Fortunately for everyone involved, it’s not possible to manifest someone’s death with the law of attraction.

I don’t make a habit of dealing with morbid topics, but I see this question asked quite frequently. More importantly, when I do see it asked, it often accompanies the wrong answers. Some people believe you can manifest someone’s death, purely based on the fact that you’re the master of your own reality and control everything around you.

Sure, it’s possible that manifesting something you want involves a death along the way, but it’s nothing more than a side effect if potentially one with a touch of finality. However, if you find yourself trying one of the various manifestation methods featured here, like the 5×55 method or the 369 method, you’re wasting your time if it involves killing someone off.

Why Doesn’t it Work?

Most people would have a few ethical questions about offing someone with the law of attraction anyway, but there’s a key principle governing why it wouldn’t work.

In the majority of cases, people don’t turn to the law of attraction to kill someone with good intentions. There are cases where euthanasia is preferable under the circumstances, but I feel correct in assuming that anyone wishing death upon someone isn’t doing it for the ‘right’ reasons.

As a result, the entire concept revolves around negativity. Even if you’re fairly new to the law of attraction, you’ll already know that negativity won’t get you anywhere. Manifesting what you want is all about positivity, and that doesn’t mean being positive that you want someone to disappear!

If we take into account the various factors surrounding the law of attraction and how it affects our lives, the only person you can use the law of attraction to manifest death is yourself. I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s probably a fair distance away from what you have in mind!

What Can I Do Instead?

Rather than trying to use your power in the universe to get rid of someone altogether, focus instead on removing them from your life. We wrote fairly recently on the idea of how you can use the law of attraction to remove someone from your life. It goes into detail on how you can change your life in such a way that the person you have in mind is no longer part of it.

Honestly, the thought of killing someone has never entered my mind, but I’d venture that in most cases, never having to see, hear or speak to the person in question would achieve similar ends.

So, you can get rid of someone from your existence, but you don’t have to resort to trying to order the universe to eliminate them completely!

Can You Manifest Someone’s Death? – In Summary

I don’t like to force my personal ethics and beliefs on people with these articles, but if it crosses your mind to use the powers you have in the universe to end a life, the first job is to refocus your thinking. As outlined above, you can’t do it anyway, but you shouldn’t!

If you’ve reached a point where something like this even crosses your mind, then the chances are that you’re sending negative energy out into the universe. That’s not only wasted effort, but it could easily be interfering with manifesting the things you really can achieve.

Try an alternative way to remove someone from your life, such as using the link above, and refocus on improving it with positive thought and happy affirmations. Concentrate less on what makes your life more difficult, and try to frame these challenges as opportunities to make things better at your end. After all, you’re the master of your own destiny when you practice the law of attraction. Nobody else around you has the power to prevent you from getting exactly what you want and their existence doesn’t need to matter.