One thing that just about everyone that practices the law of attraction has in common is that they want to make a change. One potential use for the law is to change human features. On the basis that nothing is impossible when using the law of attraction, then I’d posit that such changes to your appearance are very much possible. However, some changes are far easier to manifest than others.

I wrote a few months ago on the concept of using the law of attraction for weight loss. If you consider a larger belly or one more chin than you’d prefer as features, then you’re in luck, as these are relatively easy changes to make. Even if you’re new to the law of attraction or not yet convinced of its worth when changing your life, there are so many ways to lose weight, such as dieting, exercising and changing your relationship with food, that the universe doesn’t have to work too hard to make the necessary arrangements.

While that part is relatively easy, the same cannot necessarily be said of changing other features. If you’ve stumbled across this article, I have a good idea of what you might have in mind!

Using the Law of Attraction to Change Facial Features

I freely admit that this is the part where we enter ‘hard to believe’ territory. I try to be a realist when it comes to practising the law and I know that some things verge on the impossible. Can you really manifest a ‘new’ face and won’t people notice?

It’s complex, and not for everyone. Before you even try, consider whether you really even need to change how you look. I’m not an expert on body confidence, but it afflicts more people than it should and it could well be psychological as much as physical.

With that said, if you do want to change how your face looks with the law of attraction, I do believe you can achieve the changes you desire.

Changing Your Features with the Law of Attraction

The same ideologies apply to changing features with the law of attraction as making anything else happen.

  • You need to believe that it has already happened, not hoping that it might happen.
  • You should start demonstrating gratitude for the changes you seek coming to pass even before you notice them.
  • You need to be as clear and positive about how you want to look, and regularly visualise the ‘new you’ going about your daily life.

From there, it becomes a question of positivity, gratitude and good vibrations. Speak about your desire often, even if only to yourself. Write your hopes and dreams down if you feel comfortable. Don’t lose focus on anything else you want to improve in your life either, as there’s no quota to the law of attraction and how much work the universe is willing to put in for what you want most.

What Not To Do When Using the Law of Attraction to Change Features

Just as there are several things you should do when using the law of attraction to make a change in your features, most of which apply to anything you want to improve, there’s something you certainly shouldn’t do. That’s to focus on any negativity surrounding your current appearance.

The law of attraction and a negative outlook don’t exactly go hand in hand. Just as the principle thrives on positive thinking to bring positive outcomes into your life, the same can be said of negativity. If you concern yourself with being ‘ugly’, not fitting in or anything else that hampers your aims, this is precisely what you’ll end up attracting into your existence. So, focus on the positives – and only the positives!

How to Help the Law of Attraction Along to Change Your Appearance

Another indisputable fact of the law of attraction is that it takes time to take effect. The more small changes the universe needs to make for you to reach your goal, the longer you’ll have to wait. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help things along, and they’ll contribute immeasurably to making it easier to retain your focus on other important elements.

Change Your Features with the Law of Attraction

Critically, you want to act as you’ve already reached whatever goal you have. This could mean:

  • Buying clothes that will fit you at your target weight if that’s the feature you want to change
  • Switch to contact lenses or start saving for LASIK if you’d like to stop wearing glasses
  • Start wearing the makeup now that will complement your new features once you have them

Remember, There are No Guarantees

Some consider the law of attraction as magic. Some base it in science (I don’t) and some even think it’s a religion. I prefer to go with the idea that it’s all in your head – but in a good way, not the way when a parent tells you you’re imagining that you’re ill to get off school.

Changing your appearance with the law of attraction is potentially one of the most difficult things you can do. However, simply because it is all in your head makes it possible. Some would tell you that confidence and positivity are more important to appearance than anything physical, and even by just doing what’s required of you for the law of attraction to work, you’ll automatically become ‘better looking’.

Can the Law of Attraction Change Human Features? – In Summary

The law of attraction can be used to make any kind of positive change you want, human features included. As always, you can only set to work on changing your own features, so don’t start with any plans to make someone else’s nose bigger! It won’t be a speedy process, but it does provide yet another opportunity to channel positivity and goodwill in your daily life – two very attractive characteristics.

Some go as far to say that everything you see and experience is of your own creation, but you don’t necessarily need to be as deep into the law of attraction as that to see results. Make a decision, decide clearly on what you want to achieve and do what’s expected to manifest anything you want, including changes in yourself.