Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction

One of the main topics we talk about here at Widibi is the law of attraction. From setting goals to achieving your dreams, sceptics and believers alike among the team appreciate the benefits of the practice for pushing yourself in the right direction.

If you’ve heard of or practised the law of attraction, you might well have come across the concept of cosmic ordering. But, if you haven’t, or you want to know how the two concepts interact, you’re in the right place!

Last Updated on March 24, 2022 by Widibi

A Tale of Two Books

You don’t know what you don’t know, as the saying goes. So it’s no coincidence that arguably the most popular book ever written on the law of attraction, The Secret, implies something that most people don’t know about. Rhonda Byrne clearly didn’t mind adding a dash of mystery to proceedings, and the results speak for themselves (the book has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide, and I’m responsible for one hardback, one paperback and an audiobook).

The concept of cosmic ordering is widely acknowledged to have come about in Barbel Mohr’s The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams. Originally written and published in German, that book was translated into fourteen languages and ultimately sold over 1.5 million copies.

So, it’s fair to say that while both books must have delighted their authors and publishers, one is much more mainstream and widely known than the other.

The concepts are inherently quite similar. They both involve asking the universe for something you want. The cosmic ordering concept is just slightly more literal about it.

I actually encountered cosmic ordering before I had ever heard of the law of attraction. I was given  Barbel Mohr’s book as a gift, and I found the whole concept fascinating. In many ways, it was a gateway into the world of the LoA and the originator of the passion that has led me to become a contributor to this website!

Introducing Cosmic Ordering

At the most basic level, cosmic ordering involves deciding on something specific you want and placing an order with the universe to have it delivered. Incidentally, this is where one of my favourite metaphors for the law of attraction comes from.

It involves a precise focus on ensuring whatever it is that you’ve asked for enters your existence. It’s best to start small to hone your skills. Perceived failure can knock your confidence to the point that you never bother to try again. However, smaller orders can prove that the concept works in as little time as possible.

To the untrained eye, cosmic ordering and the law of attraction might appear to be exactly the same thing. However, they have their respective nuances.

Some of this can come down to the fact that they come from two different perspectives. While there is some science to the law of attraction, I cannot say with any certainty that either concept will be proven without a doubt in my lifetime. The very nature of being the master of your own existence and in close communication with the universe is open to interpretation.

The underlying principles of the law of attraction also apply to cosmic ordering. You need to be focused, and you must be specific. You also need to try to stay positive. The more you can adhere to these principles, the better your chances of success.

Is Cosmic Ordering the Same as the Law of Attraction?

Contrary to popular belief among some practitioners, cosmic ordering and the law of attraction aren’t the same thing. While they rely on the same concepts and energies, my experiences differ – more on that below. In short, I use cosmic ordering when I want something to happen immediately. The law of attraction, on the other hand, gets saved for longer-term, more involved orders.

I often refer to manifesting with the law of attraction as being like shopping online. You place your order then you wait for the universe to align everything on your behalf – receiving the order, printing the packing slip, passing it to the warehouse operative, picking it, passing it on to the delivery company and so on. It takes time.

If the law of attraction is Amazon, cosmic ordering is Uber Eats. You decide what you want, potentially on a whim, order it from somewhere local and it’s there before you know it. While it doesn’t necessarily jive with the intentions of those that wrote about the concept before, I wouldn’t cosmic order a house, but I wouldn’t write a manifestation list and invoke the law of attraction for a parking space either.

How Are Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction Different?

Despite the similarities, there is one key difference between cosmic ordering and the law of attraction, that being the former’s simplicity.

As you might have noticed, Rhonda Byrne continues to build on the concept of The Secret to this day. She’s not alone – the team and I here at Widibi all have our own interpretations of how to make the law of attraction work for us. Some rely solely on vision boards. Others write daily in their manifestation journal.

There’s the 5×55 manifestation method and its 369 counterpart. In short, there’s no single, infallible way to make the law of attraction work. Success for you might be difficult for someone else, and there is always an element of trial and error no matter how much you read and listen on the subject.

Barbel Mohr was very clear about how cosmic ordering works. Unfortunately, she sadly passed away back in 2010 but left us with a bona fide instruction manual to tap into the abundance of the universe and manifest everything you want.

The clarity surrounding how it works comes with pros and cons in its own right.

On the plus side, it makes it ideal for beginners. There’s no chance of choice paralysis – you place a cosmic order just as she outlines in the book, with a few personal alterations to suit.

The downside is that if it doesn’t work for you for any reason, that’s the end of the road unless you try again in the same way.

This is one of the reasons why I’m grateful to have come across the concept of cosmic ordering before the law of attraction. I was a beginner once too, and it let me hone my skills in a way that suited me. I’m easily distracted, and I might not have made it through the five days of the 5×55 method before trying something else!

Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction – In Summary

In many ways, cosmic ordering feels like a subset of the law of attraction. It would be unfair to call it a manifestation method, as there is much more to it than that. Books on a single means of manifesting what you want don’t sell over a million copies!

The goals are the same, and the efforts to make them happen share plenty in common.

If you’re so inclined, The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams is very much worth a read. At just 112 pages, it’s easy to get through and features a slightly different interpretation of the law of attraction as popularised by other writers and commentators.

It goes into detail, or at least as much detail as is required for such a simple concept, on how to implement cosmic ordering in the way it worked for Barbel. Incidentally, I followed that guidance to the letter, and it worked for me too.

I feel if you stick with cosmic ordering at the expense of the law of attraction, you’re missing out. However, if you want a quick and easy option to make positive changes in your toolkit, I’d definitely suggest giving it a go. Keep it alongside other manifestation methods, journaling, vision boards and everything else that makes the law so powerful, and you’ll be a step closer to shaping the world exactly as you envision it!