Manifesting using the law of attraction doesn’t have to be difficult, but like most things, if you’ve never done it before, then it might feel more complex than it really is. The very concept of using the power of your thoughts to change something in the physical world around you can, in itself, be intimidating. Many people dismiss it as a concept – it’s impossible, right?

Well, there are plenty of people out there that would happily disagree with you. I’m one of them. I believe in manifestation as a tool and technique. You’re reading this article, so I’d be inclined to think you at least have an open mind towards the practice, even if you’re not yet fully convinced.

Of course, a fair few people will find themselves asking why manifesting is so hard when they’ve already started, but they’ve yet to see results.

Again, I’d happily advise anyone to stick with it as the results will come. I not only believe in the concept of manifesting, but I believe it can positively impact the lives of others. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth sticking with. In that spirit, here are the most common reasons why manifesting is so hard and how I’d deal with those challenges in your shoes.

Manifesting Is Hard Because It Requires Faith in Something You Can’t Prove

Manifestation requires a degree of trust and belief in something that you have no evidence for. It’s a trust system until it works. I can tell you I manifested something. You could easily dismiss that claim as there are multiple ways to bring something into your existence.

For example, you could manifest your dream house. If you’ve got the financial means, you could also just go out and buy it; no universal intervention required.

I’m not one for celebrity culture, but I can accept that people are more likely to listen to someone famous than they are to me. Famous, successful people have spoken at length about their confidence in manifesting their futures.

Oprah is perhaps the most famous proponent of vision boards, a fantastic tool for manifestation, and she even created one when she decided she wanted Barack Obama to become president.

Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for $10,000 in the year before landing his famous role as Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. That’ll sound remarkably familiar to anyone that’s read The Secret.

A Cheque from the Gratitude Bank of the Universe

Some of the most famous people in the world today, from Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga to Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, credit at least some of their success to the manifestation process.

Can they prove it to you beyond evidently being successful people? Not really. There’s no getting away from the fact that there are far more successful people out there that have never publicly offered their support to manifestation and the law of attraction. Some even speculate that some of the world’s most successful people are using the law of attraction to support their success, whether they know it or not.

Dwayne Johnson, Rock, Hollywood star and the subject of that Redditor’s speculation, certainly says (and tweets) many things that will feel familiar to anyone that practices the law of attraction and affirmations.

As we wrote previously here at Widibi, a significant segment of the power of affirmations stems from their interactions with the subconscious mind. There’s nothing to say they can’t operate subconsciously too!

Still, none of this constitutes irrefutable proof. Nobody can prove that manifesting works at this precise moment in time. They can tell you it does, but there’s nothing wrong with being sceptical.

Finding Your Own Manifestation Proof

As I’ve found myself saying quite regularly lately, the most challenging manifestation you’ll ever do is the first one.

Your most difficult manifestation is the first

It gets easier from that point forwards simply because you’re no longer reliant on faith and trust to build confidence in your manifestations. Working on your second successful manifestation means, by definition, that you’ve already completed the first.

Just like that, you know it works. Your proof is your own. Anyone that tells you that manifesting does or doesn’t work is now entirely irrelevant because you’ve seen it work first-hand.

 There’s no better proof of something working than seeing it for yourself, and manifesting is no exception

There’s no better proof of something working than seeing it for yourself, and manifesting is no exception. So keep faith in the process, try different techniques and find what works for you. Even if your first manifestation takes weeks or months when you used a manifestation technique that stipulated a few days, keep at it.

It will work eventually, even if you need to adjust your approach along the way. Think of the time and discipline as an investment that will pay off on the second and third future manifestation, not to mention every other one going forward.

Manifesting Requires a Degree of Discipline and Consistency

You might not be the most disciplined, driven person in the world. Time management may be an alien concept, and you could represent your country at the Procrastination Olympics.

Given the abundance of wonder available to you through manifestation, this might be the perfect time to change your attitude. The good news is that you can do it just a little at a time.

