Ever since the idea of manifestation came about – before even the term ‘law of attraction’ was used – people have been seeking ways to set patterns and simplify the process. The 5×55 method does precisely that and involves choosing a single desire and either writing it down or writing about it, 55 times for five days in a row.

I enjoy these patterns for many reasons. The main one for me is that it’s easy to think about just about anything else over the course of five days than the manifestation that had you so excited just a few days previously. The law of attraction is a mindset, and consistency is vital. At the same time, consistency is difficult to achieve without a plan, a pattern or repetition.

The 5×55 method, like the 369 manifestation method, has all of this loaded up and ready to use. In effect, it forces someone to spend so much time thinking positively about what they want that they make a much stronger connection with the angels and the universe, who are ultimately responsible for delivering the manifestation over time.

How to Use the 5×55 Method

These methods work, but they’re inherently designed for simplicity. Whether you only heard about the law of attraction and manifestation today, or you’ve been practising for years, it’s something you can start immediately and hopefully see results faster than ever before.

The process of putting the 5×55 method to work is as follows:

1. Decide on One – And Only One – Affirmation

We’ve covered affirmations, what they are and what they mean elsewhere on this site. The short version is that an affirmation is something you want to manifest into your life, phrased in such a way that they’re short, specific and speak as they have already happened – and a dash of gratitude goes a long way too.

An example of an affirmation for someone that needs enough money to pay their bills for the week would be: “I am hugely thankful for the £500 I received this week.”

Obviously, you can change the amounts and currency, although the smaller the amounts, the faster the universe is able to deliver. Notice how it’s just a few words, mentions gratitude and speaks like the outcome you desire has already happened.

2. Write Your Affirmation Down

There are no magic books or spooky sheets of paper in the law of attraction. You could just as easily write your manifestation down on a sticky note as in a manifestation journal – all that matters is that you write it down somewhere.

For this particular process, it may be worth skipping over the sticky notes unless you have loads of them to hand, as today represents day one of the five, and you need to write this affirmation 55 times.

You could write 11 copies of your affirmation now and then come back a further four times later in the day, or you could do them all at once. When you do them doesn’t matter, other than doing so on the same day. Instead, it’s the act of writing the affirmation, and ensuring you’re entirely focused on the gratitude and expectation you feel, knowing that it will come to pass.

With the first day of the 5×55 method down, it’s then time to put down the pen. Your work for the day is done, at least as far as that specific affirmation is concerned.

If at all possible, I like to forget all about it. The universe doesn’t need you to check up on it, and thinking about your affirmation won’t make things any faster. On the contrary, allowing your affirmation to play on your mind risks introducing doubt, worry and negativity – three emotions that serve no purpose other than to delay your manifestation and interrupt the flow of positive energy.

3. Come Back the Next Day for Another 55-Affirmation Session

Hopefully, how you chose to break down your 55 affirmations on the first day worked for you. When I use the 5×55 method, I like to get it all done in one sitting. That’s because it makes it easier for me to follow the second step above. If I need to keep reminding myself to come back to my book to add another few instances of the affirmation, I risk devoting more thought to the process than I realistically should.

So, for me, I dedicate a specific part of my day to repeat the exact process that I followed previously. One of the benefits of affirmations being inherently short is that it only takes a couple of minutes to list all 55. Two minutes out of the 1,440 we have each day feels like an infinitesimally small investment considering the likely payoff.

From there, you just need to stay the course and repeat the process for an additional three days, making for the full five in total. By the end, you’ll have written down the same affirmation 275 times, so neither you nor the universe will be in any doubt about what it is that you really want.

The 5x55 Method

Why 5×55 and Not Another Number?

It took me a while to understand and appreciate the significance of numerology to the law of attraction. Both are based on spiritual processes and inner reflection.

I wrote about the importance of the number 555 recently, and it all comes down to change. If you find yourself seeing 555 repeatedly each day, it’s likely a message from the universe, telling you to expect a change. If you’re a generally positive person, then that change can only be a good thing.

In this case, it’s not a message, but something you’re invoking yourself. The change comes from you.

Whatever your affirmation seeks to manifest, it signifies a real change in your life. If you have more money at the end of the process than you did at the beginning, that’s a change. If you seek to manifest contact from a specific person and they get in touch with you, that’s another change.

You’re effectively using the power of the number 555 to enforce the change you want to see in your life.

Write or Type with the 5×55 Manifestation Method?

I’m a big fan of going digital with the law of attraction. We’ve written in the past about writing vision boards on a phone or computer, and typing out affirmations instead of writing them down.

