It’s the 8th of August and that means that today is what many consider the most powerful manifesting day of the year. If you’ve been holding back on manifesting, or you’re after something truly life-changing that could use all the help it can get, today might well be the day to make it happen.

So, What Is the Lion’s Gate Portal?

Put simply, the Lion’s Gate Portal is the alignment of the sun in Leo with Sirius, the Dog Star, which is also the brightest star in the sky. This alignment continues with Orion’s Belt and Earth itself, making for a potent combination of things beyond our understanding.

The significance of 08/08 dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who considered this date as time for a fresh start and in some cases, even a new year.

When Does the Lion’s Gate Portal Open?

While 08/08 is the important date, the portal has actually been open for a while already. It opens every year on July 28th and closes again on August 12th. However, August 8th is widely considered as being when the portal is at its most potent, and its most useful for bringing the manifestations you desire into the world.

I Thought the Universe Didn’t Do Dates and Times

I often compare manifestation to ordering something online, but the universe never guarantees two-day shipping. That’s based around the fact that there’s no past or future in universal terms – everything is now.

While the dates themselves mean nothing to the universe, they mean something to us because of another important component of any successful manifestation – energy.

With a clear mind and defined focus, you too can capitalize on this annual alignment in order to change reality around you into exactly what you’d like it to be. Essentially, dates don’t matter to the universe – it has no idea it’s August 8th – but it’s well aware of the energy boost an interplanetary alignment can bring.

The Importance of 8

It may not be a coincidence that this is the one day each year that doubles up on the number 8. No matter which culture you investigate, you’ll find that 8 is generally closely associated with abundance.

Most people that decide to manifest are after abundance of some sort, whether that’s money, power, health or anything else. Eight also represents the join between the spiritual and material worlds, evidenced by the interlocking nature of the shape.

It feels like ‘it’s your lucky day’ couldn’t be more appropriate than on a day like today.

Manifesting Through the Lion’s Gate Portal

If you want to take advantage of today being so special, you need to act fast. Some of my favorite methods, such as the 5×55 manifestation method, won’t cut it, primarily because you can’t make it happen in the course of just one day.

You need something that acts fast. As such, I’d recommend your pick of the following (or any other quick method you’re already comfortable with):

By using any of these methods, you’re confirming what you want with the universe, ensuring it can get to work when everything’s lined up to make things as powerful as possible.

I Don’t Want to Miss the Lion’s Gate Portal!

And you don’t have to!

Even if you haven’t got anything in mind to manifest today, there are some great suggestions in this article from Today.

It’s all based around your star sign, and where your focus should be. I’ll freely admit that I don’t know enough about astrology to point anyone in the right direction on that, so I’ll leave it to their New York City astrologer to give you some astrological inspiration!