Do you have a morning routine? Many of the most successful people in the world do the same thing every day as soon as they get up, and not just because humans are creatures of habit! If you use the law of attraction for manifestation, or are thinking of doing so, then I’d highly recommend experimenting with modifying your morning routine to set you up for the rest of the day and potentially even transform your life as you know it.

Morning Manifestation – Even if You’re Not a Morning Person

Different people have different ideas of whether they are morning people or not. Do you take a while to get going before you start being productive each day? Maybe you prefer to get the most important tasks out of the way early on to let you focus on other things later on.

The best thing about focusing on manifestation to start your day is that it doesn’t matter how much energy you have. With a bit of practice, and after settling on a method you’re happy with, manifestation isn’t difficult. Even if you have trouble with forming habits, you’ll find that this one starts to operate like clockwork after a few days.

The Evolution of My Morning Manifestation Routine

I personally do not consider myself as being a morning person. Before I made manifestation a priority during my morning routine, my day would start with rolling out of bed and playing video games for an hour before doing just about anything else.

I still enjoy video games as much today as I did then, but I’ve learned the habit of not making them a priority every morning. Indeed, they were never a priority as such, but it’s easier to fire up a game than a word processor when you know you’ve got work to do.

I write for a living, not just here at Widibi but for various websites and one thing I noticed during this line of work was that it was easy for an hour of video games could turn into two… or three or even more. With writer’s block, apprehension about the upcoming project or general laziness, it can become all too easy to do anything but the important tasks at hand.

Before I focused on starting the day with the law of attraction and thinking about what I wanted to manifest that day, week or whenever, I wanted to make sure I did something productive.

You may well have heard of the duvet flip concept. Former Navy SEAL William H. McCraven wrote an entire book based on the concept, entitled Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World. The point boils down to doing something small and preferably quick but still productive – like making the bed. Depending on how elaborate your sleeping arrangements are, it can take less than a minute to get your bed into a state that you’ll be happy to get into later that night.

It’s only a few seconds, but you’ll already have that sense of accomplishment that comes with getting things done.

My process was something similar, but a little more time consuming. I decided that to start the day every morning, my routine would kick off with writing 500 words. I know that even that number might sound like a lot to those that can’t stand typing, but when there have been days in recent memory where I’ve written 15,000 words for a blog post in a sitting, it’s a reasonable goal.

For those wondering, those first 500 words take about 10 minutes. That’s not to say that I can consistently crank out 3,000 words of quality every hour, but the first 500, as I took to calling them, was designed to be easy. It could be a client article, or a post for my own blog or, crucially, it could be nothing in particular.

I’d estimate that about 30% of what I wrote (pre-morning manifestation) was never read again. A fair chunk of that percentage wasn’t even saved.

It wasn’t about what I wrote. It was about writing.

With the fingers warmed up, words flowing and Microsoft Word already loaded up and ready to go, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment for getting something done, the rest of the day came easily. It certainly beat playing games or immediately heading onto social media as the first action of the day!

The Next Step – Adding the Law of Attraction to the Morning Routine

Sticking briefly with my personal experience, when I realised that I want to manifest and feel that the morning is the best time at which to do it, I had the perfect opportunity.

I’m a writer because I like writing – most of the time. Unsurprisingly, writing plays a major part in my approach to the law of attraction, especially manifestations. I’m particularly fond of the 5×55 Manifestation Method and it slotted in almost perfectly with my morning writing routine.

If you’ve read about the 5×55 method before, you might have noticed that it is a bit repetitive. I don’t mind that as if I’m writing down a 10-word affirmation over and over, I get into a rhythm. In just a few minutes, I’ve met my 500-word start for the day and successfully implemented my favourite manifestation method, and you can’t say fairer than that!

Anyway, hopefully I’ve illustrated a real concept of how adapting your morning routine in a positive way can help, but that’s enough about me – let’s talk about what morning manifestation can do for you.

How a Morning Manifestation Routine Can Help

Your morning routine decides how you’ll feel throughout the day. Take the time to raise your vibration, take a look at your vision board and focus your energy on manifesting and you’re likely to take a positive approach with you as you approach the tasks and challenges that lie ahead.

Working on this routine can result in a number of immediate improvements to how you feel.

A Productive Start

Even if you’re new to the law of attraction or on the fence about whether affirmations can work for you, a productive mindset is something everyone should strive to achieve. It could be making your bed, or it could be writing out your affirmations in a gratitude journal. It could be anything at all as long as it is productive and gives you a sense of accomplishment – and no, making the first coffee of the morning doesn’t count!

Forget the law of attraction for a moment when choosing whether to revise your routine, and think instead about your own self and your own success, and start your day the way you hope to go on!

An Early Focus on Gratitude

For an amazing start to any day, your morning routine can begin before you even get out of bed. When most people wake up from a restful sleep, the first thing they do is grab their phone and head onto social media. Try to focus your mindset on your desires and gratitude instead. Instagram and Tik Tok can wait – put yourself and your success first.

