If this isn’t your first time joining us here at Widibi, you might well have noticed that most contributors like to write. In all but a couple of cases, every writer on the team is a professional to some degree – although none of us write for the site full-time. For us, that means that a manifestation journal is an incredible and essential tool. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional writer, or indeed particularly passionate about the skill to add this potent skill into your law of attraction toolkit.

Instead, a journal is something just about anyone can do and if you want to know how to write a manifestation journal, you’ve come to the right place!

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What Is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is a dedicated notebook, Word document or somewhere else you can write which you use exclusively for the purpose of writing down ideas and thoughts around your biggest goals and ambitions.

It is one place where nothing but your goals and visions enter your thoughts, and serves as an ongoing resource for dedicating your mental energy to making those goals happen. It is a space in your life where you only focus on exactly what you want.

A clear head and focused thoughts are both crucial components of making the law of attraction work. It represents a time during the day when you think of nothing else – no stresses, anxiety or indeed anything negative. Indeed, from the moment you open your journal, you’re immediately thinking about what lies ahead for you and what you want to bring into your reality. With no limiting beliefs in effect, you are ready and ale to concentrate on telling the universe exactly what you expect from it in the coming days, weeks, months and even years.

The Steps to Make a Manifestation Journal That Works

It would be something of an exaggeration to proclaim that no two manifestation journals are the same. So many people around the world utilise the technique that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that two people, potentially on different sides of the world, follow a virtually identical formula and potentially even in the very same notebook.

That’s one way to find your soulmate I suppose, but I digress. Like anything with the law of attraction, it is all about finding what works best for you and there may be a period wherein you spend time experimenting with what keeps you coming back to fill in this journal each day.

When it works, boy does it work well and it all starts with the first step, deciding how to approach it.

1. Choose Your Workspace

The law of attraction has been around and appreciated for hundreds of years as a concept, and there are traditionalists to this day that believe that you don’t really have an authentic manifestation journal unless you use a traditional notebook.

I disagree. The people that claim that you have to use a notebook and write with a pen and pencil are probably the same ones that feel you can’t make a vision board on a phone or computer – something else that I cannot agree with.

Just as with vision boards, as noted in this article on how vision boards work, paper and pens aren’t magic. It’s not about the materials you use, but the thoughts you put in. The law of attraction works on positive thought – gratitude, ambition, hope and so much more.

You can use a notebook. You can just as easily use Microsoft Word. You might want to make your journal public and write it in the form of posts on a WordPress blog. You can even use the notes app on your phone. The important thing is that you use something, and either the book you use or the document you create is utilised exclusively for your manifestation journaling.

2. Decide on a Formula or Template

Another hugely important element of making the law of attraction work for you is to be consistent. With a manifestation journal, this means checking it and contributing to it every day, but it also makes sense to stick to a style that suits you. The earlier you can establish a style for your journal, the better.

What I like to do when creating a new journal is to use the very first page to structure what I’m going to write.

I tend to focus on three categories:

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are yet another key component of the law of attraction, and they are the quickest and easiest way to start thinking positively about you and your lifestyle. Remember, affirmations should always take the form of ‘I am’, not ‘I want’. They already exist – they just may not have entered the physical realm just yet.

The flexibility has already started at this stage, as you don’t have to write the same number of affirmations each day, and they don’t have to be about the same thing.

If you have a job interview coming up that day, you may affirm “I am the perfect person for the job.”

If you are speaking in public about something that day, you might commit that “I am a confident, eloquent public speaker with extensive knowledge of the subject matter.”

It touches on the concept of writing out the script for your day in advance. By giving thought to what lies ahead, you take the stress out of the situation and have the confidence to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Naturally, these affirmations don’t have to be specific either. You might not have planned anything at all for the day ahead. There is no harm in being general, but if you have written your structure and it includes affirmations, make sure to include something. I like to begin with “I am happy, healthy and wealthy.” Even if I’m not, and I can struggle on the third point at times, it puts me into the right mindset to ensure I become these things.


This is an article on how to write an affirmation journal, so the chances were always high that manifestation would play a part. This is where you focus on what you want but, most importantly, not on wanting it.

The way the law of attraction works is that if you focus your mind on wanting something, the universe will work to return that energy to you. In the best case scenario, and while doing everything seemingly correctly, you’ll want the same thing even more.

Instead, you write about your manifestation in a way that is clear that it has already happened. If you want to manifest money, visualise yourself spending it. If you’ve got that job interview coming up, take a couple of minutes to visualise yourself doing the job. Revel in how happy you are to be doing what you’re doing.

