If you’re wondering whether manifesting can be dangerous, I can open with some really good news – it is outright impossible to manifest dangerous things or indeed anything bad, based solely on how the concept works as part of the law of attraction.

I’d open by saying that if you feel like manifestation can be dangerous, you might be thinking of the concept too closely to magic. There are people out there that shriek at the sight of a Ouija board and wouldn’t want to mention the candy man three times just in case. Whether they are magic, superstition, superpowers or anything else, the process of manifesting with the law of attraction falls nowhere near the same category.

It’s not magic, nor is it a superpower. It is open to anyone that is willing to put in the effort, as it relies on the same energies, thoughts and vibrations that make up the rest of the world around us.

The Worst-Case Scenario with Manifestation

Bad things simply do not happen through the law of attraction. The worst thing that can happen if you’re doing it properly is that your manifestation might take a while, or potentially never happen. The reasons behind this are, incidentally, the same as why manifesting cannot be dangerous.

Manifesting something into your reality relies on positive, active thought, where you put out creative energy of gratitude into the universe and have great things returned to you, worth many times more than the effort you’ve put in.

Without positivity, you cannot manifest something. For it to be dangerous, your thoughts would need to be negative. If your thoughts are indeed primarily negative, manifestation simply cannot happen. I won’t claim that this is by design, but there is literally a universal failsafe against negative manifestations. The very worst you can do is nothing at all, at which point nature will take its course without your influence.

When Negative Thoughts Block Manifestation

It is important to consider another key component of the law of attraction, that being that like attracts like. The more positivity you put out into the universe, the more you’ll receive in return. If you’re actively utilising the law of attraction, that’s likely to be exactly what you want.

Conversely, if you send out negative vibrations, you’ll receive more negative outcomes in return. One of the core components of the LoA is that negative thoughts are significantly less potent than their positive counterparts. If you feel down and find it impossible to snap out of it, you can at least rely on the fact that feeling slightly unhappy won’t cause a complete disaster!

What Makes Manifestation Safe?

Manifestation is ultimately safe due to the failsafe noted above. You cannot manifest bad things for yourself or others because the train of thought required for manifestation is wholly incompatible with the universe’s means of bringing something into existence.

If you haven’t started manifesting already, I’d highly recommend trying the 5×55 manifestation method. It is my go-to opportunity when I want to manifest something quickly and easily, and it certainly isn’t dangerous. As mentioned, the worst that can happen is nothing, so there’s absolutely no reason not to give it a go!

Are There Any Situations Where Manifesting Can Be Dangerous?

Not at all. It is essential to remember that the universe and the angels are and always will be on your side. Even if you go out of your way to manifest something bad happening to you, they simply will not allow it. Their role is to watch over you, listen to your dreams and ambitions while you practice the law of attraction and determine what is best for you.

Anything that you could honestly say to yourself is negative simply would not come into being as the energies we communicate with would not allow it.

Is Manifesting Dangerous? – In Summary

If all that is holding you back from trying your hand at manifestation with the law of attraction is the concern that the concept can be dangerous, I’ve hopefully set your mind at ease. To reiterate, the very worst thing that can happen when you try to manifest is nothing at all. You won’t come out behind where you started, at least not as a direct result of your efforts.

Confidence and positivity are two of the most essential things you can display when interacting with the universe as part of the law of attraction, and when confident, positive outcomes are the backbone of what we’re trying to do with manifestation, the rewards for demonstrating that kind of energy will be vast.