Relationships are one of the most important components of any life, but a twin flame could become the strongest relationship of all. A twin flame is a step beyond the concept of even soulmates and suggests that the soul can split in two when it reaches a high frequency, landing in two separate bodies. These two bodies are destined to be together, and will reunite either in this life or the next one.

Challenges of the Twin Flame Concept

The idea of a twin flame aligns somewhat with the law of attraction and numerology, as being close to or in direct contact with your twin flame will increase synchronicities in your life, such as repeatedly seeing the same number patterns. However, while both the LoA and numerology can be considered controversial, they have nothing on the twin flame idea.

While most people are split on the law of attraction at a basic level – it works or it doesn’t, the idea of twin flames takes things to a whole new level. This is understandable. If someone tries to use the law of attraction to manifest wealth or possessions, they lose nothing more than the time spent on positive thought and gratitude each day.

Conversely, with twin flames, there is always a risk of trying too hard to find the perfect partner, or waiting for them at the expense of other worthwhile relationships. When something is impossible to prove, but easy to experiment with, there is no real loss. If extreme sacrifices are made, it becomes more important to find results.

Twin Flames Aren’t Necessarily Romantic

I believe that the idea of twin flames does indeed exist. However, the most important thing for anyone curious about what a twin flame is should know from the outset that the concept does not hinge solely on finding the perfect romantic partner.

Unlike soulmates, which are often albeit not exclusively referred to for romantic relationships, a twin flame doesn’t need to become a husband or wife. One of the most inspirational elements of twin flames is that the relationship can be purely platonic. You might find a friend or colleague who you simply cannot get enough of, but on the basis of talking, doing activities and spending time together.

If you are spiritual in your approach to life, you might well find that you feel an immediate spiritual connection with someone else. If the concept of twin flames is real, then they might well be the one.

Should I Pursue a Twin Flame?

I have always taken the view that there are billions of people on the planet. If one soul is divided into two bodies, there is no telling where they might be physically distributed and whether they might ever meet.

The concept suggests that just as the universe arranges for the delivery of manifestations in the law of attraction, it makes those same arrangements to bring twin flames together. However, it is unlikely to turn into one of those situations where the solution has been staring you in the face all this time. The moment could be fleeting, and while there are signs, we know that they can be hard to spot if you’re unprepared.

In answering whether you should actively pursue a twin flame, I would suggest a couple of things. Firstly, you should familiarise yourself with synchronicities and angel numbers. Even beyond the twin flame concept, they’re commonly used across all manner of disciplines to seek signs from the universe. 111 is a particular number to look out for – find out more about what it means in this article. While the article doesn’t mention love specifically, take on board the idea of keeping your mind open, especially to people around you.

The other consideration is that I don’t believe anyone should put their life on hold while they wait for their twin flame. Might they come? Sure – they might even be in your life already and you just haven’t made the connection yet. But we have to accept that they might not. I really don’t like to say “what will be, will be” but the last thing you should do in pursuit of your twin flame is to adopt tunnel vision.

It is something to be on the lookout for without a doubt. There are those that believe and those that don’t. I fall firmly into the former camp.

What Is a Twin Flame? – In Summary

Essentially, your twin flame is the other half of your soul, contained within another body. Most explanations state that the soul split in two when it came into being. No matter what happens to the two hosts, they will search across time and space to become one again.

It’s a fascinating concept and one I’d very much suggest exploring, but also something that I would strongly advise against becoming obsessive over. As mentioned in the article above, it differs from something like the law of attraction where you require complete belief and regular practice. A few minutes spent on a journal or a vision board is basically nothing to lose, and you don’t have to put anything on hold. With the pursuit of a twin flame, you need to be open and accepting so when angel numbers and synchronicities appear, you don’t miss them.

Of course, you don’t need to put your life on hold for that either. I would just like to finish by saying that synchronicities and angel numbers can have a hugely positive impact on your life in any capacity and opening yourself up to them should be part of the plan. However, just because there is only one twin flame out there, doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong by living your life in the meantime.