Manifestation comes in many forms and while vision boards themselves are not manifestation, they are an extremely handy tool for making other manifestations happen.

The only way in which this changes is if you’ve specifically used a manifestation technique to give you the time, energy and confidence to make a vision board. After all, while they’re so inherently simple and easy that anyone could make one, it can feel like an overwhelming task. With vision boards, you’re in control. Without your input, they probably won’t happen. Sure, it’s possible to make a vision board for someone else, and you could get someone to make one for you.

However, if you’ve got manifestation in mind, then it’s best to do it yourself. You’re probably the kind of person who, when they decide to do something, they want to do it well. Otherwise, what’s the point? A great vision board can take hours to create and plenty of thinking time too. It can take a while to find that time, so you might try manifestation to find that time, energy and confidence.

Can You Manifest Without a Vision Board?

Yes, you can manifest without a vision board. I love vision boards, but I’m the first to admit that they’re by no means essential. Some of the most experienced law of attraction practitioners have never touched a vision board in their lives. Conversely, many people that swear by vision boards and their effectiveness have no interest at all in the law of attraction.

As we discussed in our ultimate introductory guide to vision boards, the law of attraction and vision boards can go hand in hand, especially foe those seeking to manifest something. However, they can also work entirely independently.

The same applies to manifesting itself. For some people, manifestation requires nothing more than a thought – no vision boards or manifestation journals required! However, if you’ve got big plans, or you’re the kind of person that’s happy to break down bigger goals into their smaller counterparts, a vision board can help.

Your most difficult manifestation is the first

The fact is that there’s an infinite number of ways to manifest something using the power of the law of attraction. Perhaps the biggest challenge for anyone manifesting for the first time is finding what works for them.

If we assume that manifestation works, it comes down to individual preference when seeking to make it happen. Confidence and faith matter when it comes to making manifestation happen, and there’s no better way to build confidence in the practice than by seeing it for yourself.

As I’ve said on many occasions previously, your most difficult manifestation is the first. Once something you’ve been working to manifest comes into being, you have personal proof that the concept works. The best way to know you can do something is to have already done it before, and manifestation is absolutely no different in that regard.

Can Vision Boards Help with Manifestation?

While not essential, vision boards can definitely aid in the manifestation process.

Manifestation, for me, comes down to five steps; clarity, specifics, visualisation, affirmations and positivity. A vision board can play an integral role in virtually all of them.

Using a Vision Board for Clarity

When you want to manifest something, you need to be clear about what you want. The more time you can devote to deciding where to send out your energy, the quicker and more accurately it will arrive.

A great vision board is as much about the time spent thinking as the effort putting the board itself together. In devoting this time to thought, you’ll already have started the manifestation journey.

Specifics with Vision Boards

Many people like to put exactly what they want on a vision board, and it’s a great idea to do so. Whether it’s a house, car or anything else physical, your board encourages you to find a picture of something, even if it’s not yours yet. Take the time to seek out an image of exactly what it is you’d like to incorporate into your vision board, and give it the prominence it deserves.

The Key Role of Vision Boards – Visualisation

Manifesters also need to be able to visualise what they want to bring into being. This is made easier with the steps outlined above, but isn’t always easy. You might struggle to visualise on demand, such as at your assigned time for manifestations. You might even have aphantasia, where you physically can’t visualise something no matter how hard you try.

A vision board can be the perfect opportunity to fill in for mental visualisation, as its physical counterpart can have an equally powerful effect.

Affirmations on a Vision Board

Affirmations are like the meat in a Big Mac or the engine in a Ferrari. They tie everything together and while they’re not the only ingredient, the process wouldn’t be the same without them.

Those experienced manifesters I mentioned before that can manifest with just a thought use manifestations. The most popular manifestation techniques, such as the 5×55 method, involve writing those affirmations down.

Crucially, there’s nothing to stop you placing affirmations on the vision board itself. Whether you type them up and print them out, or write them directly on the board, they’re every bit as powerful as you might hope.

As long as you then position your vision board somewhere you’ll see it often, it can even serve as a regular reminder to take a moment out of your day to focus on your manifestation and positive energies.

Aiding a Positive Outlook with Vision Boards

A vision board alone won’t necessarily make you a more positive person. However, what it can do is remind you of the path you’re on. As above, it’s important to position a vision board somewhere useful. This could be above your desk if you work all day, or as the background on your phone or computer.

If you can mentally commit to being a more positive person, seeing your vision board will act as a positive reinforcement trigger. If you’re feeling down and directionless, or perhaps procrastinating, your vision board will remind you of the bigger picture and what you’re working towards.

Are Vision Boards Manifestation? – In Summary

Vision boards are not, in themselves, manifestation, but they can serve as a crucial tool in helping your manifestation to happen. They can play a key role at every stage of the manifestation process, and their very nature means that they can aid you in becoming a more well-rounded and downright successful manifester over time.

Overall, vision boards aren’t essential for manifestation. However, they can certainly help, and I’d recommend that everyone tries them at least once to see the results for themselves. If they work out well, you’ve got a fabulous new tool to aid in shaping your life. If not, there are limitless alternative options out there to ensure you can make manifestation a part of your routine.