Welcome to Widibi

Widibi stands for Want It Dream It Believe it and was created to be one of the most positive places on the internet. We cover everything to do with goals, ambition, the law of attraction and cosmic ordering – and much more besides.

A Positive Outlook

The underlying concept behind everything on the site is a firmly held belief that being positive, making plans and setting goals unlocks the potential to achieve anything and everything. No matter where you are now, and where you want to be in a week, a year or a decade, it’s possible. All it takes is to decide sooner rather than later where you’d like to be. With a positive outlook and some good old-fashioned hard work, you can make great things happen.

About the Widibi Team

The Widibi team sees likeminded individuals from the US and UK coming together with a shared passion for positivity, passion and gratitude. Each of us has our own story to tell as to how we got into the law of attraction, vision boards, goal setting and everything else covered across the site.

Collectively, we’re big believers in the tagline of the website – each of us, often in our own ways, understands that anyone and everyone has the potential to Want It Dream It Believe It.

Whether you’re new to the concepts discussed here on the site, or wish to build on your experiences and what you’ve learned elsewhere, we constantly strive to present the most complete information and resources for anyone seeking to make a positive change to their circumstances.

About You

We receive all sorts of readers here at Widibi. You might have just finished The Secret and want to delve deeper into the concept. You might have heard about the law of attraction, cosmic ordering, vision boards and other subjects from somewhere and piqued your curiosity. All are, of course, very welcome to join us here on the site and share their experiences, ask any questions and, hopefully, learn something new!

We’re also more than happy to discuss the various concepts and ideas with those that don’t believe. Every member of the Widibi team to a single person has felt sceptical about the ideas presented here at some point. For some, they tried it, and it worked for them – although some took longer than others. Other members of the team were fortunate enough to witness the law of attraction in action through someone else before putting it into practice for themselves.

Belief and Manifestation

Our team freely admit that there’s not much science to concepts like the law of attraction. At the same time, it’s not magic either. We touch on the how and the why of how ideas discussed on the Widibi website work, but we’re usually more concerned with results.

As one member of the team put to me once, “who cares how it works as long as it does?” Everyone who writes for this site, from team members to guest writers, has their own take and style but uses it to drive further success and positivity in their daily lives.

Not one member of the time writes full time for this website, although a couple are full-time writers. They spend their time opening themselves up to all the new opportunities that present themselves or enjoying the lifestyles they’ve manifested over years of practice.

So, from newbie to expert, everyone is welcome to join the conversation here at Widibi, where we seek to spread a bit of positivity and clear thinking to ensure that everyone we come into contact with stands every chance of fulfilling their potential.