There are various critical components of the law of attraction. None are more important than affirmations, which serve as deliberate, thought out statements to ensure that the law can take effect and that the universe can aid you along your way.

At this point, I’ll assume you’re already familiar with the law of attraction as a concept. If not, have a quick browse around the site here at Widibi, particularly the law of attraction category. Now, you have an idea of the theory, and you might even have seen it in action. Now, you want to take more control and make more things happen more quickly. Law of attraction affirmations represent the perfect opportunity to give your control over your life a timely shot in the arm.

What are Law of Attraction Affirmations?

If you hadn’t noticed already, Widibi stands for Want It, Dream It, Believe It. Law of attraction affirmations work specifically on the third part. They are an expression of the belief that everything you desire and have asked for will manifest. It’s almost like reassuring the universe that you’re content with where you are and sure that it is working away in the background to align everything else you desire.

In short, law of attraction affirmations are written or spoken statements confirming your belief in the process, and faith in yourself. It helps to know that you have earned and deserve what you desire, and affirmations are the quickest and most effective means of doing so.

The Importance of Being Realistic

Also key to the law of attraction is acting like you already have what you want or need. If you use the law of attraction for money matters, you might simply want a comfortable life where you can afford everything you need. If that’s already the case and you merely want it to continue, it’s a lot easier to believe and go about your day.

Conversely, if you don’t currently own a car but want a Ferrari, you need to ensure that you’ve taken the required steps to make it possible. Do you have a specific vehicle in mind that you can visualise? Not only that; can you envision yourself driving it?

Law of attraction affirmations serve as the bridge between what is now and what you want in the future. If you speak or write in the context of already having something, the universe has more impetus to ensure that this is the case. If you focus on ‘want’, the universe will aid you in wanting. If you focus on having, it will focus on possession.

A Personal Touch to Law of Attraction Affirmations

In landing here at Widibi, there’s a good chance you sought out an excellent place to start with affirmations. I will get onto that with some real examples that work for other members of the team and me. However, I do want to take the opportunity to point out that, much like everything else associated with the law of attraction, the best results will be personal to you.

You might focus on one affirmation. You may, alternatively, list out 100. Part of the beauty of the law of attraction is that it’s impossible to dilute your aspirations. In focusing on one, you won’t miss out on anything else you desire. By adding another, you don’t make anything else less likely to happen.

Think about what’s important to you and don’t be afraid to dream big. I’m a big fan of vision boards, to the point I have dozens going at the same time. They’re not the same as affirmations, but I organise myself into the short and long terms and then divide them up further. I’m confident that everything is coming together, and the same applies to law of attraction affirmations too.

Don’t be afraid to think about what matters to you. However, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that one thing matters more than another. In standard terms, there’s a massive difference between wanting a peaceful, relaxing day ahead and a new house. However, that’s not the case in the law of attraction. Sure, one might be more challenging to manifest than the other. Nevertheless, the abundance of the universe ensures that work continues on bringing both into your life.

How to Create a Positive Law of Attraction Affirmation

Somewhat humorously given that it’s a ‘law’, I’m not a big fan of rules. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world believe in and practice the law of attraction. However, not one of them can tell you with any certainty the right or wrong way to practice for you. The best anyone can do is discuss and describe what works for them.

Manifestation through law of attraction affirmations begins with a goal. I hark back to what I’ve written before on treating the law of attraction like ordering from an online store. If you don’t specify what you want, it’s impossible to deliver it.

So, we have to start with a goal, ambition or specific material possession. This is where personalisation comes in, as your desires may be unlike anyone else’s. Deciding what you want from the law of attraction is time well spent, as it spans more than just affirmations. If you choose to move into vision boards, cosmic ordering or standard goal setting, you’ll already have the first part of the process in place.

Once you have something in mind, the next part of the process involves believing in both the outcome and your ownership of it. If your affirmation dictates “I am a positive, friendly person,” then your energies align to ensure that’s the case. Once you have that affirmation in mind, everything around you will arrange itself to ensure you’re telling the truth.

‘I Am’ Not ‘I Want’

It is crucial to remember that affirmations are not a shopping list. It’s critical to get your tenses right. If your affirmations always begin with “I want” then the universe will dedicate all its energies to ensuring you keep on wanting. To keep you wanting, it has to actively prevent you from having.

