When people first hear of the law of attraction, their first question is often “does the law of attraction work?” Once they’re satisfied with the answers, they then tend to move on to asking “how does the law of attraction work?”

Before moving on to the specifics, I’ll start by saying that this isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer. In many ways, it’s a hypothetical. In terms of official answers, the best anyone can ever hope to find is someone saying how the law of attraction works for them. It could be psychological, or it might be spiritual. It is widely accepted that the law of attraction is, as the name suggests, an unwritten law maintaining the order and influence of the universe.

You’re Always Creating

Some believe that the mind does nothing more than controlling the body. However, anyone that believes in and practices the law of attraction understands that it does much more than this. Everything you think about affects what goes on around you. As you’ll already have seen stated elsewhere, thinking positively attracts positivity. Thinking negatively encourages negativity around you in the real world.

In essence, the law of attraction attracts more of whatever you desire. Your approach, opinions and emotions will shape what the universe has in store for you.

Science and Spiritualism

You’re not the first person to ask “how does the law of attraction work?” and I firmly believe that nobody could possibly give you the correct answer. The concept relies on energy and emotion to a degree far beyond regular understanding. I couldn’t possibly claim to have the official explanation. However, there are two conventional trains of thought; one rooted in science and one in spiritualism.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work According to Science?

Scientifically, the law of attraction works through psychology and belief. Core principles of the law involve being positive, generous and open to new opportunities and ideas.

Consider the difference between the approach of someone that lives their life this way and someone who does the opposite. Someone who is positive spots the good in everything and can sense opportunities that stem from anything they do. Those that are generous will make a good impression with others, and generosity is something that is often returned in kind. An openness to new ideas ensures that someone will take opportunities as they present themselves, while also thinking about what they might do next.

Now, think about someone who does the opposite. If they adopt a negative mindset, the same opportunities might come along, but they won’t be in the right position to take them. They might think they can’t do something or are underqualified. They may be unable to visualise the good things that can happen if they get involved.

Similarly, if they opt against generosity, they will work so hard on keeping what they have, that they never get to capitalise on what will come back to them by orders of magnitude.

So, in science, the law of attraction works purely through the adoption of the correct mindset. Openness and positivity ensure that good things stand a fighting chance of happening.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work According to Spiritualism?

The concept of utilising the law of attraction through energy and manipulating the universe is more in tune with spiritualism and science. It requires a certain level of belief in something you cannot see, touch or prove.

In looking into this part of the law of attraction, people encounter energy levels, frequencies and other intangibles. There is undoubtedly merit to the theory, as one thing we do know is that just about everything is made up of energy in some way.

Your mindset and the decisions you make will change the makeup of that energy and the energy fields around you.

Regardless of whether you adopt the scientific approach or the spiritual one, the requirements remain the same. A positive, generous, eager person will ultimately attract more of what they want and need to achieve their goals into their life than someone who laments the lack of what they want.

There is no need to commit to one side or the other. Both are equally valid. Crucially, nothing shapes the workings of the law of attraction like personal experience. It may require trial and error, or you might get it right away. Either way, when you see the law of attraction working, and it will, you’ll know what works best for you.

Putting the Law of Attraction into Practice

We cover the law of attraction extensively here at Widibi, and my colleagues and I go into far more detail on how to make the law of attraction work for you. However, in asking “how does the law of attraction work?” you may mean how you can make it work for you.

In brief, and regardless of the scientific or spiritual approach, you can make the law of attraction start working for you in just a few steps.

Decide What You Want

Some people compare the law of attraction to ordering out of a catalogue or from an online shop. You browse and decide what you want, then you add it to your basket. From there, the universe is your shipping service. However, you won’t receive a delivery until you place your order.

It could be one item, or it could be an entire basket full. The universe never runs out of stock, but shipping times can vary wildly. The most important thing is to have something in your basket. It could be a house, a car, a new job or anything else. Only when you’re clear on what you want and have a good idea of how it looks and feels can the universe deliver to your specifications.

Ask for It

Something that is often undersold in speaking on the law of attraction is the need to be specific. When you choose what you want, go into as much detail as you can. The law of attraction will bring you what you want, but you need to know what you want to receive the correct order.

Most importantly, you need to ask for it. Don’t just think to yourself “I want that” or “I’d like that in my life.” Address the universe directly and tell it what you want. Put what you want on a vision board or set a picture as the background on your phone or computer.

Believe It

I can’t speak for everyone here. However, the chances are that if you place an order with Amazon, you don’t immediately call their customer service line to check whether your order has been received. You believe that the order has been received and will be with you in due course.

It would help if you held the same level of belief in the universe. There’s no such thing as Prime shipping, nor can you choose a designated delivery day. However, you should rest assured that once you make a request, your order is being processed.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work? – In Summary

You probably didn’t come across this article expecting to hear “it just does.” However, while there is a basis to the law in both science and spiritualism, the one sure-fire way for anyone to understand how the law of attraction works is through experiencing it for themselves.

You don’t need any qualifications to get started, and life experience is entirely optional. It works because you want it to work – and it will!