Some people have no trouble at all making friends and meeting someone new to stay in touch with virtually every time they venture outside. Others might struggle to build new relationships with people for all sorts of reasons. Fortunately, affirmations for friendships can help in any situation, whether you want to find new friends, make your current friendships even better, or just change your attitude and outlook to find the right types of friends.

How Affirmations Can Help Your Friendships

Affirmations work in two key ways.

The first is that they change your mindset by making a commitment to yourself. If you state, “I’m thrilled to have made a new friend today,” then you’ve set yourself up to find someone new to interact with. While you haven’t necessarily achieved anything yet, you’ve opened your mind to the fact that you may well find yourself with a new friendship by the time the day is out.

In practice, through just a few words, you’ve potentially changed your perspective. There’s no accounting for the unexpected, but when you have an idea of what’s to come, you prepare yourself for it.

The second way in which affirmations can help with friendship is through the law of attraction. As outlined above, affirmations and the law of attraction don’t need to be linked in your mind, but they do go hand in hand. According to the law, like attracts like, and friends are usually people you share something in common with, so it can be even more potent than usual.

Affirmations are also the key to manifesting things, and you can manifest friends in much the same way as you might manifest a home, car, or job.

No matter which approach you take, affirmations can open brand new doors for friendships or reinforce existing ones. The key is to set these affirmations, either by borrowing from the examples below or creating your own, which I’ll cover in more detail later.

Affirmations for Friendships

Friendship affirmations follow the same pattern as any other kind. They’re all about living in the moment, even if something hasn’t happened yet, and putting forth positive energy. If you’re using the law of attraction with your affirmations, this positive energy will lead to powerful manifestations. If you’re not, the same positive energy will make you feel great and spur you on to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

I am thankful for the group of friends I have around me.

I’m grateful to have a best friend that I can trust and share anything with.

My friends help make me the fantastic person I am today.

I'm grateful to have a best friend that I can trust and share anything with

I take great pride in being the best possible friend I can be.

The closeness of my friendships grows stronger every day.

I surround myself with people that always treat me well.

I’m grateful that my friends never judge me but always look out for my best interests no matter what.

I surround myself with people that always treat me well.

I have the best times of all when I’m with my friends.

I could not ask for a better circle of friends.

I am thankful that being around my friends makes me a better person.

I am thankful that being around my friends makes me a better person.

More Specific Affirmations for Friendships

The friendship affirmations above cover existing friendships, from keeping them strong to demonstrating gratitude. However, affirmations can help out with any aspect of creating, expanding, and maintaining friendships.

Affirmations for New Friends and to Grow Your Social Circle

Earlier in this article, I touched on the concept of using affirmations to make new friends. That’s certainly possible with the skills and guides you’ll find here. If you want to grow your inner circle, consider trying some of the following:

I always invite like-minded, positive people into my life.

I’m grateful that I always have the right person to turn to, no matter what.

I am the best version of myself, and that draws people to me.

I am a great friend that other people are drawn to and want to spend time with.

My friend circle is always open and welcoming to people that can have a positive influence on our lives.

I am the best version of myself, and that draws people to me.

I have all the friends I could want and am immensely grateful for them, but there’s always room for more.

Affirmations for Best Friends

Some friendships are closer than others. Whether you call them your bestie, BFF, or Bruce (don’t ask), your closest friend is the one that will often receive most of your attention, and for obvious reasons.

It’s vital for a positive mindset to take the time to appreciate what we have. You might not need to manifest a best friend, as you might already have one. However, positive affirmations are never wasted, and they’re a fantastic tool to make already strong bonds even stronger.

If you want to support them with affirmations or perhaps make the bond between both of you even stronger, consider these affirmations:

My best friend makes me the person I am today.

The relationship between me and my best friend grows stronger every day.

I am there for my bestie whenever they need me, exactly as they are for me.

I am everything my best friend needs me to be, just as they are to me.

Best friends are forever, no matter what comes our way.

I am everything my best friend needs me to be, just as they are to me.

Even when we aren’t together, my bestie knows I have their back, and I know they have mine.

How to Use Affirmations for Friendships

Affirmations are undoubtedly powerful, but, like any tool, their potency is always guided by how you use them. Whether you want to manifest something or just reinforce the bonds you already have with people, the following methods serve as a fantastic starting point for putting those affirmations to work.

Start an Affirmation List for Friendships

You can have as many affirmation lists as you like, just as there’s no limit to the number of affirmations you can work on at any given time. Keeping a dedicated list for friends is a great idea if they’re a vital part of your life, and if you view your list regularly, you’ll subconsciously strengthen your existing friendships while always keeping yourself open to new ones.

Put Your Friendship Affirmations on a Vision Board

Vision boards are an outstanding example of why you don’t necessarily need any interest in the law of attraction to make affirmations work for you. Some use vision boards in conjunction with universal laws, but you don’t have to. They are equally powerful as tools to decide what you want, visualize it, and make it happen, with no angelic intervention required!