Being thankful before you consider any other emotion isn’t always easy – I’m the last person to pretend that I’m thinking completely clearly when I first wake up, especially in cases of a rude awakening! However, like manifesting itself, it will come with practice if you work towards it every day, to the point that it will become second nature.

An Opportunity to Communicate With Your Subconscious

If you don’t have time to meditate during the day, opportunities to directly interact with your subconscious are few and far between.

We have an article here at Widibi on the benefits of using the law of attraction before bed and therefore while you sleep, and one of the key components is directing your thoughts in a way that they enter your subconscious and work while you sleep.

Until you return to sleep later that night, the first thing in the morning is your last opportunity to put your subconscious to work, at least directly.

Naturally, if you do prefer the spiritual approach and can make time for meditation, you have more opportunities than most, but that shouldn’t detract from the positive opportunity available when you first wake up in the morning.

Morning Manifestation in Practice

So what can you do to boost your morning ritual and set yourself up perfectly for the day ahead?

As with most things concerning the law of attraction, there is no single correct answer. You might have read my personal routine above and thought it might work for you. You may just as easily have read it and already decided that it’s absolutely not for you.

In reality, we all have different dreams and goals, and we all have different amounts of time available to us in the morning.

Rather than me saying to you that I have an amazing guide that will be suitable for anyone and everyone, I’d prefer instead to provide a menu. Take a look and think about what jumps out at you. You might have noticed that when you practice gratitude and the law of attraction, you tend to attract the correct options even when you’re not directly trying to.

Alternatively, if you’re inexperienced with the concepts of gratitude and attracting your dreams, you could just think about how long each menu item will take to complete and see what you think you can fit into your morning and what you think you can stick with to turn into a habit.

Check Your Vision Board

Estimated Time – Seconds

I’m firmly of the belief that everyone should have a vision board. Even the biggest law of attraction sceptics can benefit from creating vision boards and positioning them for the biggest benefits throughout the day (check out our exhaustive introduction to vision boards here and our article on how often to look at them here).

If you can, you should have a vision board in your bedroom, preferably in a position where you can see it as soon as you wake up. Traditionally, this means on the wall, but in a slight contradiction to the advice above, that can also mean the wallpaper on your phone or tablet if you can’t get out of the habit of immediately reaching for the phone.

This is quick and easy if the positioning is right, especially if you’ve created your vision board correctly. Ideally, it will be packed with images and words that inspire you with just a glance. If you didn’t wake up with a goal for the day, it will hopefully give you an idea of the steps that can take you closer to living your dream life.


Estimated Time – 5-30 Minutes

I’ll preface this section by saying that there are other writers here at Widibi that know far more than I do about meditation. My journey with the concept started relatively recently when I got a free year’s subscription to Calm through my AMEX. It’s not yet a part of my daily routine, but I truly believe in the benefits, especially when I could do with an energy boost or have something going on in my life that interferes with my normally cheerful personality!

There are so many reasons to meditate that I’d happily advise anyone to give it a go. As I’ve already mentioned in this article, it is a great way to get in touch with your subconscious and deal with any issues you happen to face at any given time.

If you fall into the category I mentioned above about not being a morning person, this is a great way to change your ritual and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Also, while I use the Calm app due to my relative novice status with meditation, don’t feel like you have to only stick to guided meditation. More experienced practitioners need nothing more than a timer or to listen to some appropriate music to get into the zone. If anything, guided meditation can get you accustomed to how it feels and you can go from there in any way that works.

Vision Journaling

 Estimated Time – 20 Minutes

I’ve made it pretty clear throughout that I like to write and even if you’re a professional, you might enjoy it too. I have several articles around journaling coming up here at Widibi but that’s no reason not to cover the basics.

You can read an introduction to writing what you want here and the most important piece of advice I can give is to not overthink it. You might enjoy the law of attraction concept so much that you decide to write about it for public consumption, just like me. For now, however, don’t feel like you’re writing for anyone but yourself.

You’re not looking to write a best-selling novel or even a news story. All you want to do is put down on the page an example of what you want from the day and from life in general. You could explore how the coming hours and days will pan out, what you plan to achieve, what you’re grateful for or anything at all.

If you’re planning to work hard, money and abundance are a great example of what people like to write about when they’re free to unleash a stream of consciousness on the page. While this isn’t exactly a direct line of communication to your subconscious mind or the universe, it taps into both to inspire, plan and dream.


Estimated Time – Up To An Hour

Even if you don’t like to write, you might like to read. My personal preference as part of a morning exercise is non-fiction, but that might be down to that being my favourite kind of content regardless. I do feel that non-fiction gives the reader the opportunity to learn rather than seek entertainment, and therefore stands a better chance of giving that all-important sense of accomplishment.

Where possible, try to establish your goals for the day before you start to read, and then choose something that stands a chance of inspiring ideas or motivating you. If my day primarily revolves around work, I might read something on time management or improving my writing. If I plan to spend the day with my family, I might read about local attractions and things to do.

Just as with writing, it isn’t necessarily about what you read, but that you get into the routine of learning something. Even reading an article on a website, just like this one, may hopefully change your mindset, educate and set you up for a successful day.

