I wrote an article early last year covering what color represents manifestation, and I was pleased to see that plenty of people found it helpful. It was a fairly general overview of the topic, so I wanted to delve a little deeper into the specifics to ensure that Widibi readers can reach their goals in more relevant ways. One of the main questions I’ve seen asked is, ‘what color pen is best for manifesting?’ and it’s a totally valid one.

When considering what color pen is best for manifesting, remember that it's for you, not for the universe to read

Before getting into the detail, I’ll give you the general answer; it doesn’t matter all that much what color you write your manifestations in. Remember that no matter what you decide to write as part of your manifesting journey, the universe isn’t going to read it in the conventional sense. So, if you’re thinking about what color to write manifestations in, think more along the lines of how they make you feel and how they affect your mood. That’s far more important than focusing on the color of your ink or pen as something that could make or break your manifestation.

So, What Color Should I Write My Manifestations In?

One thing I’d like to steer you away from is using color for procrastination. If you must procrastinate, read about how even procrastination has colors!

The best thing anyone who wants to start manifesting can do is to start – here’s how to start daily affirmations right now if you’re so inclined.

If you’ve decided that your goal is to manifest money by writing affirmations, you might choose to use a green pen. “Green is the color of money” is not just literal but also a well-known saying and something rooted in color psychology. But what if you don’t have a green pen for writing affirmations?

You might decide to wait a couple of days for Amazon to deliver a green pen or make a mental note to pick one up the next time you go to the store. No matter how disciplined and well-intentioned you are, the feeling might pass. You’ve decided to start writing affirmations, researched the best ink color for manifesting, and found your answer. You’re in the zone. Will you still be in the zone in a few days? Or will life get in the way like it has every time you’ve planned to start manifesting in the past?

Time spent thinking about what color pen to manifest with is time spent not manifesting. If you’re starting a manifestation journal, grabbing a scrap of paper, or using a notebook, grab any pen, pencil, or anything else that can transfer your affirmations onto a page to make it happen.

Like I said at the start, the pen color used for manifesting won’t define whether or not the manifestation happens.

Your Choice of Ink Color Can Still Matter When Manifesting

While the words you write on the page won’t decide whether a manifestation happens in your life, color psychology can still help. As I mentioned in the article linked at the start of this post, some colors are more closely associated with specific manifestations than others. For example, gold represents energy, while silver is ideal for those that like to manifest through meditation.

I’m an amateur color psychologist and hope to explore it more in the future. Still, you can learn more about what each color means – in general terms rather than specifically when writing affirmations for manifestation – here.

Some key takeaways from that site that might be relevant to your manifestation journey include:

  • Red is associated with danger but also passion, so if you want to use manifestation for love, red might help put you in the right frame of mind.
  • Green is relevant to growth and harmony, so if you want a clear head and pure focus when manifesting, green ink might be appropriate for your written affirmations.
  • Blue is ideal for those that want to find meaning in something. Blue ink might be suitable if your affirmations are designed to manifest guidance and answers to something puzzling you. It certainly helps that there’s no shortage of blue pens in stationery cupboards up and down the country!
  • Yellow can help to stimulate mental activity. Manifesting is more about what happens in your mind than what you write on the page, so it can be a great choice. However, not only is yellow ink hard to read but using it too much can, according to the linked site, be disturbing. Not only do you not want to cause any kind of disturbance to yourself in general, but doing so can really get in the way of making your manifestations happen.

Can a Pen and Ink Make a Difference to Your Manifesting?

I don’t want to dismiss the idea of your choice of writing implement being part of your manifesting journey. Making a choice and sticking with it might not only help your manifestation techniques in general, but it can also help with habit-building.

The best pen for manifesting is one that helps you form a habit of writing affirmations

Simply choosing a specific pen that you use only to write down affirmations can make a tremendous difference, but it has nothing to do with the law of attraction. If you decide that one pen is your “manifesting pen” you’ll remind yourself that when you pick it up, it’s time to focus on your goals and the changes you want to make in your life.

There’s also the impact of focusing on your manifesting goals. Using money as an example once more, if you’re manifesting abundance, you need to concentrate on it. If color psychology works and the color green makes you think about money, why not use green ink for your affirmations?

Consistency matters more than color, and you should never spend time making decisions about stationery when you could be using that time to write affirmations. The technique you use and the results you see are far more significant.