Many believe that the best time to manifest using the law of attraction is overnight or, more specifically, while you’re asleep. So, if you work the night shift, you might find that the daytime is better for you in terms of bringing your plans into reality.

The belief comes down to the fact that while we’re asleep, we’re effectively switched off from the world. Sure, we dream and our bodies continue working away, but we enter something of a low power mode. That leaves our consciousness with the time and energy to think more about what we really want in life, and we can divert more effort towards making it happen as we’re not dealing with the various random events and occurrences that come our way during the day. Indeed, unless you’re particularly unlucky or the parent of a newborn, the night time could and should be the most peaceful, uninterrupted time you have each day to focus on what you really want to bring into your existence.

The Bedtime Ritual

Many people, whether they know it or not, have a bedtime ritual that they adhere to. Think about it now – is there a series of things you do before bed almost every day? For me, I grab a glass of water, brush my teeth, use my preventer inhaler (that might not be the case for you) and usually put a favourite show on the TV. Many, including several other members of the Widibi team, would recommend against putting the TV on. However, it works for me. I just have to make sure that I only put on something that I can watch without paying too much attention. Something you’ve seen dozens of time before and know what’s happening without even watching is ideal.

Anyway, your bedtime ritual could be just about anything. Even the process of getting undressed and getting into bed is a ritual of sorts and what we want to look at doing here is adding visualisation and the law of attraction to that routine.

Adding to the Bedtime Ritual for the Law of Attraction

What you add to this routine depends heavily on how you currently approach bedtime and how much experience you have with invoking the law of attraction.

In the case of your current bedtime approach, you need to consider how much time you have before getting ready for bed and going to sleep. If you tend to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, you might need to go to bed earlier to give yourself enough time to visualise your achievements and gain clarity in your mind.

On the other hand, you might already involve the law of attraction with your bedtime routine. If you have read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and follow its daily tasks, you may have a magic rock that you keep by your bedside. This makes it much easier to manifest while you sleep, simply because you’re already accustomed to setting aside time before you sleep to think about the law of attraction.

We don’t need to overcomplicate things here, and can instead keep it simple, regardless of experience levels. All you really need in order to manifest with the law of attraction while you sleep is the time to do so and a preferred method. I’ll share some below for those that haven’t yet settled on a favoured means of invoking the law.

Manifesting the Law of Attraction Before You Go to Sleep

So, we know we need time, and we know that we want to manifest something using the law of attraction while we sleep. There are plenty of posts here at Widibi that cover manifestation from all sorts of different perspectives, but in the spirit of keeping things simple, and following through on a promise from earlier in the article, I’ll share a brief outline of how I prepare myself to manifest while I sleep.

Decide What You Want to Manifest While You Sleep

I’ve written extensively on my belief that the law of attraction, cosmic ordering and any other terms for manifesting something in your life require you to know exactly what you want. The most experienced practitioners consider manifestation as akin to ordering from a catalogue. However, this time, you’re not shopping at Amazon, but ordering directly from the universe.

To place an order at Amazon, you need to find the item you want, add to your basket, tell the company where you’d like it to be delivered and finally pay for the item. Until Amazon knows what you want, they can’t send it to you. The same applies to the law of attraction.

You might already know what you want. Crucially, you don’t have to decide on the spot. If you tend to use the law of attraction as you go about your daily life, you may think of something to manifest at any time. It doesn’t matter when you decide what you want, as long as you can order it clearly in your mind, even when you’re ready to go to sleep.

Demonstrate Confidence in Fulfilment

Another crucial element of the law of attraction according to most teachings is that you think and act like your want isn’t actually a want. You need to demonstrate your belief that whatever you’ve asked for is already yours. Referring once again to previous articles that I’ve published here at Widibi, you don’t place an Amazon order and phone them three or more times each day to ask if they’ve received it. At most, you get in touch with them if it doesn’t arrive on time. Outside of that, you’re content in the knowledge that whatever you’ve ordered is on its way and, to all intents and purposes, is already yours.

Visualise Before You Sleep

This part is like dreaming before the real dreams start. All you need to do to confirm a manifestation is to visualise yourself making use of whatever it is you’d like to manifest. If it’s a car, visualise yourself driving it before you sleep. If it’s money, visualise yourself spending it, or making use of what you’d spend it on if you had it because, as far as you’re concerned, you already do.

There’s a bonus to this too. In my experience, anything I think about directly before I go to sleep influences my dreams. I’ve only experienced lucid dreaming on a few occasions, and never intentionally, but visualisation before bed can help you to influence what you experience while you sleep. Given that nobody seeks to manifest negatively, that means that pleasant dreams can become more than just something nice to say to someone!

As one final tip, I’d suggest trying to fall asleep while you have your visualisation in your mind. Your brain will ensure that you continue to work on it while you sleep, and you give yourself the best chance of success. The only slight difficulty in doing this is distraction, so try to avoid any. Otherwise, if you ensure that what you want to bring into your life is the last thing you think about, then using the law of attraction before you go to sleep will not prove in any way difficult.