The law of attraction and money are closely linked and for potentially obvious reasons. People get into the law for all sorts of reasons, and desperation can be one of them. It’s an emotion and mindset that it pays to get out of quickly, as that’s not the kind of energy anyone wants to project. However, the fact is that the law of attraction does indeed work for your finances – just as well as it does for anything else.

If you’d like the law to get to work on your financial situation without delay, let’s get going with five great law of attraction money tips that will change your direction for the better – and quicker than you might think!

1. Set A Clear Goal to Attract Money, Wealth and Prosperity

The law of attraction works best when manifesting something specific. You can dream of being rich beyond your wildest dreams, but the chances are that your results will remain precisely that – dreams.

It would help if you considered how you view richness and wealth. Is it just about the number in your bank account? Does it extend to material possessions? While it does take time, it is worth clarifying exactly what you want to get out of the law of attraction to really see what it can do.

A specific amount of money is a great place to start. Below, you’ll see the blank cheque from the Gratitude Bank of the Universe, mentioned in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and available from her website. I have this exact cheque, tailored to my needs, above my monitor as I write this. For me, a million seemed like a good place to start.

In being specific, you avoid ambiguity from the universe. If you ask for a car, you could end up with a Renault, or you could get a Lamborghini. If you ask for a Lamborghini Aventador Coupé in black, the universe won’t spend any time trying to find you a Megane. Asking for ‘lots of money’ is similarly ambiguous. Some people would be elated, seeing a small amount randomly appearing in their bank account. Others wouldn’t even notice.

Don’t just focus on cold, hard cash either. The chances are there are reasons behind wanting to attract wealth. It could be cars, houses, a jet setting lifestyle or anything else.

Don’t just consider the numbers, but ensure you take the time to visualise how you’d spend that money. I have several charities I work with and plan to work with in the future on my vision board. When the amount on my cheque on the wall comes through, I know they’ll benefit immediately.

2. Include Money in Your Daily Affirmations

I’ve covered the importance of affirmations in the law of attraction elsewhere, and if you’ve got any experience at all with the practice, you’ll understand the difference they can make. I always recommend being direct with your affirmations. There’s no such thing as having too many, so if you’re in the process of wanting more enormous wealth and more money in general, make sure you address it.

Our law of attraction money tips wouldn’t be complete without an affirmation for money specifically. So, if you’re short of ideas, simply add “I am grateful for the fact that I always have the money I need to spend on anything I want.” Add it into your rotation, and the universe will work to ensure that what you say is the truth.

3. Demonstrate Gratitude for the Money You Already Have

Gratitude is another core component in ensuring the manifestation of your dreams and desires. The happier you are with what you have, the more likely the universe is to devote attention to delivering more of it.

There’s another little trick in The Secret that talks about demonstrating gratitude for money in both directions. If you receive money, thank whoever sent it your way. Do the same for work you get, promotions at work or anything else that shows how much you appreciate the money you have.

At the same time, try to avoid any negativity around bills and debts. When a utility bill arrives, show thanks for the services you’ve received during the billing date. If you receive a credit card statement, demonstrate gratitude for the access to credit and for the things you purchased that you’re now paying back.

Even inherently negative aspects of money can be spun into a positive, and the more positive your approach, the higher the rewards will be.

4. Act Like You Have All the Money You Need

An often-overlooked element of the law of attraction is the fact that the universe doesn’t mind playing catchup. I’ve spoken before on the importance of not spending too much time wanting and desiring. If you’re continually wanting, the universe will use this as the basis for its actions. In some cases, it might actively work to keep something away from you so that you can keep on wanting. After all, once you have something, that want disappears.

By acting like you have the money you need at all times, the universe will instead shift its focus to maintaining the status quo. If you see something you want in the store, buy it. If you have grand plans and the money in the bank, put those plans into action. By following all the essential steps and tips related to the law of attraction, everything will come together to ensure you always have the money you need for everything you want.

5. Plan Ahead with Abundance in Mind

There’s plenty of planning ahead and visualising involved with the law of attraction. Perhaps the worst thing you can do is to plan ahead assuming you’ll be in the same position you are now – if not worse. Belief and trust are cornerstones of the law of attraction, and you must demonstrate confidence that everything you want to achieve is within your grasp.

By planning according to your current circumstances, you run the risk of limiting yourself.

If you hope to move house in the next few years, don’t look around for homes you could probably buy now. Think how much more luxurious your lifestyle will be with three years of the law of attraction behind it and search for properties that represent a genuine leap forward in your quality of life.

Law of Attraction Money Tips – In Summary

I’ve kept things relatively general and straightforward here in this article on law of attraction money tips. However, I will reiterate that while money is a significant draw for those new to the law of attraction, it’s every bit as valid as anything else.

There’s enough money out there to go around, regardless of your ambitions. As long as you don’t focus solely on wealth accumulation and you put in the groundwork each day, through gratitude exercises and affirmations, the law of attraction will work as well for money as it does for absolutely anything else.

Has the law of attraction positively boosted your financial prospects? Let me know in the comments!