“How often should you manifest?” is a pretty open-ended question, but the least complex answer is that you should manifest as often as you like. There are no penalties for always having something to work towards, and while the seven deadly sins might disagree, you won’t have to find yourself worrying about greed when it comes to the universe.

That all comes down to abundance. While I may be oversimplifying here, the universe has as much as everyone needs of anything they want. In manifesting something you want, you don’t need to worry about depriving others of it, as they can have it too. Sure, if two people try to manifest the same thing at once, it can get a bit more complicated. However, if you want to manifest something relatively general, like a house, car or job, you’ll have no issues at all.

What About Affirmations?

It’s easy to confuse affirmations and manifestation – we recently published an entire article on the differences. If you’re wondering how often you should use affirmations, that depends. There’s nothing at all wrong with stating your affirmations once each day. I’m a big fan of morning affirmations, but you can do them early, late, or even multiple times each day.

There’s no upper limit on how often you can state your affirmations, and no rules around how you do that – you can write them, say them, or even think or listen to them. Some believe that the more you repeat or focus on them, the faster your manifestation will arrive.

The universe has as much as everyone needs of anything they want.

I don’t necessarily agree. One of the key elements of manifesting is trusting the process and knowing that once you want something to manifest, it’s on its way. That’s why cosmic ordering works – you ask for something once and have confidence it will arrive when you need it. You never cosmic order the same thing twice.

If your manifestation doesn’t happen quite as quickly as you might expect, it could be down to all sorts of factors. That could mean manifestation obstacles or even the universe needing a long time to arrange your reality to make things happen. It’s never because you haven’t stated your affirmations frequently enough.

My Opinion on How Often You Should Manifest

I’ve yet to meet anyone that would consider their lives perfect. Of course, perfection varies from person to person. I like my life, but a celebrity or billionaire might find it a bit limited and mundane! I use manifestation for gradual improvements. I identify something I’d like to make better and focus on it.

While you can manifest multiple things at the same time, I tend to focus on one simply because I only usually identify one thing at a time. I benefit from that because I can direct all my focus on something and then know exactly when it has manifested. That then acts as a the trigger to look around and see what else I’d like to change.

You’re always manifesting anyway – it might as well be things you really want!

Not to overcomplicate things, but I also maintain a manifestation list. The primary manifestation takes pride of place, and I use the rest of the list for maintenance. Essentially, I like to affirm keeping things I already have, or occasionally slot in minor manifestations. This could involve things that are likely to happen anyway, but there’s nothing wrong with making sure!

To directly answer the question, I think you should manifest all the time. You’re always manifesting anyway – it might as well be things you really want!

How Often Should You Manifest? – In Summary

According to the law of attraction, everyone is always manifesting. Even people that have never heard of the law itself, not to mention affirmations and manifesting, will alter their reality based on their thoughts.

One of the reasons why we never use the word ‘want’ in affirmations is that wanting is an emotion the universe picks up on. Your energies say ‘want’ and that’s what the universe delivers. Unfortunately, when you want something, it’s usually because you don’t have it – and that’s the way it’ll stay based on your energies.

If it’s happening anyway, you may as well take control and direct those manifestations in a way that appeals to you. Some believe that everything that happens around you is a manifestation, so it’s worth learning how to manifest directly so that everything that manifests around you works directly in your favour.