There are numerous definitions to the law of attraction and specifically manifestation. However, one of the simplest involves attracting your wants and desires into your life in a real form. As the teachings go, anyone can manifest anything – the universe is plentiful and bountiful and all that, and there’s plenty of everything to go around.

However, if one person can manifest anything they want, and the same goes for anyone else that takes the time to do so, what happens when their manifestation goals stand opposite each other? More importantly, particularly in the context of this article, what if they both seek to manifest the same thing, but there’s technically only one of that thing available?

The question “what happens if two people try to manifest the same thing” tends to come up among those that have been using manifestation techniques for a while. When you first learn about it, you’re intrigued. When you start using it, you’re excited. When you realise for the first time that it works, you’re well and truly over the moon.

Some people leave it there and are just happy that this technique works for them. Most people, myself included, start to wonder what its all about and think beyond the basic concept of making something from a dream into reality. Questions such as the one we’re dealing with in this article are commonplace, especially when the excitement levels die down, to be replaced by expectation. After all, the law of attraction forces even the most laid back individuals to become somewhat demanding!

In this case. the question generally comes down to something along the lines of wondering who wins and why if two or more people try to manifest the same thing when there’s only one to go around.

Let’s say you wanted to manifest the Mona Lisa to hang on your living room wall. It’s famous, valuable and desirable enough that you’re probably not the only person with the same idea – although the questions about how you got it, why you have it and basically explaining away its absence from the Louvre could be a bit too much to handle.

The Manifestation of Imagination

First things first – you probably don’t want to manifest the Mona Lisa. You might, but it’s unlikely it was near the top of your list before I mentioned it.

Instead, you want to manifest what you see in your mind’s eye of what the Mona Lisa represents. To explain further, let’s think not about what you want, but why you want it.

For this, I’ll put myself in the shoes of someone that wants this particular painting. For clarity, it has never crossed my mind to manifest the Mona Lisa either, but let’s pretend I do. What does this particular painting represent? To me, it represents culture, history, heritage, fame and financial value. Others may appreciate its artistic characteristics, the artist behind it or the city in which it resides.

There is so much talk here at Widibi on the concept of being specific with what you order from the universe, that it’s easy to forget that it’s easy to be flexible. If you want a historic piece of art, there are in fact more than just one. If you want something worth many millions, there are lots of things out there worth just as much.

I would suggest that anyone seeking to manifest the Mona Lisa doesn’t necessarily want it as much as they think they do. Instead, they want one or two things that they associate with that particular piece of art and alternatives are far more numerous than they might previously have considered.

What Happens If Two People Try to Manifest the Same Person?

Manifesting people and relationships is something that I touch on occasionally but prefer to leave to other writers here at Widibi – and there’s a good reason for it. I truly believe that it’s possible to manifest relationships with the law of attraction, but I’ve never done so myself. Indeed, the friends and family I have today were around long before I started exploring the concept in any great detail, and I have no particular desire to obtain more at this time.

However, when a single person is involved, this is a tangible, realistic case of there only being one of something to go around. This is particularly true in the case of romantic relationships. If you and someone else want to be friends with the same individual, that’s fine and there are no issues as there are no limits on how many friends someone can have. However, if you want to become the husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend of someone, well, most societal norms would indicate that there can indeed be only one.

Winners and Losers

If you choose to accept that there can be only one winner when two people’s dreams and wants conflict, then its easy to assume that there are winners and losers. If you want to become the CEO of a certain company, the nature of the role means that it’s only available to one person. There could be you, a dozen others and the incumbent.

If you’re not the CEO already, it’s easy to feel like every moment spent not being at the head of that company is time spent losing. Conversely, the individual in the role has won.

However, I would suggest that you should get as far away from the concept of winners and losers as possible.

Arrangement Not Orders

My interpretation of the law of attraction covers multiple facets, and in this case, I’d encourage anyone to look beyond the concept of placing an order with the universe and waiting for it to come to fruition. While I do believe that this direct link and ordering from a catalogue does indeed exist, I’d remind anyone that channelling the law of attraction also involves putting faith in the universe to put everything in the order that’s ultimately best for you.

You see, people don’t always want what is best for themselves.

Let’s take all three of the examples used above. I’ve already touched on the downsides to manifesting the Mona Lisa. For it to arrive in your possession, it needs to leave the wall on which it has been on display for quite a while. Someone would notice it had gone, and the search would begin in earnest.

The chances are that you wouldn’t be anywhere near the list of prime suspects. If you kept it hidden away and never mentioned your possession of the piece, you could probably keep hold of it in peace until the day you die. However, if you wanted to display it, sell it or make anyone else aware that you were the current owner, it could easily become more hassle than it’s worth.

Manifestation works best for those with a positive outlook, and it’s easy to overlook the negatives. Fortunately, the universe is on your side and it will do all it can to ensure you avoid bringing negativity into your bubble. If you fail to manifest the Mona Lisa, have you really failed?

With romantic relationships, it’s all too easy to fall for your imagination. You want a relationship with your perception of a person. However, it’s impossible to tell what they’re truly like until you live with them. If you already live with them, you’ve probably already won!

Once again, the universe is on hand to make arrangements on your behalf and will work to protect you from yourself where necessary. The same applies to the CEO role at a company. You might fancy the job because it pays well, or you might already work there or enjoy their products. You have your perspective on the company and its leadership, but it’s one of those things where you never truly know the whole story until you’re in the job.

You have to trust in the universe to manifest anything in the first place, and it’s an excellent idea to trust the same power to look after your best interests.

What Happens if Two People Try to Manifest the Same Thing? – In Summary

The short answer to this question is that if two people try to manifest the same thing, and they’re both equally skilled at manifesting their desires, then the universe will take over.

There are contrasting views depending on how the law of attraction works for you. Some believe that every possible outcome to every event plays out in different universes. Every time someone asked you a yes or no question and you said yes, there’s a universe out there where you said no. I’m not saying that this is incorrect, but it’s too large in scope to enable me to succinctly answer the question posed.

Others say that your very existence is your imagination. Nobody can manifest what you want because they are simply you. If they get what they want, you get what you want. However, this is a bit too spiritual for me.

For me, if two people try to manifest the same thing, the universe will assess the implications and likely outcomes. If someone else gets it and you don’t, then the universe has something else in mind for you, which will end up being even better than what you had hoped for previously. It’s a case of trusting the process and holding the firm belief that the universe is on your side. Everything you want and need is there for the taking, even if it’s not what you thought you needed at the time!