read your stories. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Believe in Yourself and What You Write

Belief matters too. I consider myself as being extremely experienced with the law of attraction, and I’m confident to think big and dream big. I’d encourage you to do the same, but if you’re relatively new to the concept or still have doubts, it’s better to start smaller and work your way up. The acid test comes down to whether you really believe what you’re writing. Can you see yourself acting out the contents of your script in the near future?

If not, it can be worth cutting back on the ambitions for now. For me, the ‘proof’ in the law of attraction stems from seeing it in action. I’d much rather you attempted something modest and saw it manifest to give you confidence than writing about receiving a cheque for a million dollars and giving up while you wait.

How Often Should I Write a Law of Attraction Script?

Everything about the law of attraction, as far as I’m concerned, is flexible. I’m the last person in the world that would suggest having the law on your mind every waking hour. I personally like to write a short script at the end of each day to map out how I expect the following day to go.

I have a friend who does the same with vision boards but first thing in the morning – he creates a new one each morning when he’s doing anything more than staying at home without any plans. I believe words work on vision boards just as well as pictures, but that’s a discussion for another article!

On a workday, I find the hardest thing to do being getting started. Once I’ve knocked out a few hundred words, I’m set and can write for hours on end. My script serves as a way to plan the day and add a sprinkle of the law of attraction magic to proceedings. If I’m in a period where I’m particularly prone to procrastination, I’ll even script myself into an early start and extraordinary outcomes in everything I seek to achieve.

If daily scripts sound daunting, that’s fine too. I have another friend that loves to dream big. She uses the law of attraction on the essential things and lets the finer details work themselves out. It’s not my style, but if it’s yours, she stands by its success.

Law of Attraction Scripting Steps

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can’t wait to get started on scripting your life, or at least some of the smaller details. I’ll leave you with some simple steps to serve as something of a law of attraction scripting template so you can start telling your life story right away:

Clarify What You’d Like to Manifest and Jot it Down

A good story needs a plot, and yours is merely you living the life of your dreams. Be as straightforward as possible on what you want. Instead of wanting money or wealth, put an amount on it. Instead of chasing a new car, find the exact model online.

Crucially, you need to avoid using words like ‘want’. While it’s not part of the script, everything you jot down should come from the perspective of already having it.

Be Clear on Why You Want It

When you know what you want, clarify why you want it. Anything that builds on ‘I just do’ is good enough. It’s much easier to motivate yourself towards achieving your goals if you have a reason to want them. Again, this only needs to be a short line at the top of the page.

Write a Short Story or Script About You Enjoying Your Manifestation

I know from personal experience that there are many definitions of ‘short’ when it comes to stories. If you’re planning to publish a book on Amazon and it’s under 2,500 words, you run the risk of it being too short to bring value to their customers. Their decision, not mine. Fortunately, your script doesn’t involve anyone else. If it’s something specific, like a sum of money, it can be as little as a couple of lines.

If you’re planning an entire day like I do, or even longer, then you’ll need more words. The best advice I can give is to write the first sentence and then see where your script takes you. Rather than focusing on length, just ensure you hit the following key points:

  • Be specific about what you have and how much of a fantastic impact it has made on your life
  • Show gratitude, even if it’s something vague by ending the story with “thank you.”
  • The devil is in the detail, so don’t be afraid to talk about multiple benefits
  • Make it believable and achievable. The more the universe needs to arrange to make your story come true, the more time it will need. If you have $100 in the bank, law of attraction scripting probably won’t work if you write on a Monday how you became a millionaire on Tuesday!

There’s a lot more to law of attraction scripting, and I plan to dive even deeper into the topic in future articles, so stay tuned! As a writer, I particularly love talking about the part of the law of attraction that involves putting words on the page. If you’ve used the scripting process to help manifest the law of attraction, do please let us know in the comments!