One of the best things about the law of attraction is that it is open to interpretation. One such interpretation links the practice closely to spiritualism, and this can result in some fantastic questions to consider. One that I see asked a lot is the 333 meaning in the law of attraction and, oddly enough this particular series of numbers seemingly crops up a lot among those indulging in the practice.

To answer the question, we do indeed need to head slightly down the spiritualism path. This where the significance of numbers really comes into play in the law of attraction and most refer to them as ‘Angel Numbers’.

Given how regularly people seem to encounter the number 333 when invoking the law of attraction and manifesting, some assume that it’s linked to money. After all, whether we like to admit it or not, more people seem to start with the law of attraction when experiencing money worries than at any other time in their lives. However, there’s no such connection here.

Instead, the 333 meaning in the law of attraction revolves around authenticity, creativity and guidance.

Why the Number 333?

You could potentially think about any number, at least into three digits, and there would be significance to that number in a religion or at some point during history. The most famous example is the importance of the number eight in Chinese culture, where it’s an essential contributor to good fortune.

The number 333 is made up, obviously, of the number three, three times over. Many major religions consider this number as representative of creativity. It’s also important to consider the total – three threes are nine, and this represents empathy and passion.

Is a Number Being Communicated to Me?

If you’ve made the law of attraction a part of your daily life, then I’d suggest looking out for frequent occurrences of the same number.

Referring once more to spiritualism, many believe that seeing the same patterns repeatedly, especially with numbers, is someone, somewhere trying to send you a message. As the term ‘Angel Numbers’ would suggest, the most common belief is that angels are seeking to guide you. This could take on the same form as anything else related to the law, and you could consider it as the universe offering guidance as it attempts to arrange things around you.

You’d then need to look up the significance of the number in question, just as you’re doing here. After all, angels, the universe and any other powers to whom you entrust your wellbeing tend to have to seek out symbols and numbers as they seem unable to write notes!

Interpreting the Number When it Becomes Clear

It’s important to recognise a pattern when you see it, but it’s even more important to act upon it. The universe and the angels wouldn’t seek to lead you astray, but you probably have plenty of confidence in them already if the law of attraction has been working for you.

Once you know that the message is there, you can set about putting it to work. As noted, the 333 meaning in the law of attraction surrounds a few key factors as follows:


Creativity should always be your first interpretation if you find yourself seeing the number 333 repeatedly as it is the most prominent association. Whether or not you’re the creative type, the universe is trying to nudge you towards expressing and focusing the creative energy inside you.

Even if you don’t consider yourself as a particularly creative person, there’s almost certainly a nagging itch to get involved with the arts in some way or another. You might have a novel you’ve been meaning to write. You might want to paint but never have the time. You may have had your eye on joining a dance class.

How you interpret creativity is completely down to you. However, if you find yourself regularly witnessing the number 333, that’s the law of attraction and the universe at work, guiding you towards becoming better and more fulfilled.


While not as prominent among meanings of this number as creativity, 333 also signifies authenticity. Rather than encouraging you to act, it instead serves as a reminder. Specifically, you’re encouraged to be true to yourself and to believe in yourself.

Some people go with their guts more than others. However, if you’re doing all you can to make the law of attraction work for you, you shouldn’t forget that the universe is on your side. If you get a gut feeling, the chances are it’s there for a reason. If you’ve moved away from following your heart, then the number 333 could be the universe attempting to steer you back towards trusting yourself.

Mind, Body and Spirit

While this edges even closer to spiritualism, if you’re religious then 333 can also serve as a reminder of the importance of mind, body and spirit. Are you skimping on practicing the law of attraction, exercising or learning? Perhaps you’re not focusing enough on all three. If this is the case, then this number could easily signify a requirement to refocus and to assert your energies on your own wellbeing.

The most important parts of understanding the 333 meaning in the law of attraction is to:

  • Consciously stay alert to these signals and messages – they come along frequently as the universe looks to guide you towards your goals and ambitions
  • Take action when you spot a pattern. The universe won’t give up on you, and you shouldn’t worry that if you miss the signs and don’t take action that they won’t send any more. However, they don’t send these signals for no reason, so when you spot a pattern, expand your understanding, just as you’re doing by reading this article, and consider what you can do to interpret and act on the message.
  • Encourage more messages. If you use vision boards, law of attraction scripting or anything else to clarify your goals, then the universe understands what you want to achieve. It will work to arrange the world around you to make this happen, but won’t hesitate to give you an idea of how you can lend a helping hand. Think of it as a friend who always has your best interests at heart and that is always available with advice on what you could and should be doing to improve your lot.

333 Meaning in the Law of Attraction – In Summary

If you find yourself seeing the number 333 multiple times each day, then the universe, the angels or at least someone, somewhere, wants to influence you to take action. In this case, consciously try to let out some of your creative energy and take it as a reminder to go with your gut when faced with decisions. Even if you don’t consider yourself as being a particularly creative individual, the universe clearly does. The chances are you trust it to have your best interests at heart, and rightly so, so remember to take action as soon as you make the connection!