Something that I particularly enjoy about the concept of the law of attraction is that there’s always something new to explore. It’s inherently a very personal practice, and anyone you meet or read the work of often has a different tale to tell. Vision boards may or may not work for them, they may have better results with scripting than affirmations and plenty more besides. One area you might not have heard about even if you regularly explore the law of attraction is synchronicity.

However, it has an important part to play, and links together the law of attraction, numerology and many other practices in a way that makes plenty of sense for a lot of people. In my experience, fewer practitioners of the law of attraction believe in coincidence than the number that does. A fair few of them can’t explain why other than believing that everything happening around them happens for a reason. Most then go on to discover synchronicity.

What is a Synchronicity?

I can’t say that the term is one that people happen across much in day to day life, so we can start with the dictionary definition. In effect, it describes events that happen simultaneously or incredibly close together while appearing closely related, even if there’s no obvious way to link them together.

An Example of a Synchronicity

My colleagues here at Widibi have recently been delving deeper into numerology and its relevance to the law of attraction. We’ve written extensively on the concept of repeating numbers, or angel numbers, such as in this article on repeatedly seeing the number 333.

Without stealing the thunder from that article, imagine you see the number 333 far more often than you’re used to. You wake in the middle of the night and check the clock; it’s 3.33am. You’re channel hopping and settle on a show that you’ve never seen before but it catches your eye – it’s on channel 333. You’re driving home from work and a car swerves in front of you, and part of the plate reads 333. You get a call from a number you don’t recognise – it has 333 in there somewhere.

You get the idea.

Let’s say you’ve never heard of synchronicity before. You might believe in coincidence but when those numbers keep appearing, for days or weeks on end, it’s only natural to believe that this goes beyond mere coincidence.

There’s no discernable reason why you woke up at 3.33am, and the person calling wasn’t driving a car with the 333 plate to tell you to watch the show on channel 333. There’s no obvious connection between where and when you see the numbers, but they keep on coming.

That is a synchronicity.

What is the Difference Between Coincidence and Synchronicity?

Looking beyond the fact that people that understand synchronicity tend to believe less in coincidences, the fact remains that coincidences, by definition, are uncontrolled and accidental. Synchronicity involves the intentional arrangement of circumstances to make for a clear message.

The law of attraction intimates that the world around you is of your own creation, and under your control. Coincidences cannot happen, because they involve an admission that life happens to you. Synchronicity implies that life, and everything in it, happens because of you.

What Does it Mean to Experience Synchronicity?

If you experience synchronicity, the result is the same in the context of the law of attraction as anywhere else. It’s a spiritual communication that means someone is trying to send you a message. For the law of attraction, I consider it as the universe or the angels passing on something important.

They’re not necessarily trying to communicate – it’s rare that synchronicity is anything more than a message in one direction. However, that makes it all the more important to take heed of what the message wants you to understand.

The complexity of interpreting synchronicity is that there’s no one answer and what the message entails depends on the events that have led to the feeling of synchronicity. I mentioned an article on the significance of seeing 333 in many unrelated places earlier in this article. Even different trios of numbers, such as 222 and 444 have different interpretations.

And that just covers numbers. We try to cover everything to do with the law of attraction here at Widibi, but investigating every eventuality related to synchronicity and the law of attraction could become a life’s work for someone! Try the search bar at the top of the page to see if we’ve covered it, but while I hate to say it as it makes the site feel slightly incomplete, Google might be your friend here.

Synchronicities and the Law of Attraction – In Summary

Synchronicities are like the upgraded version of coincidence. The latter are ‘random’ events, but in practising the law of attraction, you soon learn that things are rarely ever truly random. It’s important to look out for synchronicities as they can provide guidance, reassurance and various other results. If you’re on the right track, a synchronicity can indicate a job well done. If you could do with changing things to help the universe to enable you to manifest, then this is one common way in which the angels will attempt to let you know.

If you’ve never experienced synchronicity, don’t worry! It doesn’t make you any less of a law of attraction practitioner. Some people just aren’t wired to spot the patterns, while others simply don’t receive the messages. However, if you do start to spot these patterns, take care to address them as they can make all the difference in the speed and accuracy of your manifestations.