On paper, manifesting is one of the simplest things you can do compared to the changes it can make in your life. Indeed, it doesn’t have to be complicated by any means, but it can always come complete with unique challenges.

If you’re well-read around the law of attraction, you’ll be well aware of the importance of positivity. The energies you send out into the universe come back many times over, and positive energy is infinitely more potent than its negative counterpart. That means that good things come back many times over if you’re positive. If you’re negative, that’s not to say that bad things will happen, but you’re highly unlikely to make it any further forward in your goals.

It’s all very well understanding the theory, but life has a habit of getting in the way. Work, friends and money all have a habit of throwing a spanner in the works. As a result, it’s never difficult to feel stressed, overwhelmed or entirely down in the dumps.

Fortunately, positivity becomes a habit over time. You’ll learn to take things in your stride more and become an expert on spinning what seems to be a negative into a positive without ever dwelling on the challenges and obstacles you face.

Staying Positive When ‘Nothing’ Happens

Before I get into the best tips to answer “how do you stay positive while manifesting,” I’ll discuss perhaps the most direct source of negativity experienced by any manifester.

Doubt can creep in no matter how long you’ve been manifesting. Unfortunately, there’s no official manifestation rulebook, and while the universe is a great communicator, you can’t track how many stops away your delivery is.

There are extended periods during the manifestation process where nothing at all happens. In fact, that’s not strictly true. It appears that nothing is happening when the universe is actually hard at work bringing your goals into your reality. There might be signs that something good is going to happen. There might even be signs that something stands between you and your manifestation. If you’re not receptive to these signs, you might well feel like things have ground to a halt.

You’re open to new ideas when you’re positive, and you stand a better chance of spotting these signs. Fortunately, even if they pass you by entirely, that doesn’t mean that work has stopped.

Above anything else, you need to remain confident that your manifestation is on the way. So continue your affirmations and keep working on your manifestation technique of choice.

The very best advice I can give to anyone that feels that their manifestation efforts have slowed or even stopped entirely is that the world keeps spinning and the universe keeps working. What you want will arrive, even if you have to be a little patient.

So, we now move on to staying positive while manifesting. I’ve attempted to cover every scenario, from things not happening as quickly as you might like to life getting in the way, and much more besides. So, without further ado, here are five ways your positive mindset can ride out even the most turbulent storms while manifesting.

1. Stay Consistent with Your Affirmations

Whether you’ve never manifested before, are trying something new or have a tried and tested manifestation technique that gets things done, you should always endeavour to see it through. I like writing, so I swear by my manifestation journal. I’m also a frequent user of the 5×55 manifestation technique, and while I don’t use it quite as much, I’ve had success with the 369 manifestation method too.

Both of those methods are great when trying to stay positive while manifesting, as they come with built-in deadlines of sorts. The 5×55 method, for example, requires you to repeat your manifestation for five days. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have manifested what you want in those five days – that’s when you repeat the process.

What it does do is ask for a commitment from you, the manifester, that you’ll be consistent for five days. Then, you need to write it down 55 times, which takes under ten minutes for most people. It provides the security that no matter what else goes on in your day, you take ten out from negativity to reinforce your manifestation. As such, it then enables you to shift your focus away from something negative and reset your thoughts towards something positive.

Whether you use a popular manifestation technique or you’ve created your own, always try to include something that keeps you coming back. The best manifestation techniques involve consistency and a degree of self-accountability. Use it as an opportunity to clear your head and refocus.

2. Ask the Universe for a Positivity Trigger

I was introduced to the concept of a positivity trigger through quite possibly the best-known book on the law of attraction of modern times – that being Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Her interpretation of the law involves always being switched on. Wherever possible, Byrne tries to have a positive outlook under any circumstances.

Of course, she’s only human, and the law alone won’t prevent stressful situations. So she took the surprisingly obvious step of manifesting a positivity trigger.

I did the same, and I believe you should too. All you need to do is ask the universe to monitor your mindset. If you go off track, something happens to remind you that you’ve veered off course. In Rhonda’s case, that means a reasonably loud, unmistakable sound. It could be a dog barking or an alarm going off.

It made sense to me, and I asked for the same thing. But, ultimately, it was more a cosmic order than a manifestation as it happened instantly.

Was it the universe at work? Not necessarily. You don’t need to be the world’s most committed law of attraction practitioner to condition yourself to associate loud noises with realigning your mindset. Nevertheless, if the universe is indeed looking over you, ensuring that those noises happen when you need them most, it’s worth taking up the option.

3. Set a Schedule to Collect Your Thoughts

In the first tip, I mentioned using something like the 5×55 method to design a schedule of sorts. It’s a commitment to repeating your affirmations of choice for five consecutive days. People have busy lives, and it’s not always easy to find the time. However, people also have schedules, and it’s often easiest to set aside the same time each day to repeat the process. For example, I like to carry out my affirmations first thing in the morning (at least – there’s no such thing as too many affirmations).

You can take things a step further regardless of your technique of choice, and all you need is a clock or reminder app. Your phone definitely has the former, and if it doesn’t have the latter, they’re not difficult to find on your app store of choice.

There's no such thing as too many affirmations.

It’s almost like taking the second tip and doing it manually. Set an alarm or a reminder for several points throughout the day, and link that alarm with positively realigning your mindset.

If you sit down at your desk at 9 am every day, set an alarm and take the first minute of the day to push out negativity actively and look at the positives of the day ahead. Then, set one for lunchtime so that you can focus on the good things in life without distraction.

Experienced law of attraction practitioners still use alarms but don’t always need them. They’re already in the habit of expressing gratitude and positivity first thing in the morning and last thing at night. That doesn’t mean they’re stuck with practising just twice a day, but it means diverting more attention to the positives on a regular schedule.

4. Take Time to See Another Perspective

If your manifestations have gone awry, it might just be time to take a break. I consider consistency among the most vital elements of any successful manifestation, but there’s no harm in taking time out, even if it delays the delivery of your dreams. It’s often better to be patient than to manifest something tinged with negativity.

It’s often better to be patient than to manifest something tinged with negativity. 

It’s not always possible to look on the bright side, but the law of attraction can help you to see things in another way. For example, you might have been trying to manifest a job. A rejection email is enough to bring anyone’s mood down. However, consider that the universe is working to deliver your dream job, just as you asked for. Unfortunately, it determined that the role in question isn’t your dream job, after all, for one reason or another. What feels like crushing disappointment is actually just a minor blip while your energies strive to get everything in order to deliver precisely what you asked for.

5. Don’t Let Your Confidence Falter

If your dreams are to manifest, then you need to be reassured that they’re on their way. But, unfortunately, most law of practitioners promote not only not dwelling on the outcome but forgetting about it altogether unless you’re directly using your affirmations.

The more ambitious your goals, the longer they're likely to take to come into being.

Manifesting isn’t always fast. The more ambitious your goals, the longer they’re likely to take to come into being. The universe doesn’t have the same concept of time as we do, and it probably doesn’t have the same sense of urgency that you might feel. However, trust and faith will make all the difference.

Know that what you want to manifest is on its way from the moment you request it, and don’t let anything shake your confidence.

How Do You Stay Positive While Manifesting? – In Summary

Positivity is a crucial component of a successful manifestation. However, I’m under no illusion that staying positive is easy. Think about a positive outlook not as being only relevant to your manifestation but as a way to approach life in general.

The people you want in your life aren’t drawn to negativity. Projecting negative energy won’t deliver positive results. Make positivity a habit regardless of your manifestation goals, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly everything falls into place.