You can manifest positive thoughts in much the same way that you can manifest anything you feel might improve and enhance your life. It almost feels like working smarter, not harder. Positivity is key to manifestation, and it’s vital to stay positive throughout the manifestation process, so why not manifest positivity itself?

Of course, the very nature of the concept means that things can soon get complicated. The goal is to manifest positivity, but you need positivity to manifest. So it’s easy to see why someone might ask, “can you manifest positive thoughts?”

The good news is that even if you’re not in the most positive headspace, manifestation still works. We all give off energy – some good, some bad and some reasonably neutral. One of the best things about the law of attraction for anyone considering giving it a go is that positive energy is far more potent than its negative counterpart. So if you’re in a bad place, the worst you can expect to happen is usually nothing at all.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that there’s a never-ending cycle of negative thoughts making things worse. Instead, I prefer to focus on the fact that good things happen to positive people. The more positive they are, the quicker they can expect to take delivery of their manifestations.

The Quick and Easy Way to Manifest Positive Thoughts

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. If you’re in a bad place, the desire to manifest positivity is a step in the right direction. So even if you’re feeling kind of meh – not too great, but certainly not too bad, you’ve got an opportunity to make things better through manifestation itself.

Manifest Positivity - Step by Step

Unsurprisingly, the process of manifesting positive thoughts follows the same structure as manifesting anything else. Fortunately, you’re not looking to change anything physical. Instead, you want to upgrade your mentality – and mental energy is the universe’s speciality.

1. Decide What Positivity Means to You

No two people are the same, and it’s vital to seek clarity in what you really want to manifest. For example, some people need everything to be in order before starting to be positive. Others reflect positivity, meaning that they do good deeds in the hope of positive feedback.

Most people don’t want to home in on what makes them negative, but it can be worth knowing what to avoid when your stated goal involves manifesting positivity. People, tasks, even the news and social media could be against your positive outlook without you even knowing it. Like most bad things in life, identifying a problem is the first step in eliminating it.

Even if you have close to zero interest in the law of attraction as a concept, there’s no harm in conditioning yourself to actively seek out positivity. For example, if you enjoy great feedback or revel in being thanked for a job well done, that can make all the difference to your mindset. You’ll find yourself pushing harder to receive that praise, ensuring that your manifestation efforts have a lasting effect not only on you but on those around you.

2. Delve into the Specifics

When you have a handle on what makes you feel positive and what actively works against you, you can work on ensuring that these situations arise more often than not. I often refer to the case of former Navy Seal William McRaven and, more specifically, his book Make Your Bed. His tale involves making a point of making your bed first thing in the morning as the small things matter. Once you’ve done it, you’ve achieved something for the day. It won’t change the world – he goes into other small things that can in his book – but it’s a start.

The point is the feeling of accomplishment. I’ve referred in the past about how writing 500 words as early in the day as possible is crucial to me. Fortunately, it ties in well with writing down my morning affirmations.

Feeling useless, unproductive, or like you’re no further forward today than you were yesterday can breed negativity. Accomplishing a task, however small, can set you up for more remarkable successes throughout the rest of the day. No matter how small, a completed job can be the catalyst for positivity and productivity.

So, be specific about what might prevent a positive outlook and make a point of overcoming it. And you don’t even need the law of attraction to make that happen!

3. Visualise Your Positivity

Visualisation is another critical component of manifestation. Indeed, it underpins the entire concept of vision boards, for example.

Some people might write it off as daydreaming, but visualising aids in clarifying what you want to achieve and demonstrates to yourself that you’re ready to reach that goal.

Only once you know exactly what you want can the universe deliver to your specifications.

In this case, you need to visualise yourself being positive in every scenario you can think of. For example, when you want to manifest a job, you envision yourself doing the job and doing it well. The same applies here. Think of the situations and scenarios from the previous step that aid in making you feel positive. This could be good feedback, time away from the stress at home. View these situations through your mind’s eye and note how good they make you feel.

By doing this, you demonstrate to yourself and the universe that you know exactly what you want. Only once you know exactly what you want can the universe deliver to your specifications.

4. Manifest Positive Thoughts with Affirmations

Affirmations are another crucial component of successful manifestation. Whether you want a house, car or job, you need to make statements to that effect. As always, they should incorporate gratitude, and they should also be in the present. The universe doesn’t have the same concept of time as we do, and the idea of wanting something in the future doesn’t apply here.

Manifesting involves being in the moment, and affirmations don’t have to be complicated.

“I’m grateful for always having a positive mindset.”

You can craft any affirmation that works for you. You can speak, write or even think it. No matter how you approach it, it doesn’t have to be any more complex than that single sentence above. It works for me, and it will work for you too.

5. Make Positivity Part of Your Routine

If you’re reading this article, it might be too soon to count on positivity without even thinking about it. However, it will come with time.

I’ve never been all that great with routines if I force them. I’m just about getting to grips with to-do lists at my ripe old age. The moment I try to add a schedule or timings to those tasks, it all falls apart. So instead, I build habits almost accidentally, and I’m happy to say that positivity is one of them. Even in situations where it’s almost easier to be negative, my brain automatically seeks out the positives and applies a different perspective to whatever’s going on at the time.

The same will happen to you, but it might take a bit of work. The key is consistency, and there’s no better way to achieve it than with your affirmations from the previous tip. Make a point of saying, writing or thinking your affirmation at least once a day, every day. If you can do so at the same time each day, it’ll be even better.

If you find yourself forgetting, simply set a reminder, just as you would for anything else that needs doing more than once. You might also consider a tried and tested manifestation method like the 5×55 or 369 manifestation methods. Both work on consistency, but only in the short term, so you’ll hopefully see results before you get bored!

Can You Manifest Positive Thoughts? – In Summary

I’m a big believer that you can ask the universe for anything, and it will deliver, even if what you’re asking for is a ‘prerequisite’ for manifesting in the first place. Everyone feels down at times, and there are more opportunities for negativity than positivity in a typical day. I’m not even sure that becoming more positive is a manifestation, as such. It could just as easily be a state of mind.

What I am confident in, however, is that following the steps of any other manifestation will yield positive results. A great mindset doesn’t necessarily rely on the universe, as it could just as easily be explained by training, practice and consistency.

There are times when the destination matters more than the journey, and this is one of them. Some people can tell themselves to think positive, and it will work. Others require more effort, which is where the above steps come in.

Positivity is crucial not only to manifestation but also to overall happiness and contentment. So if you’re struggling, it’s well worth putting in the work to make it happen.