Law of attraction weight loss is a hot topic, and something like this is often the first thing that comes to mind when people consider using the law for physical changes. Even big fans of the law of attraction as a concept can struggle with the idea of using the law of attraction to manifest material changes. However, those same people are perfectly happy to assume that they can focus on bringing a house or car to them, and I would argue that these manifestations are every bit as physical as changing your shape.

Why Law of Attraction Weight Loss?

I won’t profess to be much of an expert on dieting and weight loss in general. However, just reading general information online would indicate that not everyone finds managing their weight easy. There are yoyo dieters, people whose appetites far exceed their activity levels and all sorts of other reasons why more ‘conventional’ methods may not succeed.

With that said, I wouldn’t necessarily consider law of attraction weight loss as being a last resort. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to shed a few pounds or have been plugging away for a while without the kind of success you’d like, there’s nothing wrong with involving the law of attraction and the benefits it can potentially bring pretty much immediately.

Does the Law of Attraction Work for Weight Loss?

Given you’ve joined us here at Widibi, the chances are you have an interest, and hopefully even a belief in the law itself. Naturally, everyone who writes here on the subject shares that belief – so you could say we’re a little biased! However, I’ll start by saying that yes, the law of attraction does indeed work for weight loss. How do I know? Because it has worked for me!

At the same time, I don’t feel like there’s much by way of magic to the law of attraction. Some do, and that’s absolutely fine, but my belief in the concept has always been based in the practicalities of the mind. Whether I’m setting goals, creating vision boards or doing just about anything else, I know that the universe is there to help, but I believe that my mindset contributes plenty to the process.

To put it simply, I do think the universe will arrange things to help you to achieve any goal you may have – in this case weight loss. However, setting out clear affirmations that you’d like to lose weight and having a belief that it will happen has as much to do with you as it does with the energies around us.

A Positive Mindset Towards Weight Loss

The fact that you’re here and reading this article indicates that you’re serious about the concept of weight loss. In seeking out a feature like this one, you’re already well on the way to achieving your goals. The thought of transformation has crossed your mind, and you’ve already taken action.

Mindset is hugely vital to achieving anything. Even those without any interest in the law of attraction would agree. Positivity enables the universe to help you to achieve anything you have in mind, while also driving you to keep going. As we know, negativity in any form will often return the same.

So, my first question here is “are you ready to lose weight?” Think about the reasons for making this decision. Do you want to be fitter to play with the kids? Are you worried that your weight might cause or exacerbate health issues? Do you just want to look better and feel more confident?

If you can answer affirmatively to any of these points, then there’s no time like the present to invoke the law of attraction to help you on your way.

Focus Your Energy and Ignore the Negatives

People that wish to lose weight for any reason tend to have such an ambition because it’s born from negativity. You may worry about the potential consequences to your health, or you might berate yourself for being unable to run around and have fun in the ways you did when you were younger.

The first step is to put any worry and negativity to one side, for the reasons outlined above. Anything is more comfortable to work towards with a reason, and the downsides to your current figure shouldn’t be that reason. Instead, the reason for putting in this work should simply be a desire to be the best you that you possibly can be.

The law of attraction can do much to ensure that everyone reaches their potential, and that doesn’t only apply to career goals and material possessions. The best you is fit and healthy, and if you’re not quite there yet, that’s all the reason you need to start on a weight loss journey.

The Key Steps to Law of Attraction Weight Loss

If you’re here to find out exactly how to go about using the law of attraction to aid your weight loss goals, then this section is for you. Once again, I firmly believe that the law of attraction and its manifestation are deeply personal. However, if you simply wish to have an idea of where to start, the following steps will result in having the perfect foundation on which to build.

1. Be Clear on Why You Want to Lose Weight

The first step doesn’t involve the law of attraction at all. Remember what I already wrote about having a reason to do something, and how much easier that can make progress? Well, I’ll reiterate that you can think of that reason, but only to decide if active weight loss is right for you.

Once you’re happy that you’re on the right track, it’s time to move ahead and start. However, forget all about anything negative.

If you think “I feel fat”, you’re encouraging the universe to make you feel fat. If you say “I can’t move like I used to” and believe it, then you’ll never move like you used to!

Once again, your core belief should be that you can and will lose weight because you want to be the best version of you on a physical level. You should also focus on your goals and what you plan to do when you lose weight. Do you want to run a marathon? Would you like to fit into a particular item of clothing? These are all positive. If you write down affirmations or create vision boards, these are worthy candidates for putting in an appearance.

2. Act As You Can Already Achieve Your Ambitions

If you’ve come up with a couple of reasons from the previous step, it’s time to manifest them. This is where the law of attraction starts to come into effect for weight loss. Assuming you already have some knowledge of the law of attraction, you’re already aware of how this works. To attract money, you need to act like you have what you need and demonstrate gratitude for what comes your way. To attract your perfect house, you need to live like you’re already there.

This is perfect for law of attraction weight loss, as it’s merely a case of living like you’re already your ideal weight! It’s no coincidence that you don’t need to believe in the magic or science of the concept for this to have an effect.

If you were already at your ideal weight, would you do more exercise – because you wouldn’t be so heavy that it would be painful and uncomfortable? If you’d made an effort to slim down and valued the time taken, would you prefer fruits and nuts to chips and chocolate for snacks? I’d dare venture that you would – so why not start now?

Acting like you already have what you want is crucial to manifesting the law of attraction. By doing so for weight loss, you’re actively helping yourself towards your goals.

3. Utilise Your Talent for Controlling Your Thoughts

If you’ve been using the law of attraction for a while already, you’ll likely have trained yourself to focus on positivity and gratitude. Negative thoughts can creep in, but you’ll know to get rid of them quickly as they can negatively impact on your energy transmission to the universe.

