The process of manifesting your thoughts and dreams should never make you tired. As with anything that takes a bit of time and effort, you need to devote some energy to the practice, but when people talk about energy and the law of attraction, they’re not referring to the calories you burn!

Instead, it is all about aligning your vibrations in a way that you attract what you want. Spending time on making your manifestations happen isn’t the same as running a marathon or indeed anything of the sort! Instead, you’ll undertake some kind of activity or exercise that works for you, and spend a dedicated part of the day working on making things happen in your life.

What Manifestation Techniques Can I Use?

Unsurprisingly, the effort and energy (in the conventional sense) it takes to manifest something depends on what you do in order to make it happen. If you use the 5×55 manifestation method, you’ll use up however much energy it takes to repeat what it is you’d like to manifest 55 times.

If you write in a manifestation journal, well, jotting down a few ideas shouldn’t massively take it out of you!

Why Shouldn’t Manifestation Make You Tired?

There is one key reason why manifestation shouldn’t make you tired: you’re not the one doing all of the work. Many people, myself included, like to set aside specific time each day to focus on manifesting their perfect life. For me, that involves spending around 20 minutes each morning writing in my manifestation journal and then just a few minutes using nothing but thoughts before I go to sleep – as I’m a big fan of manifesting before bed so the subconscious takes over.

Does this mean that my manifestations are only coming closer during that half an hour each day? Absolutely not. It is the universe that is working on making your dreams a reality, and it doesn’t require constant supervision to ensure that things happen.

It is important to remember that manifestation isn’t simply a case of picking something off a shelf, putting it in a box and mailing it to whoever asked for it. The universe enables manifestations by putting things in order to allow them to happen. It takes some of the stress out of doing something I always recommend – breaking a goal down into smaller, more manageable steps.

If, for example, you want to buy a Ferrari, but you work a minimum wage job, there are more steps required to make this manifestation happen. The universe may arrange a pay rise or a sudden increase in income that will ensure that car of your dreams becomes part of a reality. However, the further you are away from getting the Ferrari without the law of attraction, the more work the universe needs to do.

The crucial part there is that it is indeed the universe that is putting in the work – not you directly. As long as you’re consistent with your manifestation techniques and demonstrate faith, positivity and gratitude as you go about your daily life, there is absolutely no reason why you would need to work any harder. The angels are doing that work on your behalf.

Does Manifesting Make You Tired? – In Summary

The act of manifesting shouldn’t make you tired, because it relies far more heavily on energies from external sources than it does on your own efforts. That’s not to say that the process of manifesting something into your reality requires no effort at all – you’ll still need to carry out your favourite manifestation techniques regularly and consistently.

However, that shouldn’t be much of a challenge as one of the best things about invoking the law of attraction is that it builds on habit forming. Whether you use the law of attraction, set goals, create vision boards or just about anything else mentioned across the Widibi platform, habits are central. Creating a routine, to the point that you take positive steps without even needing to think about it, will almost certainly make your life better.

If, for some reason, it feels like your manifestation exercises are making you tired, just take a break. Jut because you’re not actively hard at work doesn’t mean that the universe isn’t taking massive strides in the right direction to ensure that you get exactly what you want.