I’m not exactly a Tik Tok power user. Indeed, I’d say that while I’ve heard of it and seen a few videos, that’s about as far as my expertise extends. However, I’m always interested in any new developments in the law of attraction world, regardless of the source, and the 369 manifestation method is one of them.

Tik Tok is pretty current at the time of writing, as is the video itself, but the 369 manifestation method is based on something that can trace its roots all the way back to Nikola Tesla.

We’ve dabbled in numerology here at Widibi, with plenty more to come. Interpreting the repeating numbers 333 in the law of attraction is one of the more popular articles on the subject, and it’s little surprise that the number three features here. However, the 369 manifestation method doesn’t deal with angel numbers in the conventional sense. Instead, it acts as a set of instructions.

The video, posted by Clark Kegley, suggests the following:

  • Choose three things you want to achieve with the law of attraction and write them down in the form of affirmations.
  • Repeat these three affirmations on six different occasions each day.
  • Think about these affirmations for precisely nine seconds when you’re focusing on them each time.

Does the 369 Manifestation Method Work?

As someone who is fairly well-versed in the law of attraction, even if I do say so myself, I can’t see any reason why the 369 manifestation method wouldn’t work. However, that statement comes with a few caveats.

In theory, the idea behind the method should work as it covers much of what you’d do if you followed the teachings of The Secret or Think and Grow Rich. Affirmations are an important aspect of the law of attraction, as is taking the time to focus on and repeat them.

So, yes, the 369 manifestation method should work on the most basic level, especially for simpler desires such as wanting someone to send you a message.

Why the 369 Manifestation Method Might Not Work

Really significant manifestations can involve a lot of work – not necessarily on your part but for the universe. I’ve seen people suggesting that the above process should be repeated for 21 days to make everything come true. However, I don’t feel that the law of attraction and deadlines naturally go hand in hand on a personal level.

So, the expanded ‘369 for 21’ method might serve to put people off the law of attraction altogether. As something that is difficult to prove the existence of, I wouldn’t blame people for trying once and basing their entire opinion on their success or failure.

The universe is great, but three weeks for that dream house, fast car or perfect job might be asking slightly too much. On the other hand, if you want something relatively easy, like good weather on the holiday you set off on in three weeks, the principles are all there.

The Lifestyle Aspect of the Law of Attraction

I also think this oversimplification of the law of attraction can be detrimental to those that don’t have a wider understanding of the practice. I don’t consider the law of attraction as being a religion or anything of the sort. Still, I do see value in making more sweeping lifestyle changes than devoting 162 seconds each day to attempting to manifest your hopes and dreams.

I always say about the concept that you should strive to be open, positive and generous at all times. That way, even if it turns out that the law of attraction isn’t real, we’ll have a world filled with more happy, positive people.

I’ve even written before about some self-training that I first read about in The Secret, whereby if your mind starts wandering to something unproductive or negative, something obvious but innocuous will happen, like a light flickering, a car alarm going off or a dog barking. I consider these as tiny messages from the universe that it needs you to bring things back around to the positive side if it is to do its best work.

The 369 Manifestation Method – A Tool in a Toolbox

I do like this method and think it brings something worthwhile to the table. However, I would reiterate that while it surely can work, it’s only one element of more complete usage of the law of attraction to manifest your wants and desires.

It’s certainly snappy, which makes it ideal for a platform like Tik Tok, but I do think that it should either be a short introduction to the concept for those looking to build, or for those whose ambitions for the law of attraction don’t extend much further than connecting with friends or finding the ideal parking spot.