Manifesting doesn’t require you to adopt a brand new schedule where you know where you’ll be and what you’re doing every second of every day. Instead, all it takes is a willingness to set aside just a couple of minutes each day to focus on your affirmations and, ultimately, their manifestation.

Some techniques are more strenuous than others. Some practitioners believe that the more time you can dedicate to manifesting something, the quicker it will arrive. There may be merit to that opinion, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend putting your life on hold in pursuit of what’s coming, but it might take a while.

Indeed, short bursts of focus work better for many people. Fixating on a potential manifestation can do more harm than good. The universe often makes more progress on delivering when you’re not focusing intently on a particular outcome. Once you’ve decided what you want, you’re better off not spending time thinking about it.

Short bursts of positive reinforcement are far more significant to manifestation than extended periods dwelling on – and potentially questioning – the outcome.

 Short bursts of positive reinforcement are far more significant to manifestation than extended periods dwelling on – and potentially questioning – the outcome

In short, the commitment to discipline and consistency doesn’t need to be daunting. If you use the 369 manifestation method, you can complete your daily task in a couple of minutes. If you’re comfortable manifesting verbally, you might only need a few seconds each morning.

If you’re confident that manifestation will work for you, you definitely shouldn’t worry about sticking to a schedule. Instead, try to pay attention to your affirmations at least once a day, and don’t feel pressured to spend any longer than you’re comfortable with.

And if you miss a day, don’t panic! There are 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week for you and me. The universe, which does most of the heavy lifting in making your manifestation happen, has no such constraints. A missed day might feel like a massive screw up on your part. But, to the universe, it’s not even a blip on the radar.

Nevertheless, consistency and habit building are fantastic skills in their own right. So if you’re not already comfortable with it, why not double up on your personal development? Set a reminder or an alarm for a time each day you know you’ll be free to concentrate and give your manifestation the attention it deserves!

Your Confidence Can Waver When You Don’t Have a Delivery Date

While I’d definitely advise anyone dabbling in manifestation to adopt a schedule, the universe does no such thing. As touched on already, our concept of time and that of the universe share little in common. Unfortunately, there’s no Prime overnight shipping when it comes to deliveries from the universe. There’s no app to tell you how many stops your delivery driver is away, although the universe will often send you signs that your manifestation is close.

Can you commit to repeating your affirmations daily for a month or more? It can feel intimidating, especially if you’re yet to receive that personal proof mentioned above.

 Bigger manifestations take longer because the universe has more to rearrange

You have plenty of options, but I’d suggest starting small if you’re a manifestation novice. Bigger manifestations take longer because the universe has more to rearrange. On the other hand, smaller goals can be great for the old confidence as they can manifest in a matter of hours. As you get to grips with manifestation, you’ll find that the really incidental things manifest just about instantly.

However it’s going, remember that there’s absolutely no pressure involved with manifesting. If it doesn’t work out for you, you haven’t lost anything. You might even have learned something along the way.

People don’t have a specific manifestation window in their lives either. If it’s proving difficult right now, you might not be in the right frame of mind, or you may not have the time to give it the attention it deserves. That’s absolutely okay – the energies that make manifestation possible will still be there when you’re ready to try again.

Why is Manifesting So Hard? – In Summary

I’ll refer once more to that all-important word: Abundance. You don’t need to wait for an email from the universe when what you want is back in stock. It has everything you could possibly want. It has anything and everything I could want too. The tricky part is bringing it into your reality, but it’s not as challenging as you might think.

You don’t need to wait for an email from the universe when what you want is back in stock

There are thousands of manifestation techniques out there—many work. But, let’s be honest here – some don’t. Even those that work for some may not work as well for others. So, ride the challenges, experiment, try something different if you find yourself hitting a bump in the road. Even the most experienced (and successful) manifesters encounter obstacles but remember the context. A successful manifestation probably won’t be the biggest challenge you face today, so be confident, stay positive, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to alter your approach when the timing feels right.