If you want to manifest something through writing, it’s vital to write it down once. That sounds simple, and perhaps even too easy, but some of the best advice I could give anyone that’s either new to manifesting with the law of attraction is to decide what you want to manifest and write it down.

So, how do you get away with just writing down your manifestation affirmations once? It all comes down to the fact that manifesting isn’t all about the words you put on paper. Indeed, it plays a very small role. Of course, there are several benefits to writing something down to manifest it, but you shouldn’t get hung up on it. In some cases, once is enough.

Why You Should Write Something to Manifest It

In writing an affirmation for your manifestation, you achieve several small goals that get the manifestation process underway:

  • You’ve taken the time to clarify in your mind what you want to manifest
  • You’ve condensed it down into a concise yet powerful affirmation (here’s how to write one if you’re unsure)
  • You’ve gone through the act of writing it down, whether on paper, your phone, a computer or on a vision board, reinforcing your desire
  • You’ve got something to refer back to; a handy reminder of what you wanted when your mind was clear

You might decide to write your goal down more than once, especially if you want to repeat one of the achievements above. However, there’s no direct correlation between how many times you write something and how successful your manifestation will be.

You Don’t Have to Keep Writing to Manifest

Try to keep in mind, the universe doesn’t read what you write. Writing down your affirmation is a process undertaken for your benefit and it can come in handy if you want to refocus your attention on making something happen, or you need to refresh your manifestation mindset.

I often compare manifesting to online shopping. You decide what you want, as specifically as you can, and place your order – but in this case, your order goes to the universe, not to Amazon (or your online retailer of choice). Once you hit the buy button and everything goes through, it’s in the retailer’s hands. They’ll take care of getting what you’ve order from the warehouse and into your life.

Writing down your affirmation is a process undertaken for your benefit.

Unless there are delays or problems with your order, you don’t contact customer service immediately to check that they received it. You don’t go back and hit the buy button again an hour later just in case.

The manifesting process is all about confidence and belief and, just like ordering a new book or t-shirt, it can be a passive process. When you’ve written down your affirmation once, you might choose to write it again for your own peace of mind, or you may refer back to it and say it or think it. Once again, the universe doesn’t communicate in any of the ways we’re accustomed to – that’s why messages from it usually take the form of double numbers. Whether you think, write or speak, its all the same in a manifestation context.

Manifesting is Personal – So Is Your Decision to Write Something Down

I’ve gone over the reasons why you don’t need to write something down multiple times to manifest it, but that’s only my advice based on experience with the law of attraction. I’m certainly not telling you not to write something more than once, as you’ll find what works for you – and it could be that.

Manifesting is personal – so is your decision to write something down.

Writing for Manifesting with Manifestation Techniques

If you’re new to manifesting or want to try a more structured approach, you might find yourself writing things down multiple times because that’s how your manifestation technique of choice is designed.

The 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 manifestation method is arguably one of the most popular in the world. It’s structured in such a way that you choose three things you’d like to manifest then write affirmations representing each goal.

You then repeat these affirmations six times each day and focus on them for nine seconds each when you do.

When I use the 369 method, I write my affirmations down the first time, and I use the notes app on my phone to do so. After all, you can manifest on your phone just as well as on paper because, like I’ve already said, it makes no difference to the universe, angels and energies around you.

By putting them in the notes app, I can access them through my phone, iPad and even iCloud if I’m at the computer. I don’t write them down again after the first time. At most, I might decide I want to stop manifesting something, remove the affirmation and focus on something else.

The rest of the 369 method remains the same, except I either manifest verbally if there’s nobody within earshot, or simply repeat them and focus in my head.

You can do things differently. If you prefer to write your affirmations down, you’d take the concept of the 369 method and take the time to write your affirmations once each, six times each day. Effectively, the answer to “how many times should I write something to manifest it?” becomes eighteen times a day until your three affirmations manifest.

The 5×55 Manifestation Method

If you decide to try the 5×55 manifestation technique, you’ll approach things differently and find yourself writing down your affirmations more frequently.

Indeed, depending on how much you like writing, you might find yourself writing too much! That’s because the entire 5×55 method is designed entirely around writing down what you want.

Take a look at the article or check out the infographic below for the full details but, in brief, the process involves homing in on one thing you’d like to manifest, crafting an affirmation then writing it down 55 times.

If your hand is cramping up at the thought and you can envision Bart Simpson writing his lines on the chalkboard in the Simpsons, brace yourself. This method sees you repeating this process four more times, hence 5×55.

The 5x55 Manifestation Method

Of course, some people will wince at the thought of repeating a sentence 225 times in under a week. Others will relish it. If you fall into the latter category, writing something down consistently to manifest it with the 5×55 method will be right up your street!

How Many Times Should I Write Something to Manifest It? – In Summary

Writing down your goals is a critical part of the law of attraction and while some people succeed without writing a single word, I’m a big fan of doing so – even if it is just once.

It’s always wise to write something down once as a point of reference for the reasons outlined above. Whether you decide to continue doing so depends on your personal style of manifestation. Bringing what you want into your reality is more about what you think and how positive you feel than the specific actions you take. As a result, if writing down your affirmations makes you feel more positive and in tune with the universe, keep on writing!

If you’ve had success just verbalising or thinking your affirmations, there’s no reason to change – although there’s also nothing to stop you if you fancy trying something new.

So, the official answer to the question posed is “it depends”, but hopefully I’ve managed to justify whichever approach works best for you!