However, in the case of the 5×55 method, I prefer to do things by hand. This short, sharp manifestation method relies heavily on focus and concentration – while you’re writing your affirmation, you shouldn’t be thinking about anything else.

I don’t know about anyone else, but there’s always potential distraction when I’m typing. Facebook and Twitter are only a click away. It might feel like the perfect time to check the news – and there’s nothing quite like the news nowadays to really interrupt your positive mindset!

Using The 5×55 Method on Multiple Manifestations at Once

You don’t have to be the most patient person in the world to benefit from the law of attraction, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the 5×55 method, by its very nature, requires five days of focus.

Given that commitment, it can be tempting to work on multiple affirmations at the same time. However, I would strongly recommend against it. You’re far better off deciding before you start which one thing is most important to you, and focusing all your energy on it.

It’s a very basic analogy, but if you have a glass of water and drink it, the chances are you won’t be thirsty any more. However, if you have to share that glass of water equally with someone else, you’ll both be less thirsty, but won’t remain as hydrated for long.

Obviously, the 5×55 method isn’t the only manifestation method out there, but I feel it is best suited to those that want one thing in particular and want it as quickly as possible. The 369 manifestation method mentioned above will be more suitable for those seeking to manifest three different things simultaneously, for example.

Who Should Use the 5×55 Manifestation Method?

On the one hand, I consider the 5×55 method as being universally suitable for anyone interested in the law of attraction and manifestation. However, as I touched on above, it won’t be the perfect solution for everyone.

There are two main types of people that I believe the method will perform best for:

Individuals with a Single Significant Desire

Okay, so you may want hundreds of things. However, if there’s one thing you want or need more than anything else in the world right now, then the 5×55 method is for you. You can forget about anything else for five days and devote all your positive energy and creative power towards manifesting what it is that you want so much.

Remember, it’s only for five days. That may seem like a long time on day one, especially if you have trouble genuinely committing to something for longer than a few hours. However, there are 365 days in a year, meaning an opportunity for 73 manifestations each year – and that’s just from this method alone.

As they say, patience is a virtue, and working on your smaller goals now will bring the larger ones into focus without you even knowing it.

Those that are New to the Law of Attraction

I also believe that the 5×55 method is an ideal introduction to the law of attraction for anyone who has never sought to manifest anything before or has done so without success.

If you can reel yourself in and attempt to manifest something small but noticeable, the encouragement will be palpable. I always say that the law of attraction is impossible to prove to anyone but yourself. When you see it work, you’ll have all the evidence you need to demonstrate that you’re on the right path.

Ferrari with the 5x55 Method

If this sounds interesting to you, then one of the most important things you can do is set your sights realistically. Don’t write an affirmation around a million dollars. Don’t try to manifest a Ferrari in five days when you currently drive a Ford Fiesta.

Try to think of something you’re not otherwise expecting to receive this week, but isn’t entirely out of the ordinary. It could be a relatively small amount of money or a call, text or email from someone you haven’t heard from in a while.

Think along those lines, use the 5×55 method and take an easy win to prove to yourself that the law of attraction works for you – you can always go right ahead and grow from there.

When is the Best Time to do the 5×55 Method?

I have both theory and experience to answer this question. I’ll begin with the latter and say that I do it first thing in the morning, or at least as my first act when I sit down in my office. I have a separate goal of opening every day by writing 500 words.

Admiral William H. McRaven is the author of Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World. He said in a commencement speech at the University of Texas in 2014:

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.”

It’s a productivity tip, and I’m not great at making the bed until it’s time to get back into it. So, instead, I have the personal goal of starting each day by writing 500 words about anything, just to get my mind in gear to write whatever else is required that day.

I then try to make my affirmations nine or ten words long. With the former, I just need to find five more words to meet my daily goal. With the latter, I sail past it. I’m then nicely set for the day.

On a personal level, I find first thing in the morning and last thing at night to be prime time for sending vibes and energy into the universe. This method, therefore, lines up well for me.

However, the same doesn’t necessarily have to apply to you. Moving on to the theory aspect, I suggest using the 5×55 method at a time that meets the following criteria:

  • You know that you’ll be able to repeat the process at approximately the same time for the next four days.
  • You have the opportunity to move straight on to doing something that makes you positive and happy while taking up enough of your brainpower to enable you to set and forget your affirmations.
  • You’re in an environment where you’re free of distraction and can afford to devote all your effort and concentration into believing in your affirmation.

