While I don’t have any official data to share, I’d speculate that attracting someone into your life runs money a close second in terms of why people first decide to dabble in the law of attraction. However, just as you can manifest someone into your life, you can manifest them out of it too. With that said, it’s something of a different process.

While you’ll look to visualise yourself spending time with people you want to manifest, attracting people is generally a very positive experience. However, in terms of using the law of attraction to remove someone from your life, it can be slightly more complicated.

Removal Often Entails Negativity

Even if your knowledge of the law of attraction extends to having read The Secret and nothing more, you already know that you have to be positive to manifest what you want. However, if you want someone out of your life, this can be inherently challenging as you don’t necessarily want them out for positive reasons!

There’s every chance you’ll have veered into negativity on the way to determining that you want to eliminate someone from your life. They might just not be a nice person, or they may make it more difficult to achieve your goals. ‘Difficult’ and ‘not nice’ aren’t exactly terms that we associate closely with positivity.

The challenge lies in the fact that you need to think of something positive on which to focus and the easiest way to do this is to focus not on removal, but on replacement.

There Are Only So Many Hours in a Day

There’s no way to cover your specific circumstances, but the chances are that if you want someone out of your life, you have a fair number of one-to-one interactions with them. You could do something regularly that involves speaking to hundreds or thousands of people, but the chances of them all being relevant enough to you for you to want to eliminate them from your life are slim.

What I’m getting at here is that you only have 24 hours in a day, and that’s one thing the law of attraction cannot modify on your behalf as far as I’m aware. While actively removing someone is inherently negative, we need to refer back to manifesting new people into your life to take their place.

A Word of Warning

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that I write this article in the context of ‘friends’, colleagues or people that you can shepherd out of your life with relatively minimal fuss. There will be situations where replacing someone is not as easy as it sounds. The law of attraction takes time to work, and if you need a quick resolution, you may want to pursue more immediate resolutions.

However, if you have time to work out a solution and the willingness to get creative, then the law of attraction can be incredibly useful.

The Replacement Situation

How you go about replacing someone in your life depends on who they are and their relationship to you.

Colleagues and Bosses

If the individual you need to replace is someone at work, then your focus is not to remove them from your life but to manifest someone in their place. This could involve you moving or them moving, but there doesn’t need to be any negativity involved.

Using the law of attraction to find the ideal job is extremely common, and those techniques can apply here. Just one individual can make your current job less than ideal. Therefore, you can take some time to think about what you do and don’t like about your current role, then try to find an alternative role that keeps the parts you do like and eliminates the bits you don’t.

In effect, you’re manifesting the job of your dreams, just as with tens of thousands of people that came before. The removal of that colleague is a mere byproduct, but with no negativity or attempts to exert influence over anyone else involved.

‘Friends’ and Acquaintances

Many people struggle with dropping people out of their life, no matter how much they wish they could. Just as in the section above, you don’t want to bring negativity to yourself or others, as both will come back to you and interfere with your positive aims.

Once again, you’re effectively playing opposites. You’re not actively seeking to remove someone. Instead, your positive energy goes towards bringing new friends and acquaintances into your life.

You can combine this with bringing new activities into your life too, and cover both bases by visualising yourself carrying out these activities with those new friends. To the other person, it will often appear as a shift in interests, and the two of you simply drifting apart and rarely, if ever, being in the same place at the same time.

Can You Use the Law of Attraction to Remove Someone From Your Life? – In Summary

You can certainly use the law of attraction to remove someone from your life, but it’s slightly more complicated than manifesting something positive. Given that the connotations are negative, you need to take the relatively unusual step of flipping the situation upside down.

The law of attraction works in many ways, but positivity and not seeking to exert authority over others are both paramount. Therefore, your initial focus should be on finding something positive that would result in no longer having any connection with the person you have in mind. Even if that sounds difficult, you can think about it or meditate on it. Keep in mind that your goal is often replacement rather than removal, and the angels and the universe will get to work on your behalf, just as it always does.