If there’s one thing that most people would agree is a little offputting about the law of attraction, it’s that the universe doesn’t particularly enjoy working to deadlines. However, while it won’t necessarily give you a date and time, it’s often willing to give you signs that it’s hard at work and you won’t be waiting around much longer for your manifestation.

Before I get into the tips themselves, I’ll point out that it’s as important as ever to have an open mind and actively look for signs around you. Those that are willing to experiment with the law of attraction, alongside longtime practitioners, understand the value of remaining open as you never know when the perfect opportunity might arise.

Let’s just say that the universe isn’t going to unfurl a banner telling you to hang tight. It is subtle in its actions for the most part, but the signs will be there and it’s up to you to spot them, especially if you’re not particularly patient.

1. You Hit an Unexpected Hurdle

We’ve all been there. Everything is going smoothly – perhaps too smoothly – and then something you couldn’t possibly have foreseen rears its ugly head and has the potential to throw you completely off course.

You might be in the final stages of a job application and you can feel it being yours. Suddenly, the recruiter asks for a new qualification you don’t have, or one of your references doesn’t check out.

This isn’t the universe tripping up on the home straight. Instead, it’s the universe challenging you to make sure that you’re really manifesting what you want, and not what you think you want. If the challenge proves surmountable, you’ll find yourself fully prepared for your manifestation. If it proves impossible, it’s a sign from the universe that you might have been focusing your efforts and attention in the wrong direction.

If the latter proves the case, don’t worry. The time and effort both you and the universe have put in hasn’t gone to waste. Instead, take it as an opportunity to shift your focus, reassess your goals and otherwise manifest something more suitable. If you do pass, that’s the sign you’re looking for that your manifestation is on the way.

2. Your Dreams are Overcome by Your Manifestation

Almost everyone has dreams, and they tend to reflect their goals and ambitions. Sometimes, we have recurring dreams, where it feels like our subconscious can barely think about anything else. Sometimes, it’s just an obsession or a reflection of your conscious mind.

However, your subconscious is far more closely attuned with the universe than your conscious mind. That’s just one of the reasons why I mentioned earlier the importance of keeping an open mind. You often have to be looking for the signs in order to identify them.

Your subconscious doesn’t play by the same rules, and it is already more prepared to actively see the signs being sent. If you dream about something involving your desired manifestation, and not in a controlled manner such as through lucid dreaming, and it repeats for several nights, you can rest assured that something good is going to happen incredibly soon.

3. You’re Incredibly Happy – And You Don’t Know Why

Your subconscious comes to the fore while you’re asleep, but it doesn’t shut down entirely while you’re awake.

The chances are that if you use the law of attraction regularly, you’re completely accustomed to being happy and positive most of the time. However, if you find yourself even happier than usual and bordering on euphoria, that’s the universe communicating directly that something good is going to happen. You don’t know why, and you can’t control it, but you’re extremely close to having something to be happy about and the time spent being happy already is nothing compared to how great you’ll feel when it comes to pass.

4. Your Stress Disappears and Nothing Phases You

Many people that practise the law of attraction are naturally less worried than they might have been before. Anxiety is one of the most difficult emotions to get rid of, but one of the biggest wastes of energy.

After a while, you begin to have more confidence that what you want or need to happen will indeed do so, but we’re talking a whole new level when things are about to go your way. Even if you often find yourself worrying about what might happen in the days and weeks to come, you’ll be calm and serene, even in the face of adversity.

It’s almost like the universe has contacted your subconscious to say “don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

This ties into the first point above too. When that challenge arises, you’ll often decide between panic and comfort when tackling it. Even if something is completely out of the ordinary, you’ll know without a doubt that you’re cable of overcoming the obstacle, or finding a different path when called upon.

5. You Start Seeing Repeating Numbers

We’ve done quite a lot on repeating numbers recently here on the site, and these so-called ‘Angel Numbers’ can be the key you didn’t know you needed to making changes or ramping up your expectations.

The number most closely associated with being a sign of good things to come is 111, which encourages you to keep an eye on your surroundings and open your mind – in this case, potentially to further messages and signs.

Different numbers mean different things, and only some of them can be relied upon to give you signals that you’re about to be very happy indeed. However, it’s worth gaining a general understanding of repeating numbers and their meanings, as you can capitalise on your new open-minded state to take on board all the advice the universe has to give.

5 Signs Something Good is Going to Happen – In Summary

Some people prefer the surprise, while others like to have an idea of when they can expect something to happen. In the context of the law of attraction, the expectation stems from the fact that you’ve placed an order with the universe and you’re about ready to take delivery.

Patience is a virtue, but it’s not essential to the law of attraction, especially when the best course of action is to detach yourself entirely and think nothing more of what you’ve requested until it manifests.

As mentioned, you won’t get a specific date and time, as that’s not how the universe operates. However, it’s not completely against the idea of clueing you in on what to expect and when, and you can find out just when it’s time to get excited simply by being open to the signs.