If you’ve been working on the law of attraction and wondering whether your manifestation can backfire, I have some great news! If you want to manifest something and devote your thoughts and efforts towards doing so, I can promise you that you will not come out behind where you started. Of course, you might not come out ahead either – or so it might seem!

What Can Make a Manifestation Feel Like It Has Gone Wrong?

If you’re asking yourself ‘can a manifestation backfire’ then the chances are you’ve put in the time and effort to make a manifestation happen, but it hasn’t turned out to be what you wanted. You might have been trying to manifest a specific person and instead of bringing them closer, you might have pushed them further away.

Alternatively, you may have wanted to manifest a certain sum of money and now find yourself with less than you had before. It is easy to be drawn into thinking that not only has your manifestation gone wrong, but it has backfired completely and ultimately sabotaged you!

However, this is never the case. If you can say with confidence that you practised positive thought and went through whatever part of the law of attraction works for you, such as affirmations, journaling or a specific manifestation method like the 5×55 method, and still don’t have what you want, then something hasn’t happened, but it certainly hasn’t backfired.

So, What Went Wrong With My Manifestation?

There are all sorts of reasons why your manifestation may feel like it hasn’t just not happened, but has set you further behind your goals. They might include:

  • You didn’t really want what you thought you wanted.
  • The universe has bigger plans in store for you, over and above what you were trying to manifest.
  • You didn’t practice positive thought and effort consistently.
  • You didn’t demonstrate sufficient gratitude for the things you already have.
  • You focused too much on what you want, and not what you have.

As you can see, at the very worst, the result is that your manifestation doesn’t happen – not that it has backfired completely and set you back in the quest to make your perfect life a reality.

Did You Believe?

To manifest, you need to believe that what you want is on the way. It’s a metaphor I’ve used many times here at Widibi, so apologies to anyone that has been here for a while and finds it boring now! Nevertheless, manifesting is akin to ordering from Amazon. You place your order and they take payment. You don’t then spend every waking hour wondering if your order will arrive. In some cases, especially when shipping is slow, you’ll forget even placing the order and have a nice surprise when it comes.

You’ll thank the delivery driver, open your package and there it is – exactly what you ordered!

When you’re shopping on Amazon, outside of some completely fringe scenarios, placing an order doesn’t tend to backfire. If you have a favourite cup and want another to make a pair for whatever reason, there are no instances whereby your ordered cup doesn’t arrive but you lose the one you already had too.

If you’re trying to manifest something, make a point of only checking in and thinking about it when you’re doing something directly related to the law of attraction, like writing in your manifestation journal or meditating. Show gratitude even if it is yet to arrive, and show extra, peak gratitude when it does.

Can My Manifestation Still Happen?

Of course! Unlike with Prime shipping, to extend the analogy above, you don’t have a specific window on when your manifestation will come. I’ve seen cases personally and with others where their manifestation arrives almost immediately. My best and most common example is when I want to manifest a phone call from someone but don’t want to call them myself. That usually takes minutes or less.

Generally, the less complex a manifestation, the shorter the time it takes. This is because, unlike Amazon, manifesting isn’t a case of placing an order and watching the delivery tracking page. Their process is sending the order to the warehouse, picking it, packing it and shipping it.

There’s a reason why you can’t order a new job online – although you can always apply. Let’s say you decide that you want to manifest a job as a doctor, but you’re not sitting there with anything qualifications. The universe listens and gets to work, but it has several steps to take. The powers of the law of attraction stem from arrangement – the universe arranges things around you to get closer to your goals and manifest what you want.

With the doctor example, it needs to ensure you have qualifications, find the right job and pass the interview. The qualifications alone take several years and are largely impossible to circumvent. If you try to manifest a medical degree, the universe will help if you put the effort in, but it can’t magically land a diploma in your lap!

What to Do if Your Manifestation Has Seemingly Backfired

If you feel like a manifestation has backfired (it hasn’t) but you’re still as sure now of what you want as you were when you began the manifestation process, the best advice I can give is to stick with it.

You might feel like you’ve had a setback, but you are, in fact, still on the journey. Try to open your mind a little further and revisit your manifestation techniques, ensuring that you really want what you think you do and that you’re grateful for what you already have.

You don’t have to make massive sacrifices or change your lifestyle to attract what you want. All you have to do is utilise the law of attraction techniques that have worked before and ensure you are happy, grateful and content.

Can Manifestation Backfire? – In Summary

There will be times when it feels like your efforts to manifest something have completely backfired. Rest assured, they haven’t. If anything, it is symptomatic of the universe rearranging the world around you to ensure that your manifestation does happen. If you didn’t get what you want, you might not have wanted it enough.

If you feel you’re further behind than when you started, stick with it. You will get what you want, even if it takes a while. Don’t let your confidence and belief diminish, as that can delay the process. Stay on track and you’ll get what you want – or potentially something even better.