“I am” or “I have” work far better. If your affirmation states “I am a great leader,” and you’re not, the universe will note the difference. Due to your affirmation, it must now rearrange energies and events to ensure that you are a great leader. Those people that stand in the mirror encouraging themselves, even with no knowledge of law of attraction affirmations, invoke the same process, albeit unwittingly.

Law of Attraction Affirmation Examples

Before I get into the examples, do remember that the below options are, in effect, for illustration purposes only. These are not the things that I believe constitute personal development and ideals for everyone – although you may spot a couple that fit with your desires. Focus more on the phrasing than the specifics and alter them accordingly. That way, you have a far better chance of succeeding towards your own goals rather than someone else’s.

1. I Am Responsible for Creating the Reality Around Me

I’ll open with a general-purpose affirmation. Above all else, this affirmation confirms that you believe in your own abilities to harness the law of attraction to make things happen for and around you. Belief goes a long way in the practice of the law of attraction, so confirming it is never a bad start.

2. I Am Wealthy Enough to Buy and Do Everything I Want

Here, we have an affirmation that may be true, or may not quite hit the mark. However, believe once again. Unless you are completely shut off from the world, there are thousands of potential sources of money. You might go to work every day. You might receive a gift or win the lottery! Money and financial success is undoubtedly the most common reason for people getting into the law of attraction for the first time.

I fully support that, as everyone that does the process the right way often receives their first sign that the law of attraction works. By implementing this affirmation into your routine, you’ll soon find that you don’t need to think twice about going shopping or keeping bills up to date. There’s nothing like the first shred of evidence to boost your belief in other areas.

3. Prosperity and Success Comes to Me

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting the universe on autopilot. By affirming that prosperity and success are drawn to you, you cut down on the specifics you need to ask for. Your lifestyle, attitude and other affirmations will dictate what prosperity and success mean to you individually, and the energies around you will begin to take care of the rest.

4. Positive People are Drawn to Me

As your proficiency with the law of attraction increases, you’ll find that positive people want to share in the successes you draw to yourself. In affirming the draw of positive people, you can each thrive on each others’ energies for greater success. You could even reverse this affirmation, stating that negative people aren’t drawn to you. It works both ways and ensures that you spend more time in the company you enjoy rather than wasting it with those that could affect your mood.

5. I Am Grateful for All the Great Things in My Life

I debated speaking on gratitude in this feature, but I consider grateful affirmations as being a separate topic. This article is more concerned with beginners, and I’d rather anyone new to law of attraction affirmations understood and implemented the basic concepts before specialising. Think of it as starting out as a junior doctor of positive thinking before becoming a specialist surgeon!

Nevertheless, it’s never too soon to start being grateful for what you do have. The universe responds positively to those that appreciate what they have as much as what they want. No matter your starting point, you have something for which to be grateful.

In reading this article online through an internet connection, you’re already part of a smaller percentage of people than you might think. That in itself is something to be grateful for, and it’s only the beginning.

6. I Am Generous in Giving

Never overlook the power of generosity. It’s another critical pillar of the law of attraction, and affirming a generous spirit ensures that you’ll seek out opportunities to give rather than waiting for them to come to you. That will really help you on your way, as the universe has a habit of giving back to you many times over.

In affirming your generous spirit, you’ll become inundated with opportunities to give. While I won’t make a blanket statement saying that you should grab every one with both hands, the chance to give in a fulfilling way will make you happier and more fulfilled, while ensuring that your life aligns to respond in kind.

7. I Feel Great

The law of attraction works both ways. You can’t just sit back and wait for your dreams and desires to manifest. Well, some would argue that you potentially could, but where’s the fun in that? It’s so much easier to achieve something, make decisions and respond positively to those around you when you feel good in yourself.

Most believe that individuals can control feelings and emotions relatively easily. Telling yourself how you feel is a great way to start. The more you affirm it, the more quickly you’ll stop and think “actually, I really do feel great!”

The law starts with you and you alone, so the better you feel, the more you can achieve.

8. I Am Constantly Improving Myself

My personal belief is that everyone should focus on betterment in every aspect of their daily life. If you can go to bed at night a better person than you were when you got up, the universe has no choice but to be impressed.

