It will come as no surprise to anyone that has attempted to manifest before that it can take time and manifestation obstacles are very real. As such, people start looking for ways to become more attuned to the law of attraction and to enhance their manifesting abilities. This can lead to asking questions like “what color represents manifestation?”

Funnily enough, the best color for manifestation just so happens to be my lifelong least favorite color of all! If you just want a color to associate with your manifestation efforts, then all you need to know is that green will set you on the right path. Green is variously associated with abundance and attraction, and, in most interpretations, it also serves as being the most crucial color for growth and manifestation.

Using Green for Manifestation

If you’re experienced with the law of attraction, you’ll already know just how personal the process can be. There are thousands of guides and instructions out there, but nothing beats finding what works for you. Most people that use manifestation to bring their desires into reality still use the same technique today as they did for their first manifestation. That comes down to nothing more than the fact that they know it works. It worked once, and then it worked again, so why change it?

Crucially, they could tell you exactly what worked for them. However, there’s no 100% guarantee that it’ll also work for you. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t take all that long to find what works, and it’s then a case of building on that and tweaking it to make your manifestations even more powerful.

What that all means is that there’s no right and wrong way to add color to your manifestations. If you decide to go with green, which is the perfect place to start, then it could be as simple as wearing a green shirt when you say your affirmations. On the other hand, if you like to use candles or crystals, you might want to increase the green count among those items.

Essentially, think about how you manifest and add some more green to them however you can if you want to explore the importance of color. If you keep a manifestation list, consider using a green pen. If you manifest on your phone, change the font color to green – even the built-in notes app on iPhones lets you customize the ink color!

Manifest with Colors on Your Phone by Changing Virtual Inks

Other Colors for Manifestation

While green is the best place to start when adding color to your manifestation, it might not make a noticeable difference. To be completely honest, it’s not great for me, although I’m fortunate in that my manifestations are already quite powerful. The color green might affect my subconscious without me even knowing it, with my inherent dislike of the color potentially slowing things down rather than helping them along!

Fortunately, green isn’t the only option. Here are five more colors that might help you to speed your manifestations along.

1. Orange

From my least favorite color to my favorite, I kick things off with orange. This one represents creativity and passion. So, suppose your affirmations and manifestation goals involve getting something done and living your dreams. In that case, a dash of orange can be all it takes to bring any manifestation to the next level.

2. Gold

Green was probably in the top three colors you expected when arriving at this article, and I have no doubt that gold would have been right up there with it. What might come as a surprise is that gold isn’t necessarily anything to do with money.

Instead, this color is more closely associated with energy, specifically that of the sun. Further to that, you can also add gold to your manifestation techniques if you want to focus on health and influencing the world around you to ensure that things go your way.

3. Blue

Another personal favorite, blue is associated with harmony. Sometimes, your affirmations don’t deal with change and improvement. Instead, you might just want to affirm consistency and continuity. If you’re content and don’t particularly need anything to change at any given time, that’s absolutely fine – and totally compatible with the law of attraction.

If you just want to maintain things as they are right now, but you don’t want to slow down on your affirmations, then the color blue is an excellent addition to your routine.

4. Silver

Where there’s gold, there’s usually silver too, and this color is particularly pertinent if you practice your manifestations using meditation. Silver is associated with meditation and also with dreams, so whether you like to meditate or your manifestations involve some of your biggest dreams of all, this might be the perfect color to add into the mix.

5. Yellow

If gold is a little too much, then yellow might fit the bill. It’s an extremely powerful color, spanning inspiration and new ideas but, perhaps most importantly of all, happiness. Most people wield the power of manifestation with the aim of achieving happiness, so a color focused entirely on doing so is impossible to ignore.

Colors for Manifestation – In Summary

Green is the color most closely associated with manifestation, but it’s by no means the only one. If you’re manifesting towards a particular purpose, then there’s a color that will make things easier.

To reiterate, there’s no specific way to add these colors into the mix. The easiest way is often to continue working as you do already and add a dash of color where you can. Something as simple as changing the pen you use or switching out crystals for others can reinforce what you’re trying to do.

Oh, and if you want one final piece of advice from me, make sure it’s a color you like and don’t fall into the trap of letting green subconsciously make things worse!