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No matter your experience level with the law of attraction, the chances are that this isn’t the first article you’ve ever read on the subject. In the time since you started making affirmations, manifesting your thoughts, and everything else that comes with the concept, you’ll have noticed that the universe isn’t shy about getting involved. Sure, we mostly call upon it to manifest our desires, but the universe and the angels are more than happy to guide you in the right direction – whether you ask for it or not!

One thing the universe is happy to do when you’re open and attuned to it is to give you indications that someone is thinking about you. How these messages manifest themselves varies, but I’m going to cover every instance considered as part of the law of attraction, so you’ll know that someone has you in mind!

Before I get into the signs themselves, let me open by saying:

Don’t Worry!

These signs mean that someone out there is thinking of you. They don’t mean that someone is using the law of attraction to influence you, simply because they can’t. The law is completely personal and, even if it wasn’t, there would be nothing at all to worry about.

If it was possible to influence others with the law of attraction (once again, it isn’t) then it would only bring more positivity and abundance into your world. The moment anyone tried to influence you in a negative way, that negativity would reflect on them, sometimes several times over. It would be they that were pushing negative thoughts out into the universe, and they who would have to deal with the backlash!

So, lets get on to the signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you. Some are more subtle than others, but you’ll know by now the importance of being open and respectful when the universe wants to get a message across.

You Encounter Someone in Your Dreams

While not directly related to the law of attraction, many believe that we take on an enhanced form of consciousness while dreaming. The interpretation of dreams isn’t something we have discussed in too much detail here at Widibi (yet), but they’re an interesting subject that could well deserve their own category.

I believe that what we think about while we are awake directly influences our dreams, and that’s why using the law of attraction before you go to bed to manifest while you sleep is so important. But what if someone who rarely crosses your mind enters your dream world?

If someone's thinking about you, you might encounter them in your dreams

There must be a reason, and one such interpretation is that you don’t need to be thinking about this person, because they’re thinking of you.

Even being able to remember what you dreamed about can be difficult enough, without going as far as interpreting them. However, it seems to be the most pertinent events that stay with us. If you can remember seeing someone specific, this could very well be a sign from the universe.

Interestingly, it has also been suggested that this can explain people we have no recollection of ever having met. If you encounter someone in your dreams that you don’t recall knowing, it’s possible that they know you, and they’ve been thinking about you recently.

You Smile Subconsciously

I don’t believe that the universe plants thoughts in someone’s head, but it’s not out of the question that they can trigger tiny, almost unnoticeable events while going about their business. When they do so, they can be so subtle that you don’t even notice them on a conscious level. However, the untapped potential of the subconscious can serve as the ideal explanation.

Smile! Someone's Thinking of You!

I don’t spend all day every day reminding myself to make affirmations, manifest, and everything else to do with the law of attraction. Indeed, it can often wall to the wayside depending on what else I have going on. However, I ensure that I remain open and receptive at all times. I’m no professional when it comes to accessing my subconscious, but I’d like to think that it shares similar traits. It also stands a far better chance of deducing subtlety than I do!

Things Happen that Remind You of Them

Assuming the person thinking of you knows you quite well, and you’ve shared a number of experiences over time, then the universe may arrange for things to happen that remind you of a specific individual.

You might happen across someone in an old photograph

The most common of these, in my experience, involves music and songs. There are certain songs that I associate more closely with specific individuals than anyone else, and the chances are that you can say the same. I’ve written elsewhere that I don’t believe in coincidence. You might, although that will probably evolve into synchronicity as time passes. So, even one instance of that song playing, especially if it’s completely out of place, can be all the evidence you need.

If you then hear that song multiple times, with no specific actions to make it happen on your part, then there’s every chance that the person in question is thinking of you.

Of course, there’s more to this than music. It could be a familiar smell, a television show you haven’t seen for years, or many other things. You can put one occurrence down to chance, but if it returns, especially over a short period of time, it’s worth paying attention.

You Receive a Numerical Message

If you’re looking to the universe for evidence someone is thinking of you, it’s vital to keep your eyes open for the signs. One of the most common ways in which the universe sends messages to people is through double and triple numbers.

You might refer to the law of attraction if you see 777 repeatedly, for example. The number combination itself encourages you to always keep on learning and bettering yourself. You can apply context to this if you’re wondering if someone is thinking of you. If it’s a study partner or someone otherwise involved in your academic development, there’s every chance they have you in mind – just try to make sure it’s not because you haven’t done your part on a group presentation!

Of course, there are thousands of angel numbers out there. There’s a meaning for every one of them too. We’re always improving our coverage of these so-called magic numbers here at Widibi, but we won’t be offended if you decide you need to look elsewhere to find meaning in a number that just won’t leave you alone!

Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You – In Summary

If this isn’t the first resource you’ve consulted on the topic of signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you, you might notice that I cover fewer potential signals than others. That’s because these are the ones that I feel are relevant to the universe specifically. I don’t believe that some of the other potential considerations, such as hiccups, a feeling of physical touch or burning of the ears are relevant. The universe manifests many things physically, but not itself.

Physical touch aside, the universe does like to send messages, and it is up to the recipient to be receptive. To make the law of attraction work for you, you should always endeavor to increase perception and openness to new possibilities. In this case, of course, the information is open to interpretation. At the very least, the knowledge that someone is thinking of you should be reassuring. If the message makes clear who it is, what you do with the information is completely up to you!