Vision boards are most commonly associated with pictures, but they can be just words. I even designed the instant vision board many years ago, specifically for using words only.

Of course, using a vision board doesn’t mean that you can’t use images. I turned some of my favorites among the friendship affirmations above into images using Canva, which you’ll find dotted throughout this article. You can use them for your own vision board if you like, or you can turn any affirmation into an eye-catching image on Canva yourself.

Try a Manifestation Method

Affirmations and manifestation aren’t the same, but they work incredibly well together. If you’re using your friendship affirmations without specifically manifesting anything, you won’t need these techniques. However, if you want to call on the universe for support, to make your existing friendships stronger, or attract new people into your life, we’ve covered all sorts of different options here on the site.

Try one of the methods below and remember that while they’re great for using affirmations to manifest friendships, they apply to every other combination of affirmations and manifestation too!

How to Create Your Own Affirmations for Friendships

While I’ve provided some examples of affirmations for friendships above, there’s no getting away from the fact that everyone is different. There’s an infinite number of potential affirmations for friends, and the more specific you can be to a situation, the more powerful your affirmation will become.

My article on how to write an affirmation goes into more detail on how to create an affirmation specific to any situation, but I’ve included the key elements here.

First, we have the 5 Pillars of Successful Affirmations:

The 5 Pillars of Successful Affirmations

It’s all fairly self-explanatory, but the biggest piece of advice I’d give when you’ve looked at that is the part about presence. Wherever possible, I like to start affirmations with “I am….” As you’ll see from the friendship affirmation examples above, they don’t have to start like this, but they should always be in the present.

Even if your affirmation is designed to enable you to make new friends, your affirmation speaks like you already have them. It’s always along the lines of “I’m grateful to have made a new friend today,” not “I’m thankful that I will make a new friend today.”

Also borrowing from that article, this is an example of a good affirmation, and while it may not relate specifically to friends, it demonstrates the structure to strive for when crafting your own affirmations for friendships:

The components of a positive affirmation

And, just in case you make more sense out of being shown what not to do rather than what you should, here’s an example that’s gone a little off the rails!

Components of a Negative Affirmation

Don’t get bogged down in creating the perfect affirmation the first time if you find yourself dwelling on it. The positivity and gratitude you demonstrate when writing and saying your affirmation will ensure nothing bad happens. Plus, if you’re anything like most people I speak to on the subject, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to write more affirmations in the future as someone’s first is very rarely their last!

Even More Affirmations for Friendships

Just as I mentioned, there’s an infinite number of potential friendship affirmations, and any list of examples that claimed to be complete would probably be the longest list of anything in history! However, powerful affirmations appear all the time, and when I see ones that resonate with me or come up with something new, I’ll often head right back over to Canva and make an image out of them.

The best ones land on the Widibi Pinterest account, so take a look and drop a follow if you’d like to see even more affirmations for friendships, not to mention affirmations for just about everything imaginable!

Widibi on Pinterest

Quickfire Q&A – Affirmations and Friends

Affirmations can make any friendship better or introduce brand new ones into your life. I’ve focused on the affirmations themselves in this article, but here are a few more answers to common questions based on my own experience. If you have anything to add or ask, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Should I Make Daily Affirmations for Friendship?

The most powerful affirmations are the ones that receive the most consistent attention, so I’d definitely suggest covering friendship as part of your daily affirmations, even if you only choose one or two that mean the most.

Can I Share My Affirmations with Friends?

Like I always say, affirmations aren’t like wishing on a star and making sure not to tell anyone; otherwise, they won’t come true! You can absolutely tell anyone your affirmations, and if you share them with your best friend, they might become even more powerful thanks to the combined positive energies of two people pushing towards the same thing!

Can I Make Affirmations for Friends?

You can make any affirmation for anyone, and if you’ve read this article and they haven’t, you’ll likely do a far better job than they will!

If you’re manifesting with affirmations, remember that while you can provide affirmations for them, you can’t manifest on their behalf, especially if they don’t actively want something. The power of manifestation comes from within, and you can’t manifest bad things for others – or good things without their permission.

Can Affirmations Heal Friendships?

I’ve focused on making friends and maintaining friendships in this article, but affirmations can also heal friendships. If you’ve fallen out with someone and would rather be friends again, an affirmation can help.

Try something like:

I am so grateful that [friend] and I overcame our disagreement.

As always, tweak it to your specific circumstances and obviously insert the friend’s name!

An affirmation like this might invoke the law of attraction to enable reconciliation, or it might just put you in the right headspace to forgive and forget, depending on which side of the issue you’re on. Don’t forget the law of inspired action, however, which rewards those that don’t wait around for help and take positive action themselves.