When those couple of minutes are up, start writing. Unless you’ve taken the public blogging route for your journal, you’re only writing for yourself – so who cares about what and how you write it? Let the emotions of how great you felt when visualising your goals spew out onto the page in a stream of consciousness. Who cares about spelling and grammar here? It’s just for you and the universe, and the latter won’t be grading your paper.


Finally, you always need to take the time to give thanks for what you have now and what you’ll receive in the future. If you’ve been practising the law of attraction for a while, you’ll already have got into the idea of saying thank you at every opportunity.

I’ll never forget the first time I read The Secret and Rhonda Byrne spoke on being grateful for bills and debt letters. For the former, you demonstrate gratitude for the service provided. With the latter, you show gratitude for having the money in the first place.

When on the path towards positive thinking, there is always a way to be thankful for anything, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. By integrating gratitude into your manifestation journal, it takes care of itself.

Make sure to focus on the positives, and enjoy the best things in life today while your thoughts and the universe work on the best things in life tomorrow.

3. Get Writing

The last thing you would want to do after deciding on your structure is to feel like that’s job done. I’ve heard from more than one person that they finished setting up their journal to their liking and considered it ‘ready for Monday’ or ‘perfect for starting tomorrow’.

I enjoy morning manifestation, but it’s not the only time of day to get to work on the law of attraction. It’s certainly not the right way, as there isn’t one.

Even if you’ve planned out your journal after a hard day’s work, there’s no time like right now to make your first entry. Start to build the habit immediately and you’ll already be over the first obstacle. Every journey begins with the first step, and if you’re travelling towards your ideal life, there’s no point in delaying it for a few hours.

Staying in the Swing of Manifestation Journaling

I’ve mentioned habits a couple of times already, but it’s impossible to overstate the importance of making a habit out of your journaling journey. One day can make all the difference, but your manifestation journal works best as a tool to ensure you devote some time each day to your hopes, dreams and everything you’re thankful for.

Like most habits, time permitting, the best option is to fill in your journal at the same time every day. Your routine will start to incorporate your little writing task automatically and you’ll have time set aside for positivity without even thinking about it.

As a slight aside, just because I and many others write in this journal every day, there really are no rules. If you can’t commit to daily journaling, that’s absolutely fine. It is far better to have a journal you revisit once or twice a week than nothing at all. The habit-forming process remains the same, however. If you decide that you only have time for manifestation journaling on Saturday and Sunday mornings, that’s not a problem. Just make sure you make the time to do it every Saturday and Sunday morning if you wish to experience the best possible results.

When it all comes down to it, the habit of journaling is the same as building any other. Habits are one of the cornerstones of productivity and with this being one of the best possible ways to use the law of attraction for your benefit, it is a habit you won’t be looking to kick any time soon!

Your Manifestation Journal – Questions and Answers

What Does a Manifestation Journal Look Like?

A manifestation journal can be absolutely anything you can write on or in. Single sheets of paper aren’t necessarily advisable, as they’re easily lost or given up on. There’s also the fact that there’s not all that much space on a single sheet, even if you use both sides! Before you know it, your manifestation journal will spill out onto a second sheet, then a third and so on. Before you know it, you’re employing archaic technology like ring binders and hole punches!

Any notebook will do. It’s also possible to buy blank manifestation journals, some of which even include daily affirmations and other supporting information – if you need it. However, you really don’t need any specialist tools. Contrary to the opinion of some manifesting practitioners, you can also keep your journal in a Word document or on your phone.

How Does a Manifestation Journal Work?

A manifestation journal works by growing with you as you continue your manifestation journey. Consistency, repetition and constant learning all characterize the manifestation process and a journal is a great way to cover all three.

Your manifestation journal will also help you to invoke the law of attraction, which is the power that makes manifesting possible. As you write in your journal, you’ll become attuned to the universe. The journal itself will help you to find the time and mental space to focus on positivity and gratitude. The fact that you’re directly expressing your goals and dreams through writing will reinforce your desires with the universe, making it easier for them to enter your reality.

How to Write a Manifestation Journal – In Summary

I’m a big believer in the power of journaling, and not just because I’m a writer by trade. All you need is a dedicated space for your thoughts around gratitude, manifestation and affirmations. It could be a notebook where every page is dedicated to a day, or it might be a Word document that you open each morning.

How you do it is not a concern – remember, there are no hard and fast rules. Doing it is what makes the difference, as you put yourself in a great place to experience the thoughts and emotions on which the universe thrives.

Choose your favourite way to write, set yourself some guidelines so you don’t waste time on writer’s block, and get jotting away!