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Some very patient people practice the law of attraction, but I have to admit that I’m not one of them! There are plenty of individuals out there that like to focus their energy when they want and where they want, but I prefer to use one of the simple but structured manifestation methods out there.

If I’ve got just one thing in mind, I use the 5×55 method, whereas if I want various things to happen relatively quickly, I’ll go for something like the 369 method.

No matter how you approach manifestation, or how patient you are, it’s always reassuring to know that your manifestation is close. It’s kind of like checking the tracking information when you order something online – even if something isn’t late, it’s great to know it’s on its way.

Here are five great ways to observe signs from the universe that it’s working hard to deliver exactly what you want, and you won’t be waiting much longer!

You Start to Notice Synchronicities

Relatively few of the major books out there that serve as introductions to the law of attraction, such as The Secret and Think and Grow Rich, mention synchronicity specifically. When they do, they don’t necessarily go into too much detail. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with an entire article on synchronicities, but if you’re in a rush, you basically need to grow beyond the concept of coincidence, and replace it with synchronicity.

We get to the point where we feel that everything happens for a reason, and in many cases, that means that the universe is putting things into place.

It can send messages too, and seeing repeating numbers can indicate that it is trying to send you a message. They don’t have to be particularly long. Even if you keep seeing the same double numbers over and over, it’s worth investigating further as the universe might be trying to send you a message.

Depending on the number in question, this can mean that you’re on the right track and to keep going in whatever direction you’re heading, or it might mean that you need to make some subtle changes of your own to enable it to deliver to its full potential.

This goes beyond numbers too. If events take place that strike you as odd, unexpected or ‘coincidental’, then there’s every chance that they’re being influenced by the universe.

Your Excitement is Palpable

Manifestation works, in part, through unwavering confidence in the universe and its ability to deliver your wildest dreams in physical form. You know its going to happen, and have known since the moment you placed your order, using whichever manifestation method works best for you. However, you probably put whatever you want out of your mind, at least temporarily, even if only to avoid the risk of sending any negative emotions out there to the universe.

However, when the time draws close, you’ll be able to feel the excitement in yourself, and also in the air. The whole concept works around energy, and when you’re getting what you want, even if you don’t know it on a conscious level, you feel more positive than usual.

That positivity also thrives on the fact that you become even more closely attuned to the universe. When I speak to people that don’t want anything to do with the law of attraction for whatever reason, I always remind them that even if it doesn’t work, if everyone is more happy and positive in their approach, then the world around them and those they come into contact with is bound to be a much nicer place!

You Face Unexpected Challenges

Wait, that doesn’t sound right! The universe is there to make positive things happen for you, not to make life more difficult!

Based on the assumption that the universe is all seeing and all-knowing, it might know what you want or need better than you do. It’s rare for the universe to deviate from following your instructions, but sometimes it takes it upon itself to decide whether you really want what you’ve asked for.

I always use the analogy of manifesting through the universe being like shopping online. You decide what you want, place an order and the universe sets about picking, packing and delivering. However, imagine there’s a clothes shop that you know well and have visited in person. It’s a small business and you consider the owner a friend. You normally buy your t-shirts there and you’ve always been an XL for as long as you’ve shopped there.

Suddenly, you put in an order for three medium shirts. The owner loves the personal touch, especially for his friends, so he reaches out to ask whether you’ve made a mistake. If you have, then he can manually correct the order and deliver what you meant to purchase. If you’ve lost some weight, you can let him know that the order is indeed correct.

Unexpected obstacles can be the universe’s way of double-checking that your order is correct. It has every intention of delivering based on the order, but wants to ensure it has all the correct details before it goes to the trouble!

You’ve Forgotten All About Placing the Order

Funnily enough, one of the best ways to manifest what you want is to focus intensely on it for a short period, and then put it out of your mind entirely. The universe doesn’t particularly enjoy being checked up on, and it doesn’t need frequent reminders. If something takes a while, it’s delayed for good reason, and you can even delay delivery by thinking too much about why it hasn’t happened yet. You might even go a stage further and start to think that the law of attraction doesn’t indeed work, and that’s a sure fire way to ensure that your order is either delayed or potentially even cancelled entirely!

It can take some getting used to, but the fact is that one of the best ways to think something into existence is not to think about it. As long as you’ve put in the effort during the early stages and ensured that you’ve made your desires clear, you can consider your job done.

I find that when my order is almost ready for delivery, I don’t even think about it any more. I know that I don’t need to spend time and energy on that specific topic – although it’s important to remain positive and grateful in general to avoid any last-minute hitches.

Then, when your manifestation arrives, you not only get the delight of seeing it come about, but you also get the joy of the surprise.

Signs Your Manifestation Is Close – In Summary

Orders to the universe don’t come with a tracking number in the most common, earthly sense, but the universe will let you know how it’s getting on. If it requires further information, it might communicate through synchronicity. If it isn’t sure you want what you think you want, it might test your resolve by doing something out of the ordinary.

Not every manifestation comes with an idea of the expected delivery date, but those that do make it easy to observe, especially if you know what you’re looking for.