So, you’ve been through our ultimate introductory guide to vision boards, you’ve thought about what you want from life and you’ve gone to the trouble of putting your vision board together. Now, you want to know how often to look at your vision board.

First things first, I don’t believe that vision boards are a ‘set and forget’ means of mapping out your future goals. That’s more appropriate for a bucket list. Indeed, one of the reasons why vision boards work so well is that they’re positioned in such a way that they serve as a constant reminder of where you want to be.

There’s No Such Thing as Looking at a Vision Board Too Often

While I certainly won’t suggest that you should sit and spend hours staring at your vision board each day, patiently waiting for something to happen, I will also point out that, outside such extreme circumstances, it’s not possible to look at a vision board too often.

Depending on what I’m working on at any given time, and the specific goals I have towards current projects, I could find myself glancing at my vision board dozens of times in a day.

Positioning is Key

Before you think about how often you look at your vision board, you should focus on where you put it. Expanding on the fact that it’s not ‘set and forget’, it needs to be somewhere that you can refer to it with ease, and without going out of your way.

If you go with a physical vision board, then it should be on an open surface – and definitely not in a drawer. The wall is the obvious candidate, but it can be anywhere that you can see it easily when you need to. There are certain reasons why you might want to keep your board out of plain sight, such as using one for a new job when you spend most of your time at your current one, but you should make it as easily accessible as possible given any circumstances.

If you decide to create your vision board digitally, you have even more options. You could replicate a physical vision board while eliminating some of the effort, simply by printing out the end result. The desktop wallpaper on my computer is always a vision board, and I can say the same about my phone too. I have multiple vision boards going at all times, so they’re never the same. However, there’s nothing wrong with having just one vision board and putting it in multiple places, especially if you plan to move around a lot.

Is Your Vision Board in the Right Place?

We’ve established that it’s impossible to look at your vision board too often, within reason, but there is such thing as not looking at it often enough.

I have a board where I put my targets for my business, and I rely on it to remind me of what I’m working towards. I have the luxury of spending my working time in one of two rooms (it’s a one-person band based at home) and I keep this vision board above the monitors in the room in which I spend the most work time.

If I find my mind wandering, myself procrastinating or get the urge to do something other than work during a time I’ve scheduled for work alone, then the vision board helps to get me back on track. My mind has formed a habit of working out whether what I want to do or what I should do gets me closer to the goals on the board.

Obviously, for this to work, it needs to be in the right place and available at the right time. The question I ask of you is whether your vision board is in the right place for you to look at it as often as you need to. If you find yourself veering from your true goals and getting easily distracted, then your vision board may not be adequately positioned to confer the most benefit.

Looking at Your Vision Board for the Law of Attraction

There is a close relationship between vision boards and the law of attraction, but you don’t have to be involved with one for the other to work. However, if you do combine the two, as I do, then you’ll know that it’s important to do certain things regularly – occasionally multiple times each day.

However, while this can certainly apply to affirmations, it doesn’t extend to vision boards. If you’re practising both, you’ll likely fulfil your quota of communicating with the universe through everything else you do, without the need for drawing attention to your vision board.

Of course, the purpose of creating a vision board for some people is to inform the universe of what they want. In these cases, you can rest assured that the universe is listening and working, and doing all it can to arrange things to ensure that your visions, dreams and goals come to fruition.

How Often Should I Look at My Vision Board? – In Summary

I wouldn’t attempt to put a number on how often you should look at your vision board. Instead, focus on ensuring it’s in view when you need it – in times of indecision or when you need a reminder of what you’re working towards for motivation. Make sure that it’s in view in a relevant position around you, so that you spend at least some of each day in the same room.

For vision boards based around more than just a single topic, consider making something digital and keeping it with you on your phone. It can be the most practical use of a lock screen that you’ll have ever encountered – and can be particularly useful if you’re prone to playing games while you procrastinate!

Most importantly of all, don’t put your vision board away unless you really have to in order to avoid prying eyes. A good vision board requires a not insignificant amount of effort on your part, and it would be a shame to see that effort going to waste before it has the opportunity to make its mark.