The first reason many people investigate the law of attraction is money. The second is love. That leads to the question “does the law of attraction work for love?” The short answer is that it does – if the law of attraction works for you, it will work on anything. However, it may not necessarily work in the way you might think it would.

If you want the law of attraction to help you to find love, you shouldn’t be disappointed. If you want the law of attraction to aid you in getting someone specific to fall in love with you, that may prove significantly more difficult.

The Law of Attraction Isn’t a Love Potion

I’ll admit that I’ve likened the law of attraction to magic once or twice. However, whether love potions only exist in fiction or not, the law isn’t what you’re looking for. Let’s be honest and say that you can’t just put Idris Elba or Margot Robbie on your vision board and then sit back, relax and wait for them to walk into your life. If you could, there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day for them to get to everyone.

According to the traditional law of attraction belief, and one that I share, you can’t use the law of attraction to influence others specifically.  According to The Secret and various other sources, anything you wish upon someone else comes back to you. As always, it usually does so in orders of magnitude. That works well if you think happy thoughts on someone else’s behalf, as at least you’ll reap the benefits. Conversely, if you try to influence someone else to want you or desperately miss you, you’ll find yourself wanting and desperate.

Using the Law of Attraction for Love

The law is not a quick fix, nor is it a dating agency. However, it is relevant in the world of love. I and many others always encourage people to be specific in their aspirations. If you combine the law of attraction with vision boards, cosmic ordering or anything of the sort, you may well have heard that the devil is in the detail.

However, that’s not the case when using the law of attraction for love, or at least not entirely. The most specific you can be about someone is thinking of an individual, and I’ve already explained why that won’t work. Your attention needs to shift from one person to someone that, as far as you know currently, doesn’t even exist.

It might sound a bit weird, but you need to create the person you want the law to attract – and that’s where you can be specific. As long as they’re not real, the sky’s the limit. You can conjure up anything about them, and the more you tell the universe, the better the law will do. To start with, think about:

  • Name
  • Hair colour
  • Body type
  • Job
  • Hobbies
  • Friendship groups
  • Favourite holiday destinations

That’s just scratching the surface. People are complicated – that covers you and your potential partner. As always, it all comes down to what you want. It’s perfectly fine to draw inspiration from a real person in your life. To be honest, you can base every bullet point on someone, but why not be ambitious and change a few things into what’s really perfect for you?

Making the Law of Attraction Work for Love

Naturally, once we have an idea of the perfect companion, we need to make it happen. If you use the law of attraction already, you’re all set. Use whatever works for you, whether that’s vision boards, affirmations, a law of attraction journal or anything else that comes to mind.

If you’re new to the law of attraction, then you’ll be doing the same things, but you’ll need to learn a  little more about what each option entails. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. A colleague here at Widibi compiled what he calls the ultimate introduction to vision boards, and we’ve got an introduction to affirmations too. If you fancy trying out writing short stories about your life with your new partner, you might even consider trying law of attraction scripting.

What If I Don’t Believe in the Law of Attraction?

Even if you don’t believe in the law of attraction in the same way that I do, it can still help you. I’ll borrow a concept from vision boards here and point out that taking the time to ‘design’ your perfect partner. You may never have considered what the ideal partner looks or acts like before. In not knowing, you’ve never thought about what to do about it.

The phrase ‘like attracts like’ is common in the law of attraction, but not exclusive. If you want to meet a doctor but stay at home all day, there’s not much the law of attraction can do. Now, I’m not suggesting you do something to hospitalise yourself! Far from it. However, it would help if you thought about inserting yourself in scenarios where you’ll get to know medical professionals on a more social level.

Similarly, if you want an athletic body in your partner, you need to spend time where they do. Gyms, sports teams and other similar facilities will hopefully narrow down the search.

You don’t need the law of attraction’s assistance to work on putting yourself in the right place at the right time. Of course, if you do believe it, the universe might just give you a nudge in the right direction by rearranging your social life accordingly.

Does the Law of Attraction Work for Love? – In Summary

The law of attraction can undoubtedly aid you in finding love. The key takeaway in this article is that you can’t influence a specific individual. If you’re hoping to use the law of attraction to get back an ex, it’s highly unlikely to work directly. Of course, once you involve the law in your daily life, you’ll become a more positive, grateful and generous person as a result. That might help you out with getting someone back, but that’s entirely your own work rather than the law of attraction helping you out.

However, if you’re under no illusions about attracting someone known to you, the law of attraction can help. It can help with anything and everything. I won’t go into the abundance of the universe and all that here as there are plenty of other places at which you can read about it. The fact remains that the law can draw anything and everything to you, love included. It would be best if you believed that it’s happening and have a clear idea of what you want (not who you want). Through one or more of the techniques mentioned above, you’ll soon find yourself attracting the ideal person that you previously had no idea even existed!