Not everyone loves writing, but the great thing about the law of attraction is that you can manifest your dreams and desires in just about any way imaginable. Indeed, imagination is key, but you can repeat affirmations, create vision boards or, in the context of this article, write down exactly what you want.

I’m a big fan of writing things down in general. I write articles here at Widibi, I create regular to do lists and I even write short stories when the fancy takes me. In short, I enjoy writing things down, almost as much as when I see what I’ve written manifesting itself in my life. There is power in words, especially where the law of attraction is involved.

Scripting the Law of Attraction

We published a longer-form article on scripting and its importance to the law of attraction not too long ago, and if you’re particularly interested in the idea of writing a script to dictate your future, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at it. However, it’s worth noting here as it’s the most commonly encountered suggestion for anyone that practises the law of attraction to write down their dreams and desires, before bringing them to life.

It works for a number of different reasons, not least because it touches on many of the law’s most important concepts. The act of sitting down to write something will encourage you to think, explore and imagine, and that promotes the clarity you require to really bring your beliefs into the world.

The act of actually writing down what you want will enable you to focus on your goals. Part of the law involves using your mental energy to manifest what you want, and the act of writing ensures that this mental energy is channelled in a clear, active manner.

Keeping a Journal

Journaling is also an excellent way not only to invoke the law of attraction, but to track your progress and successes. Some people try to ‘prove’ the law of attraction and provide evidence on how and why it works. I’m not so sure, but I have the benefit of bearing witness to real successes over the course of my life. It’s personal proof, and not something that would necessarily be overly convincing for someone else.

With that said, I don’t seek to provide proof. I consider the law of attraction as being a deeply personal concept. After all, the whole idea is that you are the master of your destiny and the world around you – so why wouldn’t it be personal?

I journal about the law sporadically, partly because I don’t need constant reminders of my success any more. I’m about as big a believer as it’s possible to be, but if you need reassurance or consider the act of writing about your hopes and successes as being therapeutic, then it’s a great way to use your skills on your way to success.

Heading for Success with Written Vision Boards

As with scripting, there are other resources here at Widibi that talk about creating vision boards with words rather than the more conventional pictures. I’m of the opinion that words on a board are every bit as valid as pictures as they play the same role.

Without going into too much detail on the vision board concept – that’s covered in the ultimate introductory guide – it all comes down to the process, the act and then the constant reminders to maintain your focus. You can use just words, just pictures or a mix of both. Some people even go as far as to add objects to their board – if you can stick it to the board itself without it falling off or ripping your vision board base, then it’s all fair game.

Prose vs Keywords for the Law of Attraction

How to deploy words in your use of the law of attraction often comes down to how you prefer to write. I liken it to writing headlines and writing stories.

If you prefer short, snappy headlines and they’re something of a specialty, then a word-based vision board may be the ideal solution. You don’t want whole paragraphs on a vision board, as anything you put on there needs to be decipherable at a glance. The same applies to something like the 369 manifestation method, which thrives on writing down three wishes or desires and focusing heavily on manifesting them.

If you prefer longer-form content, then a journal might be the right idea. Personally, I prefer scripts, as I prefer writing the future than documenting the past, but both are equally valid ways to write things down to get the law of attraction to work for you.

The Law of Attraction – Write Down What You Want – In Summary

As a writer by trade, I’m of the firm belief that nobody should underestimate the power of words, and that goes for whether we’re talking about the law of attraction or anything else. However, writing down what you want, what works and how you feel about your progress can be a real difference maker for those with a passion for the written word.

Do remember that you don’t need to turn into Shakespeare to get words to work for you when manifesting. Fifty individual words can be just as powerful as 500 on a page, especially when utilised correctly. It’s never about how much you write. Focus instead on the words you use and the process you go through to put them on the page or screen. The act of writing down what you want can be one of the most powerful tools of all when looking to get exactly what you want!