Write Down or Speak Your Affirmations

Estimated Time – 10 Minutes

While I’ve made a point of presenting this menu as being entirely optional, I would highly recommend writing down or saying your affirmations out loud. If you’re new to the concept of positive affirmations, they are a key part of virtually every law of attraction practitioner’s daily ritual. You can read a lot more than I’ll cover here in this introductory article.

Some people like to focus all their energy on a single affirmation, while others spread themselves more thinly. There is no right or wrong way to go about this and the best way to manifest your desires through affirmations is whatever you are most comfortable with.

I haven’t spoken much on the concept of the universe in this feature, but it’s important to remember that it is all about abundance. Choosing to focus on two affirmations instead of one doesn’t mean that the energies at work have to split themselves and spend only half as much time on each one.

If you’ve never even tried a positive affirmation before, feel free to start with one and see how you get on. Remember, we’re trying to create a new morning ritual here and one of the easiest reasons to give up early is being overwhelmed with tasks. Focusing on just one affirmation can create a positive mindset without causing someone to feel like they have too much on their plate.

It’s important to give every single affirmation the attention it deserves, and always ensure you write or speak them as if they have already happened. Believe that your affirmations form part of your reality and feel like even your biggest idea has already happened and exists in your world.

Devote Time to Expressing Your Gratitude

Estimated Time – 10 Minutes

The whole concept of the law of attraction thrives on being grateful for what you have and what will manifest in your life in the future. By having a grateful mindset, the universe understands that you believe in your dreams and will continue to work hard to bring you both what you want and deserve.

A normal person has more negative thoughts in a day than positive ones, and specifically expressing your gratitude on a spiritual level will immediately change your vibration with a positive outcome. You’ll focus your energy on the desires you deserve and, in turn, will attract more of that to you with your new early morning ritual.

When you see success in manifesting your desires, it’s important to add them to the list of what you’re grateful for. If you can demonstrate being grateful for each manifestation, they will keep on coming and often more quickly than ever before.

In general terms and before a manifestation happens, you can devote your thoughts to things you already have that you are grateful for. You might focus your energy on manifesting a new car or business success. If it hasn’t happened yet, that’s no reason not to be grateful for what you do have.

You might not have all the money you want, but you should be grateful for what you do have. You may not yet be as successful in your career as you intend, but your routine should include being grateful for the job and education you do have. Today you have a dream, but you also have a reality and the universe will listen when you adjust your vibration to show how thankful you are for what exists in physical form now and what is to come.

The Cornerstones of a Morning Manifestation Routine

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to establishing a morning manifestation routine and while you can take your pick of journaling, meditation and a whole host of spiritual endeavours, it is always best to understand your vibe and do what you feel is best.

No matter the specific activities you decide to undertake, I have four important concepts that you should attempt to incorporate when establishing the morning routine.

Don’t Rush It

Anyone working on manifesting something wants it faster. If it doesn’t happen right away, there is always a reason for the delay. Rushing your morning routine is never a good idea and that’s one of the reasons why I included estimated timings above.

Ideally, your time spent manifesting should be among the most relaxing times of your life. Feeling stressed or going faster than you need to interferes with the positive vibe that is so important to manifesting your desires. Take your time and don’t feel like you’re competing with anyone as it really is all about you.

Don’t Watch the Clock but Don’t Spend More Time Than You Have

Does someone that spends two hours on their morning routine see faster manifestations faster than someone that spends thirty minutes? Not necessarily. The universe will listen and act even if you can only spend five or ten minutes being positive and grateful each morning.

Don’t feel like you need to create a morning routine that includes all of the above tasks in order to be successful. Fit your activities into the time you have available rather than changing your entire life to accommodate everything possible.

A Routine Doesn’t Have to Mean Doing the Same Thing Every Day

Some days you don’t feel like reading. Others, you don’t fancy writing. You might go on a streak of meditation spanning thirty minutes each day for a week, but you haven’t failed when that streak ends. As long as you create positivity, gratitude and truly believe in your dreams, the specific act can always change without any negative impact on manifesting what you want.

Don’t Lose Sight of What You Want

Consistency is usually an admirable trait, even when manifesting your deepest desires. You might want to grow your business, listen to more audiobooks, get a promotion, buy a new house or even all these things and more. There is no upper limit to what you might want, but you shouldn’t forget about any of them while you still want them.

This is another reason why vision boards and journaling are so popular. We all have busy lives and it can be difficult to remember every little thing we’re working towards. By committing what you want in a physical form, you have a permanent record of what you want and can devote your morning routine to giving them all the consideration they deserve.

Morning Manifestation – In Summary

There are no rules around the law of attraction and you might find you perform better with a morning routine, or you may prefer to devote time to your aspirations and ambitions in the evening. However, even if you’re not a morning person, the right morning routine can make all the difference to the day ahead, ensuring you stay focused on the bigger picture.

Direct your energy towards gratitude and positivity, and your dreams and desires will follow!