Comparing the theory with my experience, that means for me:

  • I come into the office (which is at home) somewhere around 9.30 every day, including on weekends.
  • The process of writing 500 words, even if they’re the same nine or ten words 55 times, warms up the typing fingers and lets my brain know it’s time to type – and I’m free to write about whatever makes me happy and content.
  • Others in my home have been well trained not to disturb me when the office door is closed. It’s fair as I leave it open unless I’m doing something particularly important!

If there’s no such thing as the perfect time based on those criteria, you can still experience success on an ad hoc basis. Try your best to follow that plan, even if that means just one or two points, and trust in the universe to deliver what you want as it’s happy to make concessions based on your circumstances.

Does the 5×55 Method Work in Exactly Five Days?

If there’s one thing you can always predict about the universe, it’s that it is unpredictable! It wouldn’t make for the most reliable employee, as it doesn’t have any concept of deadlines. However, your results can go in both directions – or arrive right on time!

What If My Affirmation Manifests in Less than Five Days?

That’s a truly massive win on your part – it’s like when you order a takeaway that says it will be an hour and you’re tucking in twenty minutes later.

Take the positives, and be sure to show massive gratitude to the universe for delivering ahead of time. However, don’t think that the job is done, just because you’ve got what you want.

You see, the universe is great at delivering what you ask for. It’s just as good at going above and beyond.

Let’s say you used the 5×55 method in the hope of receiving £100 from an unexpected (but legal) source. Two days later, you receive a bank transfer from a friend, family member or company for a reason you hadn’t even considered.

By all means, go ahead and spend it on whatever you had in mind while writing down your affirmation, but don’t stop there. The universe may have decided that you need more than this amount. The delivery of £100 wasn’t a challenge, but that’s just to tide you over while it arranges for the delivery of more.

This won’t always be the case. Sometimes, you know that you’ve scheduled your affirmations for five days, but the universe doesn’t have the same concept of time. However, I’d strongly recommend completing the five days, even if only on the off chance that the universe has something even more incredible in store.

What If Five Days Have Passed and My Affirmation Hasn’t Manifested?

Consider once again that the universe has no concern for deadlines and that five days may as well be five decades. Sometimes, 120 hours simply isn’t enough time for it to make the necessary arrangements to manifest your desire – yet.

Remember what I said about manifesting a Ferrari when you drive a Ford Fiesta? The universe must go through the process of finding the means to pay for the car, not to mention the insurance, and various other steps to make that car and your ownership of it a reality. Let’s just say it’s easier to find someone, somewhere that will justifiably give you £100!

What you want will come, but it will take longer. For now, forget all about that particular affirmation. You’ve put in all the work you need to in order to convince the universe that this really is what you want. It’s working in the background, and your efforts are better spent moving onto the next manifestation.

In the process, you’ve learned how to focus on one particular dream or desire, and worked out how writing it down 55 times can fit around your schedule. You’ve attuned yourself more closely to the universe than you were merely five days ago, and both you and the angels now have a far better idea of how to work together on your ambitions.

The last thing you should consider is worrying, doubting or even berating the universe for not coming through. Negative thoughts and emotions are significantly more powerful than positive ones, and they can only take five minutes to unravel five days of hard work.

Set it aside for now and focus your positivity and gratitude on the next goal, by merely repeating the same process. One tip I’ll give you is to ensure that ‘day one’ of the next project is ‘day six’ compared to the original one. Avoid the temptation to complete your five days of writing in the morning, realise nothing has happened by noon and get ahead by starting on the next manifestation in the evening.

Doing so will dilute your efforts for the day in the same way as attempting to use the 5×55 method on two affirmations at once. This isn’t what we need in cases where the original desire is yet to manifest!

The 5×55 Method – In Summary

The 5×55 method involves choosing one thing you’d like to manifest in your life, framing it as an affirmation, writing it down 55 times on the first day and then repeating that process for four more days thereafter. In many cases, and depending on the size and scope of the task at hand, this will hopefully result in manifestation within those five days.

I like it because it provides structure, impetus, and a genuine process for manifestation, making it highly suitable for those new to the law of attraction and anyone with one specific short-term goal that they’d like some help on achieving.

It’s perfect for those that like to write or struggle to remain consistent with their universal interactions – and that can certainly even describe me at times!

Suppose you’re struggling with affirmations and manifestation, or an experienced practitioner seeking a more uniform, process-driven way to encourage the universe to deliver what you want. In that case, five days can be all it takes to harness the power of the law of attraction and to put it to work with your best interests as a priority!