The whole concept of manifesting happiness has always been somewhat unusual for me. That comes down to the fact that happiness itself is rarely something you need to manifest. Instead, you need to focus on the component parts. After all, what constitutes ‘happiness’ for one person may be completely different to the dreams and motivations of others. In many ways, I don’t feel like it’s directly possible to manifest happiness for yourself, let alone for someone else.

Your Happiness

One of the many reasons to practice the law of attraction is that it can help you to find happiness. However, this is one area in your life where the universe cannot always provide the direction you need. Sure, it knows when you’re happy, and it has a good idea of what makes you happy. However, the onus is on you to manifest the specific things that make you happy.

Manifesting for Others

The big risk when seeking to manifest for others is that there’s no way of knowing exactly what they want. No matter how close you become to someone, even friends and partners, there will always be elements of their ambition, desire and personality that you either know nothing about, or couldn’t understand completely.

Even from a technical perspective, you cannot exert control over others using the law of attraction. Just as you are the master of your own universe and emanate your own frequencies, the same is true of them. Efforts to use the law to change their existence are futile, as they will be overridden by their own thoughts and desires.

Let’s say your intentions are good, but someone close to you suffers from an illness. It is natural to feel sympathy, and to wish that there was something you could do to make them better. However, it is their personal utilisation of the law of attraction that will ultimately decide how things play out.

If they dwell on the illness and expend their energy wondering why bad things happen to them, bad things will keep on happening, regardless of any interventions you try to make. Even if they don’t use the law of attraction themselves, the nature of this universal law means that things will continue to happen anyway.

You Only Know What’s Best for Yourself

Just as I mentioned earlier that the happiness of an individual is difficult to define, that is much more of a consideration when thinking of others.

While selfishness is the kind of negative emotion that is rarely associated with the law of attraction, the fact is that you need to put yourself first, simply because you are the only person that can truly get the most from your power over the universe. You control the world around you; they control the world around them.

When we wrote recently on the concept of eliminating someone from your life, you can only control their interaction with you. You can’t harm them or change their world around them. You can only change your personal existence to limit your contact with them.

How You Can Make Someone Happier

If you’re here with us at Widibi, there’s a strong possibility that you believe in and practice the law of attraction. Failing that, there’s at least a chance that you have more than a passing interest in the concept.

If someone close to you seems unhappy, or could use a boost in the area, it’s worth considering the following to introduce that happiness into their life:

Introduce Them to the Law of Attraction

If it’s working for you, then the chances are the law of attraction will work for them. After all, the very nature of the law is that it works for everyone. Everyone is the master of their own existence, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Love it or hate it, The Secret is a great way to introduce someone to the concept. I quite like the way that it ensures that the power to which you have access is a secret only until someone is made aware of it.

With that said, there’s nothing to say that you have to give them a book to read. Some people find the concept hard to believe, and nothing beats personal experience to illustrate just how potent the concept can be. Discuss your manifestation strategy and how the law of attraction has made a genuine difference to you and your lifestyle.

Find Out What Happiness Is to Them

While you can never know exactly what makes someone happy, there’s nothing to prevent you from investigating further. Even when you ask outright, there are no guarantees that you’ll become an expert, but you can attempt to take steps to help them achieve what they want.

It’s difficult simply because of the nature of people. Many people see the need for more money as integral to their plan for happiness. However, nearly as many people don’t like to talk about money, even with people close to them. That’s one example of why you’ll always be a few pieces short of the puzzle, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from helping others.

I wrote earlier that it makes sense to be selfish when using the law of attraction, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the needs of those around you and what you can do to make them happen.

Can You Manifest Happiness for Others? – In Summary

You cannot manifest happiness for others for several reasons. However, they all revolve around the fact that you’re not them. You’re you, and you control the universe around you. They control the universe around them and they are in control of how the universe helps them.

That’s not to say you cannot be a source of happiness to those close to you, but the important thing to remember is that there are obstacles in the way of you using your frequencies and energies to affect those around you – and not the kind that the universe tends to help you to overcome.