Something I always like to say about the law of attraction, especially for anyone new, is that it’s a good idea to start with something small. As something that cannot be proven by conventional means, the only way to know it works is to witness it. The simpler something is to arrange, the more quickly it’s likely to happen. It doesn’t get much simpler than to use the law of attraction to make someone call you, and you can achieve that by using the standard combination of desire, positivity and affirmation.

The Three Steps to Making Someone Call You with the Law of Attraction

Yes, there really are just three steps to follow in order to get someone to call you using the power of the law of attraction, and they’re as follows:

Clarify What You Want in Your Mind

It feels like I say this in every article, but I liken the act of getting the universe to make something happen for you as ordering from a catalogue. You need to be precise about what you want, place your order and rest easy knowing that it’s well on the way to being delivered.

In the case of getting someone to call or text you, it couldn’t be easier. Decide who you want to get in touch and then leave it there – that’s all there is to it in terms of getting started.

Visualise the Call Having Already Happened

It’s important not to think about whether or not what you’ve asked for will come along. In the law of attraction, you’re effectively willing something into existence, and this requires confidence.

As annoying as it might sound, time spent wondering if they’ll call or wondering why it hasn’t happened actually makes it less likely that they will end up doing so.

You want to attempt to act the call, text, email or whatever else you want from them out in your head. Think about what it says, your response and even anything that could come from it. As long as it’s all positive and you trust it to happen, you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

Take Some Time to Focus on Positivity

The desire might not manifest right away, but it’s important to remain positive while it works its magic. Positive people attract positive outcomes, and if you expect the universe to put the work in, it needs you to be open and approachable.

This helps because you never know quite what steps the universe needs to take to make your ideas happen. Sometimes, it’s as simple as prompting the person you have in mind to pick up the phone. In other cases, they might not have your number any longer, for example. In this case, the universe has to arrange a way for them to get hold of it, such as bumping into a mutual friend.

What Not To Do When Using the Law of Attraction to Get Someone to Call You

I’ve touched on this already above, but it’s important to consider what not to do if you want someone to call you. As noted above, if you spend time worrying about why they haven’t called or you allow your mind to wander to the idea that they won’t call at all, that’s what’s likely to happen.

The law of attraction thrives on positivity and negativity won’t help at all when looking to manifest your hopes and dreams. If you put negative thoughts and energy out there into the universe, negative outcomes are what you can expect back.

While this process ranks among the simplest things you could possibly hope to do with the law of attraction, there are no deadlines and you need to ensure you’re open to letting the universe make things happen on your behalf.

At the very most, if your mind wanders towards potential negativity, simply remind yourself that the process must not yet be finished. Think of it like ordering online around Christmas, and experiencing delayed deliveries because the systems are overwhelmed. I can assure you that the universe is hard at work to make things happen for you, and you don’t need to go out of your way to help it along. Indeed, some people completely block the thought of what they’ve ordered from their mind, only to remember it when it happens.

Just remember to say “thank you” – the universe truly appreciates gratitude.