This isn’t to say that everyone needs to be a saint. You don’t need to devote your entire life to charity or the helping of others. Indeed, as I’ve already mentioned, the principles here all start with you, and I feel everyone should ensure they’ve got what they need through their practices.

For me personally, even writing this article is constant improvement. In publishing this post, I’ll have written at least one more article when I go to bed than I had when I got up this morning. In the process, I’ll have affirmed my own beliefs, grown my portfolio and increased my experience.

That’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but it matters to me. Don’t be afraid to stockpile the small wins. You probably don’t need an entire lifestyle makeover. There’s a phrase “look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves.” Disassociate that concept from money and apply it to your life, and you’re all but assured of abundance and positivity.

9. I Am Fully Capable of Making the Right Decisions

Decisions are often pivotal. Even small ones can lead to exponential results. If you follow any sport, you’ll often hear of mistakes and bad results being put down to poor decision making. If you invest, you’ll have experienced times when you made the wrong choice in choosing one company over another.

Decisions matter and I believe that people can use all the help they can get in making the right ones. In positively affirming your belief in your ability to make the right decisions, you’ll have the universe on your side when it comes to making them. Regardless of whether you favour gut instinct, facts and figures or external influences, this applies to every process.

It’s rare to make a decision in the hope of a negative outcome. When we focus on positivity, our actions matter, and the ability to consistently make the right decision can lead to unimaginable positive change.

10. I Deserve the Best the World Has to Offer

Emotions such as jealousy and envy don’t sit well with the law of attraction. You manifest your feelings. If you’re jealous of someone because they have something you don’t, you’re effectively putting the universe to work on their abundance and not your own.

Detach yourself from the idea that life isn’t fair and that someone who has something you don’t only has it because you can’t. As many practitioners say, the abundance of the universe is just that – there’s enough for everyone. Don’t focus on the fact that they have it, and you don’t. If anything, focus on them having it as being evidence that you can too.

Once again, the ‘best’ varies from person to person. In broadening your goals and desires, the universe will get to know you and understand what you want. Before long, you can practically forget all about it, safe in the knowledge that the universe is working away in the background to manifest everything you could want.

Using Law of Attraction Affirmations

I find that affirmations are rarely one-off occurrences. While I do indeed try to grow each day, my overall goals and desires change far less regularly.

With this in mind, I like to note down my affirmations. I do it digitally, but paper is fine too. I like to store them online so that I can access them from anywhere.

Storage and access is a minor issue. The most important thing is making the affirmation. Anyone can find five minutes in every day to repeat their affirmations out loud. I do precisely that.

This works well for two reasons. Firstly, in the context of the law of attraction, these affirmations ensure that the universe strives to align the world around me to ensure that my desires manifest.

Secondly, we can look outside the law of attraction for the sceptical approach. In saying these things out loud, you’re reinforcing them in your own mind. The more you state that you’re a positive person, no matter how true that may have been previously, the more you’ll start to believe it. There will come the point that you’ve said it so often that when you’re feeling negative, your mind will immediately turn to the times you’ve said, with conviction, how positive you are.

Effectively, whether you believe in the energies and abilities of the universe or not, the positive reinforcement of law of attraction affirmations will ensure that you can build great habits.

Law of Attraction Affirmations – In Summary

Hopefully, I’ve covered the basics well enough that you’re raring to go on making affirmations yourself. Like anything involving the law of attraction, much is closely associated with personal experience. There’s nothing like making your first affirmation to demonstrate what they can do for you.

If a hundred different positive traits come to mind, jot them down. Even if there’s just one thing you’d like to focus on, write it down now and say it out loud. Do it again tomorrow and the day after. Add to it and build on it as you cultivate a list of what can make you the person you want to be. That goes for material possessions, your own attitude and anything else. Nobody has more control over you and your successes than you do.

In closing, I’ll reiterate one crucial point. Affirmations are personal, so you have full control over their format. When making these affirmations, do it in the present tense. Forget about what you want and focus on what you have – even if you don’t have it yet. The universe will adjust and bring itself up to speed so that, ultimately, you’re telling the truth every time you make an affirmation.

Whether you’re new to law of attraction affirmations and will write your first now, or you already have favourites, I’d be delighted to hear about them in the comments!