If you’re wondering if you should say affirmations out loud, you could have a few different takes on the question. In the most general terms, yes, you should say affirmations aloud if they make you feel the right way about what you want to manifest. However, it’s by no means essential.

Affirmations and manifestation go hand in hand. I even often refer to affirmations as being the building blocks of manifestation. They’re the starting point, and the manifestation itself is the end result. So the work you put into saying affirmations – or thinking, writing or otherwise using them – helps promote the positive energy that makes your manifestation happen.

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Do You Have to Say Affirmations Out Loud?

One of the great things about affirmations, manifestation and indeed the law of attraction as a whole is that there are no rules. You can stand on the roof of your home and shout your affirmations at the universe. You can lie in bed every evening and say your affirmations in a whisper. Alternatively, you don’t have to verbalize affirmations at all!

You have to do something with affirmations for them to work.

It all comes down to how you feel when adopting a specific method. You have to do something with affirmations for them to work. In most cases, you should do so repeatedly – some people check in on their affirmations first thing in the morning, which does them for the day. Others prefer to address theirs last thing at night for the purpose of overnight manifesting. Another group of manifesters may check in with their affirmations multiple times each day, perhaps by referring to their manifestation list on their phone or opening their manifestation journal to the most recent page.

They’re consistent in paying attention to their affirmations, but how do they put them to work? Once again, you can certainly say them out loud, but the universe doesn’t ‘hear’ the way we do. It works with your energies and emotions, and saying affirmations aloud is only one way to get its attention.

Alternatives to Saying Affirmations Out Loud

There could be all sorts of reasons to choose something other than saying your affirmations out loud. For example, you might not want other people to hear you, or you may have enjoyed previous success with an alternative approach.

The one thing you shouldn’t let hold you back when using affirmations is confidence.

The one thing you shouldn’t let hold you back when using affirmations is confidence. Now, I know confidence doesn’t grow on trees. Some people are introverted. Others are more timid and shy than others. While I won’t go into great detail on overcoming confidence issues with affirmations, you have to remember that they’re personal to you. You’re not trying to impress anyone. It’s impossible to go wrong too. When manifesting, the worst that can happen is nothing at all. So when you say – or otherwise deploy your affirmations – do it with confidence. It’s a positive emotion that resonates with the universe, so it can make your manifestation journey all the more successful.

So, confidence aside, there could be any number of reasons why saying affirmations out loud doesn’t work for you. In that case, consider:

Thinking Your Affirmations

The universe could be more closely attuned with your mind than your mouth, so merely thinking your affirmations can do everything you need it to when making manifestations happen. If reading or remembering your affirmation makes you feel optimistic about it being true, then that’s all you need for positive results.

Writing Your Affirmations Down

Whether you say them or not, writing affirmations can be another powerful technique in its own right. Indeed, most affirmations start off in written form, even if only to provide you with something to refer to when you come back to them.

If you’re the kind of person that can emote through writing, writing them down once again can be an excellent idea. Virtually every popular manifestation method gives people the option to write their affirmations down. Some, such as the 5×55 method, make it a central part of making the method work.

Meditating Around Your Affirmations

This could potentially fall into the ‘thinking’ category. Still, meditation is a fantastic way to connect with the universe and provide some added power to your interactions with the universe. Of course, it’s not for everyone, not least because meditation is a skill in and of itself. However, if you’re comfortable with self-guided meditation, your affirmations are the perfect things to focus on when waiting for excellent results.

Affirmations All Come Down to Energy and Emotion

The best affirmation technique is the one that does the best job of getting you into the zone. I like to say affirmations because it feels more ‘real’. Also, I have an affirmation on my manifestation list right now that feels particularly strong. My voice cracks a little because it’s so emotive when I say it.

The best affirmation technique is the one that does the best job of getting you into the zone.

That’s the kind of state you should aspire for your affirmations to put you in. If your affirmations can make you feel confident, focused and positive, safe in the knowledge that they’re accurate and making a difference, the specific actions you take don’t necessarily matter all that much.

Those energies work both ways, too. You might carry out affirmations in an effort to communicate with the universe (although that’s not the only way to get them to work). However, make sure you always keep an eye out for messages back to tell you you’re on the right track, or things you should change.

The universe communicates in many different ways, but keep an open mind when it comes to double numbers and synchronicities, for example, as they could help inform your affirmations and make them even more powerful.

Should I Say Affirmations Out Loud? – In Summary

There are multiple ways to express your affirmations, as outlined above. Saying them is powerful, but don’t think that you can’t use them for your manifestation goals just because you’re not in a position to declare them out loud boldly.

If saying them makes you feel powerful, confident and positive, then it’s worth sticking with where possible. Don’t be afraid to mix it up either – saying your affirmations in the shower first thing in the morning, then thinking them at your desk at lunch is likely to yield better results than just doing one or the other. Naturally, it’s far more impactful than doing nothing at all!