While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to manifest something, you could think of manifesting as the grown-up equivalent of wishing on a star, blowing away an eyelash or snapping the wishbone with someone. Back then, it was traditional to keep your wish to yourself; otherwise, it won’t come true. So does the same apply to this more mature version of bringing what you want into your life? Can you share what you’re manifesting?

Nobody can manifest for you while you sit back and relax - but they can certainly help.

Yes, you can indeed share what you’re manifesting. I’d even go as far as to encourage it if you’re happy to do so. You might even end up with more powerful results than going it alone.

Your Energies Affect the World Around You

We always say here at Widibi that the law of attraction is inherently personal. So when you focus your positive energies on making positive changes to the world around you, the opportunities are limitless.

Conversely, you’ll have a more challenging time affecting the realities of those around you. Attempting to convey hostile intentions to someone else is a no go. You generally can’t manifest bad things for others, and if you try to do so, you stand a significant chance of interfering with your own positive manifestations. After all, wishing ill on someone else requires negative thought, and the universe is always listening.

There’s a flip side to that. No matter who knows about your manifestation ambitions, there’s nothing they can do to interfere with you making it happen. So if you write your manifestations down at work and the boss walks past and notices you’re trying to manifest a new job, don’t worry! They might be less than impressed, but there’s nothing they can do to counteract your efforts.

Anyway, that’s enough about the non-existent bad side to sharing what you’re manifesting with others. Sharing is caring, and sharing your manifestation practices with others could soon become another fantastic tool in your manifestation arsenal.

 Like most things that require effort and focus, manifesting can be a case of two heads being better than one.

Like most things that require effort and focus, manifesting can be a case of two heads being better than one. It’s not quite the same as making a vision board for someone else, as nobody can manifest for you while you sit back and relax, but they can certainly help.

So, with that in mind, not only can you share what you’re manifesting, but here are five great reasons to do precisely that!

1. Combined Positive Energy Can Make Manifestations More Powerful

Manifestations, and the universe as a whole, rely heavily on positive energy. Of course, you’re more than capable of manifesting on your own, but think about what you could achieve with support from others!

 You’re more than capable of manifesting on your own, but think about what you could achieve with support from others!

Suppose your manifestation is taking longer than you might have expected, or you’re focused on bringing massive, sweeping changes into your life. In that case, manifestation becomes a case of the more, the merrier. The universe thrives on energy and manifesting works because the combination of your positivity and your desires serve to attract what you want.

4 Great Reasons to Manifest With Others

If you and someone else both want the same thing, you can combine your collective energies, and the benefits are clear. When connecting your efforts, you can:

  • Speed up the manifestation process
  • Cover for one another if life gets in the way, or you’re not as positive as you’d like
  • Tweak your ideas and think bigger
  • Imbue each other with confidence, especially if one of you is more experienced than the other

2. A Shared Manifestation Can Result in Greater Accountability

Many of the more difficult things in life are aided with the accountability of getting someone else involved. That’s not to say that manifesting is complex, and I’m certainly not trying to suggest that you shouldn’t bother trying if you don’t have a partner to join you in doing it.

However, too many people are too willing to let themselves down. I include myself in that – I feel far less guilty if I don’t get to the end of my to-do list for the day than if I don’t do something for someone else by when I said I would.

 Too Many People Are Far Too Willing to Let Themselves Down.

A manifestation buddy can take advantage of that. People are often programmed to please others. When it’s someone you’re fond of, as someone you manifest with will undoubtedly be, the pressure to get things right increases.

Now, you definitely don’t want to go too far with this. If you agree to repeat your affirmations daily and miss one, don’t suddenly think you’re the reason why neither of you have got what you want! However, use the fact that someone else wants your involvement in a collective manifestation to spur you to stick to the schedule and make time for affirmations.

3. Shared Dreams and Desires Bring People Closer Together

Some friends and partners share everything. Others lead separate lives that intertwine in an infinite number of ways. However, there’s nothing like sharing some of your deepest desires with someone to solidify a relationship and reinforce the existing trust between two people. If it turns out you share some of the same goals, even better! Plus, that’s the perfect opportunity to share your manifestation targets with each other and for both of you to get to work on making things happen.

 There’s nothing quite like a common purpose to drive collective success.

There’s nothing quite like a common purpose to drive collective success. Think of some of the most significant achievements in history. I’d venture that relatively few of them happened thanks to one person’s efforts. There will, of course, be leaders and followers. There’ll be founders and employees. There are managers and players.

Even if one of you take the lead, if that works for everyone involved, then that’s a great reason to combine your efforts, manifest your dreams and get closer to the people you admire and respect than ever before.

4. You Might Manifest Something Better Than You Expected

Your manifestations are limited only by your imagination – but is your imagination limiting you? We’re creatures of habit, and the quality of our ‘original’ thoughts often depends on the information we’ve taken in previously. At a superficial level, that’s why so many jobs aren’t interested in the subject matter of your degree (if you have one). They’re not hiring you for the specifics of what you learned on a course. Instead, they’re engaging, in part, your ability to think, create and reason to a level that earns a degree.

One of my favourite quotes is, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” It’s recently been applied to artificial intelligence to reinforce the fact that machine learning is only as good as the programming that goes into it.

 Your manifestations are limited only by your imagination – but is your imagination limiting you

In the context of manifestation, that means that you might feel like you’re dreaming big or filling in a genuine gap in your life. Of course, it’s not always easy to make a frank assessment when you’re the one living it. But, in some cases, you could benefit heavily from a fresh set of eyes, and who could be better than your manifestation partner?

The chances are they, too, have your best interests at heart, and they’re willing to be honest with you. So if you’re not sure what to manifest, or you accidentally find yourself diverting your positive energy in a suboptimal direction, someone willing to pull you up and give their opinion can literally change your life!

5. You Get to Live Your Manifestations Together

If you share your manifestation with someone else and you’re a social individual, you can share the outcome. Best of all, this remains the case even if you decide to manifest on your own.

After all, sharing a manifestation doesn’t necessarily mean that you both work on it. You could mention to a partner or friend that you’re giving manifestation a try, and you’re going to change both of your lives. They don’t need to play an active part, but the chances are they’ll be as delighted with the outcome as you are!

Of course, if you do elect to work together to make your manifestations happen and to bring things into your life, there’s every chance you’ll build the kind of relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Can You Share What You’re Manifesting? – In Summary

Sharing what you’re manifesting with someone else is not only possible, it’s actively encouraged! There are numerous opportunities to benefit from doing so, whether you both work on manifestations together or simply enjoy some moral support while you wait for the universe to deliver.

5 Reasons to Manifest with Other Perople

In finishing up, I will point out that you don’t need to find someone to manifest with. Doing it alone won’t make you any worse. Take me, for example. I share that I manifest with my wife, and I’m happy to discuss what I’m focusing on at any given time. But, as I said initially, this isn’t wishing on a star, and you don’t risk losing out if you tell someone what you ‘wished’ for.

She believes in the power of manifestation – it’s hard not to when you’re around me as often as she is – but she prefers to play no active part in whatever I’m manifesting at any given time. Naturally, she’s more than happy to enjoy the results!