One of the best things about the law of attraction is that you’re always in control, and if you want to stop something manifesting, the easiest way is often simply to stop actively manifesting it. While some people find manifestation easier than others, the fact remains that a successful manifestation generally requires a degree of time and effort.

The bigger the manifestation, the longer it will typically take to enter your reality. As a result, plans might change, or you might want to focus your efforts on something else. For whatever reason, what you thought would be the perfect addition to your life might no longer warrant the effort required.

The easiest way to stop something manifesting is simply to stop trying to bring it into your life.

You have a couple of options here. First, you can either stop manifesting altogether. If you’re no longer sending the energies required by the universe to make your manifestation happen, it will take the hint and match your effort levels on bringing something into being – in this case, none at all.

Alternatively, you can focus your efforts on something else. One of the beautiful things about manifestation is that it’s a never-ending process. Furthermore, learning to manifest is like learning to ride a bike. Once you grasp it, you’ll never lose it.

Can You Stop A Manifestation That’s Already Happened?

The universe has your best interests at heart. Monkey’s paw scenarios are effectively unheard of in the law of attraction. As such, anything you might manifest won’t have a negative effect on your life. However, even if it turns out to be neutral, you might have a reason to get rid of it again.

Firstly, you always have the option to take action in the physical world. Manifestation is a tool and a technique, but it doesn’t override free will. If you’ve manifested a car but you’d rather have had the cash, sell it. If you’ve manifested your dream home, but your circumstances have changed, do the same. Even if you’ve manifested a specific person, there’s nothing to stop you from working them out of your life without any assistance from the universe.

In short, manifestations don’t tend to backfire, but your circumstances and desires can change.

If you’re unable to deal with a previous manifestation by taking direct action, there’s nothing to prevent you from going back to what worked previously.

One of the beautiful things about manifestation is that it's a never-ending process.

You know you have the ability to manifest what you want. It, therefore, goes without saying that you’re equally capable of manifesting something back out of your life again.

Of course, this is slightly trickier. Manifestation is all about focusing not only on what you want but living in a present where you already have it. Typically, it’s impossible to manifest what you don’t want.

That’s a handy safeguard against erroneous manifestations but does make it more challenging to use manifestation techniques to remove someone from your life.

The easiest way to manifest something out of your life is to replace it. Typically, you don’t need more than one of something, especially when it comes to more significant manifestations. This involves the added benefit of manifesting something new while putting your energies to good use. In doing so, you don’t have to manifest something out of your life actively. Instead, you can bring in something else, with whatever it’s replacing naturally being managed away from your existence.

Manifesting Out Without Replacing

Some situations involve wanting rid of a past manifestation without directly replacing it. If that’s the case with you, it’s time to shift your focus entirely.

The law of attraction can be used to manifest specific things. However, it’s equally capable of reshaping your entire reality. It thrives on abundance, and the universe is more than capable of bringing multiple changes to your existence simultaneously.

Learning to manifest is like learning to ride a bike. Once you grasp it, you'll never lose it.

Continue to use your manifestation technique of choice, but change the focus from the current reality that contains a past manifestation to a brand new one where it plays no part at all.

If you manifested someone into your life you no longer want a relationship with, manifest a change in circumstances that means you no longer encounter them. Apply the same logic to any previous manifestation – focus on changing your affairs in such a way that the previous manifestation is no longer relevant.

Just Ignore a Past Manifestation

“Ignore it, and it will go away” doesn’t always apply in life, but it can with the law of attraction. We recently published an article here at Widibi answering the question “Is Manifesting Permanent?” and outlined how manifestations will remain in your life permanently for as long as you want them, without you needing to focus further.

Crucially, I want to reinforce ‘as long as you want them’. So again, you shouldn’t focus on what you don’t want when manifesting. However, if you assert that you no longer want something in your life and then prove you don’t need it through ignorance if nothing else, then the universe will take that into account when shaping your reality.

How Do You Stop Something Manifesting? – In Summary

Put simply, stopping a manifestation is only slightly more difficult than causing a manifestation in the first place. If your manifestation is still in progress, switch your attention to manifesting something else or pause your affirmations for the time being.

If a manifestation has already arrived and you no longer want it for whatever reason, resist the temptation to focus on something you don’t want. Direct your attention instead to either actively replacing it or changing your circumstances in such a way that it’s no longer relevant to your current being.