Cosmic ordering is a fantastic technique and I’m a huge fan of the concept. It’s quick, easy and positive.

When you compare cosmic ordering to the law of attraction, you’ll find that there are several key differences between the two concepts – although they’re admittedly very similar! One of the main ways in which the two concepts differ is the focus and effort they require.

If you’ve read up on the law of attraction and explored manifestation techniques like the 5×55 method, you’ll know that there’s a lot of emphasis on deciding what you want and regularly focusing on and repeating your desires.

Cosmic ordering differs. in The Cosmic Ordering Service, author Barbel Mohr goes to great lengths to encourage people to place their order and forget all about it. When following the law of attraction, it’s important to focus on your desires to manifest them as quickly as possible. When it comes to cosmic ordering, constantly thinking about what you want can actually delay the process!

Another thing that I love about cosmic ordering is that it works however you think it does. There’s an example in the book where it discusses how certain people have to be in specific situations or scenarios to place an order because that’s how they think it works. This could be sitting in a specific room, surrounding yourself with candles or anything else of the sort. If that’s how you think it works, that’s how it does work.

Keep it Simple

I’m a huge fan of the law of attraction, but I’m a massive proponent of cosmic ordering too. I love the simplicity and I don’t need a ritual.

Don’t overcomplicate the process in your head. Forget all about what you might have seen in the movies when someone seeks to invoke something magical or anything of the sort.

Want to know how I do it?

I make sure I’m in a good mood – positivity is just as important in cosmic ordering as it is in the law of attraction. Then, I decide what I want. It’s really important to be specific here.

A cosmic order is just like any other kind of order. You tell someone what you want, and they send you exactly what you’ve requested. If you leave any room for error, it might turn out not to be what you had in mind.

When I’ve got all that sorted, I look to the sky (even indoors) and ask.

That’s it.

I suppose you could conceivably call that a ritual in a way. I don’t, but if you do, I think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty easy one to complete!

When You Should Use Cosmic Ordering

If, like me, you want to use cosmic ordering alongside the law of attraction, you’ll start to form habits around which one to use and when. Even if the main question involves how to use cosmic ordering, when to use it will quickly become every bit as important.

Again, I’ll speak from experience. This isn’t the only way to use cosmic ordering to manifest what you want, but it has worked out well for me.

As a simple method, I use cosmic ordering for simple, specific things.

When I get in a car for a long journey, I order a safe, pleasant trip. When I go somewhere that has a car park, I order a space close to the entrance. Call me lazy if you like, but it works for me!

I actually don’t really use cosmic ordering to manifest specific, physical objects all that often. That’s when I revert to the law of attraction.

Crucially, that’s because that’s how I think it works. And so that’s how it works for me. I cosmic order things to happen around me. I order things to not happen around and to me. It hasn’t failed me yet!

Can Cosmic Ordering Replace the Law of Attraction?

I’m writing this article from the perspective of someone that uses the law of attraction and cosmic ordering in parallel. They require different effort levels and yield separate results – for me.

I wrote previously here at Widibi how cosmic ordering was my gateway into the law of attraction. Some have not yet made that step, and others never will.

Given that some may rely on cosmic ordering for everything they want to manifest, you might wonder whether it’s possible to do so.

What do you think?

Don’t worry, there’s no pattern to me constantly italicising think in this article. I just want to emphasise the importance of thought in cosmic ordering as a concept.

After this many years, I think that cosmic ordering is great for short term, often non-material results. So that’s how it works for me. If you can start to think that cosmic ordering represents a long-term opportunity to manifest the world you want to live in, it can do that to.

How To Use Cosmic Ordering – In Summary

When it all comes down to it, how you should use cosmic ordering depends on how you believe it should and will work for you. It’s one of my go-to options for short-term manifestation, but that’s not to say it’s not of great use in the longer term too.

If you want to try it and haven’t used it before, I refer back to the parking space example above. That was the example explained to me by the person that introduced me to the concept by gifting me the book. It worked for them and I tried it.

It worked for me too. Nowadays, I don’t even need to ask. What started as a tentative order quickly turned into a subscription service. Whether it’s a free space right where I want it, or another car pulling out to leave just as I arrive, it’s like having VIP parking wherever I go. Give it a try if you need a quick and easy example.

I can’t guarantee that it will be successful, but it has a 100% success rate in terms of people I know!

Remember that the limiting factor with cosmic ordering is primarily thought. You can use cosmic ordering however you see fit, just as long as you are willing to believe that whatever you’ve asked for is on its way.