A vision board can serve many different purposes but, above everything else, its main reason for being is to make the things you want as part of your life a reality.

A vision board is a great tool for those that want to set goals over any period of time, and they also serve as a crucial part of the toolkit for anyone that practices the law of attraction. As one of the best ways to manifest dreams into reality, virtually every successful practitioner uses at least one. However, while we write extensively on the LoA here at Widibi, I’ll be clear in saying that vision boards don’t have to have anything at all to do with the law of attraction.

Some say that the law of attraction comes into play from the moment you create a vision board, even if you don’t do so intentionally. However, I wouldn’t want anyone to think they can only create a vision board if they’ve read The Secret.

As long as you have goals, ambitions and dreams, a vision board is definitely worth a shot. Here are the five core components beyond being a tool to make good things happen:

1. An Opportunity to Clarify Your Ambitions

I wrote recently in an article on how to create your first vision board how most people never stop and think about what they really want from life. They have their jobs, their homes and their families, and they relive the same day over and over again without any specific ambitions.

When creating a vision board, it pays to spend time clarifying what you’re working towards. If you have the luxury of that time, you can clear your thoughts and really put some energy towards deciding what you want. It’s much easier to meet a goal when you’re certain of what it is and your vision board is the perfect way to express it.

2. A Procrastination Beater

Just as important as creating your vision board is positioning it. If you have one general vision board, many people like to position it in their bedroom so that it’s one of the first things they see when they wake up, and the last thing they view before they go to sleep.

Positioning matters because even a humble vision board can make anyone more productive. When you have nothing to do or nothing you want to do, your vision board will prompt you on what’s really important. Even if just once a day it makes you do something worthwhile rather than firing up Solitaire or an app on your phone, it’s definitely pulling its weight.

3. A Live Tool to Focus on Your Priorities

Something I particularly appreciate about vision boards is that they’re timeless. Of course, that timelessness can also be a source of frustration for some, especially if they feel like they need something immediately. You can impose deadlines on reaching those goals, but I’d generally advise against it.

If you’re relying on the law of attraction to manifest what’s on your vision board, it’s important to know that the universe doesn’t operate to deadlines. Even if you’re not, your primary vision board should focus on the big picture, not the small steps that will get you there.

Crucially, a vision board can be fluid. If you’ve never made one before, you definitely shouldn’t stress about getting it wrong. Like anything else, the more you do something, the better you’ll be.

As time goes on, you’ll find that what was once important to you might not be so important. There might be a change in your life that makes another ambition a priority. Your vision board is never set in stone. Whether you want to add or remove something from the original, or scrap it for a replacement, what constitutes your ‘primary’ vision board is entirely down to you.

4. A Way to Organise Your Life

As you may have noticed both in this article and others across the site, I don’t necessarily believe that an individual needs to stick with one vision board.

If you’re trying to use a vision board to lose weight, you can fill an entire board with images and words to that end. Not everything has to be a goal – there is always room for inspiration and motivation too. A separate vision board that you hang in the kitchen could be just what you need to achieve those narrower goals. Another vision board in the home office can push you towards your work goals, while one in the bedroom can be all about home and family life.

The organisation aspect stems from separating what you want into categories of sorts. By placing a vision board somewhere relevant, you can concentrate on what’s important at any given time, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be prompted to think of other things as they become important in their own right.

What Is the Purpose of a Vision Board? – In Summary

Overall, the purpose of a vision board is to give you the time and space to decide what it is that you want, then to drive and inspire you to take the actions needed to get there. They are a great tool if you’re working on the law of attraction, but they’re just as valuable on their own.

Whether you’re into words, pictures or any combination of media, if your vision board can showcase your ambitions and inspire you towards them, it will prove massively rewarding.