We’ve published quite a few articles on manifesting recently, including one on whether manifesting can backfire. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little cautious around something like this, especially if you haven’t done it before but, as that article concludes, you won’t come out in a worse position than you started if you decide to try the concept.

I should be clear here that this article is in no way suggesting someone shouldn’t try manifestation. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of the law of attraction, not least because it is the most direct way to communicate what you want and then receive it.

Instead, my focus here is on making sure that your manifestation has the best possible chance of success. If you’ve no idea where to start, I’ll personally recommend the 5×55 manifestation method, which has always served me well, particularly for smaller manifestations that I’d like to see sooner rather than later.

Whether you decide that it’s the best manifestation method for you or you decide on something else – or even if you already have a tried and trusted system you’re trying to refine, the following five tips or, more specifically, five things to avoid, will give you the best possible chance of success.

1. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Wait for the Perfect Time to Manifest

Some people struggle with the concept of manifestation because they have a special ritual that they have to undertake before they feel like they’re in the right moment. Don’t get into the habit of feeling like you can only practice manifestation at a certain time of day or when sitting in a specific room.

Regular, consistent manifestation matters more than how and where you do it. Ideally, you’ll think about what you’re trying to manifest several times each day rather than setting aside thirty minutes and then forgetting all about it as you go about your daily life.

There’s no such thing as trying too hard when it comes to manifesting, and you can’t think about something too much – as long as your thoughts demonstrate positivity and gratitude.

So, by all means have a dedicated time and space for filling in your manifestation journal or reciting your affirmations. But don’t feel like once a certain time has passed, you have to abandon the idea for the day and move on to something else.

2. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Force It

One of the tricky things to get used to when looking to manifest something is it is possible to think too hard. Manifestations simply don’t work on deadlines, and if you feel you have to manifest something by a certain time, it can be tempting to overdo it.

Where this comes into play is inviting negative thoughts, which are not compatible with manifesting what you want. If you start to doubt that your manifestation is coming, or worry about whether it will ever arrive, then those thoughts will be magnified. If you’re doubting and worrying, it’s difficult to express positivity and gratitude at the same time.

In effect, by worrying about speed and timing, you’re actually delaying your delivery. Have faith in the process and understand that work is well underway to bring you what you want – it may just take a little time.

Don’t Be Disappointed if You Don’t Get Exactly What You Want

I subscribe to the idea that the more specific you are about what you want to manifest, the better. The chances are you wouldn’t order a new piece of clothing without specifying the colour and size, and you should make the same kind of attempt to be genuine with the universe about what you want.

However, what you ultimately end up with isn’t solely reliant on your waking thoughts. Your subconscious mind may disagree with what you’ve asked for, and the universe might have better things in store.

If that piece of clothing turned up and didn’t fit, or wasn’t the colour you’d expected, you would probably return it. That’s where my online shopping analogy for the law of attraction falls short, as you shouldn’t ever consider returning a manifestation. If something arrives in your life that seems close to what you asked for, then it’s time to show gratitude for it. If it’s slightly different to what you thought you wanted, there’s a reason for it and if you’ve expressed positive thoughts and emotions, the difference from the order can only be for a good reason.

4. Don’t Feel Like You’ve Ruined Your Chances if Negativity Creeps In

Many speakers I’ve listened to over the years are quick to point out that humans are inherently negative. One I watched recently stated that, when left unchecked, 85% of human thoughts are negative.

By practising the law of attraction, you’re training yourself to look upon things positively and with an open mind. However, even the staunchest supporters of the concept aren’t infallible. If negative thoughts creep in, you certainly haven’t failed. At the very worst, you might have set your manifestation back by a few days.

If you find yourself feeling down or negative, actively try to turn that around. Identifying the problem and cutting it short is often easier said than done, but it’s possible to condition yourself to do exactly that.

It has been a while since I read The Secret, but one part of it that I will never forget is how Rhonda Byrne says she has a recurring order placed with the universe to do something to turn her attention back towards positive thoughts if she finds her mind wandering towards negativity. It could be a dog barking or an alarm going off. In effect, if she needs to get back on track, something small, inoffensive and largely unnoticeable to the untrained mind will put her back to where she needs to be.

I do exactly the same, and it works! Even if you’re still working towards having this option, you can still rely on the fact that positive thoughts are massively more powerful than negative ones. If you spend two minutes dwelling on stress and negativity, spend two minutes demonstrating gratitude and positivity and you’ll immediately be ahead of where you were.

5. Don’t Reach a Point Where You Feel Like Your Manifestation Hasn’t Worked

I’m a firm believer that there has never been a case of a manifestation that hasn’t worked. Sure, there are plenty of instances of people that claim that their manifestation hasn’t worked, but the universe doesn’t pick and choose.

If you put effort into manifesting something, the universe and the angels are listening and working away to make what you want happen, but you have to be consistent.

The moment you declare that your manifestation isn’t coming, and give up trying to make it happen, all work grinds to a halt – and any work completed up until this point is rendered useless.

One of the most universally infuriating things about the law of attraction for a lot of people is that it’s impossible to set deadlines and plan ahead with certainty. “I can do this because this will happen on this date,” isn’t always a possibility when the first action depends on the second, and the second relies on a manifestation in order to come into being.

Just because something isn’t here yet, it doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. Some manifestations take years. I know one person who wanted to become a teacher and requested a manifestation as such. He fully accepted that this would take years as he hadn’t even started a qualification. Nevertheless, he put becoming a teacher on his vision board and practised his manifestation technique every day. Now, he’s a teacher in a job he loves.

It’s also now almost twenty years since he put the job on his vision board. It didn’t take that long for the manifestation, but he understood that he wasn’t asking for something overnight, and trusted the universe to do all the tasks required to arrange his life to make his dream job possible.

It’s only natural for doubts to creep in over a certain amount of time. If it hasn’t happened yet, will it ever? My answer to that is a resounding ‘yes’, if you’re positive, patient and consistent.

I have a cheque for a certain amount of money on the vision board above my desk. It is dated 27th April 2020. Today is 9th May 2020. It’s been over a year and I haven’t yet come close to that amount. However, I understand and appreciate that significant changes need to happen in my life to make that amount of money possible. I have trust and faith in the universe that as long as I remain positive, and grateful for what I do have, it’s hard at work arranging my reality to make that amount happen.

What Not to Do When Manifesting – In Summary

It’s easy to find information on how to manifest and what to do. There are plenty of options. Some people swear by crystals and candles, others use meditation to communicate with the universe. Some, like me, like to write things down in a manifestation journal and others make it part of their morning manifestation routine with a selection of exercises. There are also techniques like the aforementioned 5×55 method and the 369 method, with which thousands of people have found success.

What not to do is just as important and if you have tried all sorts of means of manifestation without success. There’s every chance that you’ve read the tips above and can relate to at least one of them. Manifestation can take time, but it does work every time if you’re prepared to wait, and avoiding the pitfalls above can speed up the process immeasurably.