If you’re already a point where you can control your thoughts for that, you can do the same to modify your relationship with food.

If binge eating is one of the reasons you’re overweight, think about what triggers it. Actively monitor it when you eat. Are you sad, stressed or anxious? There are tens of thousands of people out there doing exactly the same. Hopefully, throughout using the law of attraction, you’ve already come up with something to boost your mood quickly. It might be a dedicated effort to look on the bright side. It could be doing something specific. It might be meditation.

Whatever works to change your mindset at any given time will hopefully eliminate any feelings of stress or anxiety. If they’re your triggers for overeating, you’ve killed two birds with one stone. You immediately feel better in yourself, and the motivation for binge eating has disappeared!

4. Cultivate a Positive Relationship with Food

Once you’ve mastered the third step, you won’t have any issues with this one. You’ve addressed the negative associations between your emotions and unhealthy eating habits. Now it’s time to reinforce the positive ones.

Take a moment to think about which parts of consuming food appeal most to you. Do you like trying something new? Do you love cooking, or at least spending time in the kitchen with some time to yourself? Nobody gets a massive sense of satisfaction by putting something in the microwave for five minutes.

Think about what’s involved with eating that makes you feel good. If there isn’t anything, you simply haven’t found it yet. Try some new cuisine from a different country. Push your boundaries when it comes to cooking techniques. Think of something you’re adamant you can’t do and make time to work out how to do it. The universe will have your back and push you towards success.

It might turn out that you’ve had a world-class chef hiding inside you all this time. You might find a healthy international dish that’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Once you start to notice the positives, you’ll associate them with a healthier diet, and everything will start falling into place.

5. Don’t Neglect Manifesting Exercise

They say that a healthy body is made in the kitchen, and I have no intention of disputing that. However, health on the weight side of things basically comes down to calories in and out. If you eat as many as you burn, you’ll remain the same. If you burn more than you consume, you’ll lose weight. If you eat more than you use, you’ll put weight on.

Widibi isn’t a health and fitness site, so I’ll spare you the details of standard calorie numbers burned each day. You can find out more about that side of things at somewhere far more appropriate, like Healthline.

If you usually don’t move much, it’s time to change that. Sure, you might have limitations right now, and I’m not suggesting your register for your local marathon on day one.

However, if you tend to move as little as possible, start walking around a bit more. If you already go jogging, start going further and faster. If you want to see results, you simply need to burn more calories.

As far as law of attraction weight loss is concerned, it’s once again all about positive reinforcement. I used to be particularly sedentary. I’m a writer by profession, but I like listening to podcasts. However, one of the issues I face is that I can’t listen to podcasts and write at the same time. My mind will wander, and in some cases, I’ll end up writing what I’m hearing rather than what I’m thinking!

By allocating time to walk and, in some cases, jog, I find the time to listen to the podcasts I enjoy. The deal I have with myself is that if I want to listen to a podcast, I have to be moving while I do. Those podcasts are the carrot on the stick for me, and that’s what works.

Ideally, you’ll have a form of exercise you enjoy, and that doesn’t feel like work. If not, it’s time to think of something you like that you can multitask and do while active. If you like writing, consider a standing desk with a treadmill. If you spend a lot of time talking on the phone, get yourself some headphones or Airpods and walk while you chat.

Even if you don’t enjoy exercise, if you can associate it with something you love doing, which is easier than you might think, the universe will help out where it can to ensure your ambitions come to you quickly and effectively.

6. Introduce Weight Loss into Your Affirmations

You can find out much more about law of attraction affirmations elsewhere on the site. What I will say here is that no matter your goals, they are crucial. As soon as active weight loss forms part of your law of attraction routine, it should become part of your regular affirmations.

They don’t need to be overly complicated. Indeed, simpler is often better, and most affirmations, mine included, are nothing more than single sentences that I can quickly write down and say out loud. Weight loss affirmations represent your opportunity to think, write and speak your goals into existence.

Crucially, they need to be grateful and positive. If you’re short of ideas, try some of the following which I have already used myself to great success.

  • I am incredibly thankful for the plentiful healthy food in my life.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to cook meals and explore new cuisines.
  • I thank the universe for my continued weight loss success.
  • I can feel myself getting healthier, more energetic and fitter each day.
  • I am grateful to the universe for enabling me to control my emotions to avoid eating triggers.
  • Thank you for my robust and able body that enables me to exercise and improve myself all the time.
  • Weight loss is not difficult, and I appreciate the opportunity to do it.
  • I have a positive relationship with tasty, nutritious food.

One or more of these affirmations can serve as the basis for anything you seek to undertake when it comes to food. The very fact that you’re healthy enough to have the opportunity to lose weight and make positive changes to your lifestyle will promote your own interpretations.

No matter how regularly you write or say your affirmations, if you can include one or two each time, you’ll ensure that the universe is onside and doing all it can to make your ambitions a reality.

Law of Attraction Weight Loss – In Summary

All positive change starts with you. As I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions already, the fact that you’re here at Widibi and reading this article ensures that you’re ready to make a positive change. You want it, and you’ve taken the first step by finding out how the law of attraction can help you in your aims to become fitter and healthier.

If you’re already confident in the law of attraction and have seen it in action, you don’t need to change much. Simply do what you do, and actively implement your weight loss goals into your regime.

If you’re tentative and exploring the idea of using the law of attraction for weight loss, be assured that it can help. A core concept of the law is that what you put out there comes back to you several times over. By affirming that you will lose weight and that you’re confident with food and the emotions that accompany it, the law will ensure that things line up to your benefit.

It could be a free gym membership arriving out of the blue. It might be an invitation from a friend to start doing regular exercise together. It all begins with you, but you’re not alone and using the steps and information above, you’ll be perfectly placed to make all the positive changes you seek.