Until you’ve experienced it for yourself; it’s natural to ask “is the law of attraction real?” There are a lot of different ways to tackle this one without a doubt, and I’ll start off with my personal opinion. As far as I’m concerned, the law of attraction is real, because I’ve seen it in action. I’m far from being the only one. The fact that you’re here and reading about it leads me to think you’re curious, or you want it to be real, and I’m happy to say that you won’t be disappointed.

With that said, I also want to manage expectations. I’ve mentioned elsewhere in my articles here on Widibi that the law of attraction is no quick fix, and it’s not something that will necessarily drastically change your life in a matter of minutes. However, the importance of a positive mindset should not be understated.

Does it Matter if the Law of Attraction Isn’t Real?

Even if the law of attraction isn’t real, you should try being positive for a few days and start to see things changing around you. You’ll not only begin to feel better in yourself, but you’ll see better things happening. Positive people have open minds, spot opportunities and have the confidence in themselves to make things happen. When opportunity knocks, you need to be prepared to answer, and the principles behind the law of attraction can help you to do that – whether the law of attraction is real or not.

For Those that Say the Law of Attraction Isn’t Real

I admittedly didn’t do too much digging for someone that claims the law of attraction isn’t real, as I don’t need someone else to tell me what they think. It’s real to me and works for me. That’s not the case for everyone. This post on Psychology Today is by someone that says it isn’t real and went even further than that writing on why you should throw away your vision boards (don’t do that).

There will always be those that believe and those that don’t. As always, I firmly believe that the concept of the law of attraction is entirely personal. I have nothing against the author of the linked article and their belief – it simply doesn’t align with mine.

Some people hate motivational quotes, while others think that they’re cliché and a waste of time. Some people love bacon, while others are vegetarian. There’s plenty of room for everyone and their tastes and experiences. If someone asked me in the street “is the law of attraction real?” I’d say yes. Millions of others would say no.

Is the Law of Attraction Really Real?

I really don’t know if it’s truly real, or in what sense, but when I follow the processes and practices, things get better for me. When I don’t, things fall apart somewhat. I’m personally far happier when I’m being positive, and I make a lot more progress towards my goals. That might not be the case for you. I’d always suggest trying it for yourself as there’s never anything to lose.

Please have a look around here at Widibi for inspiration, or follow the same initial path I did and read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This isn’t the time or place for a review, but while I don’t agree with everything in that book and have adapted my approach to the law of attraction, it did work for me. Getting started is always the most challenging part and, here at Widibi, we’re all about taking action. You’re the only person that can decide whether the law of attraction is real, and there’s only one way to find out!