To me, the law of attraction is a concept and doesn’t necessarily hold any significant basis in science. We covered the discovery of the law of attraction recently here on the site, and people have been writing about it for hundreds of years. While it used to coincide with religion and spiritualism, especially in texts from the 19th and early 20th centuries, it now feels more like modern texts focus on the scientific aspect. However, it’s easy to question whether the law and its principles have ever been scientifically proven.

There have been numerous attempts to link the law of attraction to the sciences, and one that you’ll see mentioned often involves a relationship with quantum physics. It’s discussed extensively in this post, among others. It mentions ‘mirror neurons’ and the likelihood of monkeys and animals mimicking the behaviour of those they see around them.

What that post does is talk about scientific concepts, and it makes valid points. However, at no point does it answer whether there is any kind of scientific basis to the law of attraction.

What are My Views?

I’m not a scientist by any stretch. The tried and tested combo of biology, chemistry, and physics weren’t my strong points during education, and I was much more inclined to essay subjects like English Literature and history. However, I do hold the view that there remains much for scientists to uncover.

Verification of the law of attraction remains among that number. We leave the dates on posts here at Widibi, so I can safely say that there is no scientific evidence to prove that the law of attraction exists at the time of writing.

I kind of like it that way, as it gives us much more to explore and discuss. Once things are ‘proven’, there can be no more speculation. Something works in one specific way. You’ll have seen in some of my other posts here how I like the element of the law of attraction being open to interpretation, not least because it encourages people to try it for themselves, experience it and see what works best for them.

I’m Comfortable Without Evidence

My goal here is to get people to try it. You need to demonstrate gratitude, have a positive outlook and have the courage of your convictions in order for the law of attraction to work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have any evidence of the law of attraction itself.

The difference between me and many of the people that try to justify the law through science is that they want to sell their books, and they don’t want to be ridiculed. If they state that the law of attraction is scientifically proven, it adds credibility to their musings.

I take a different approach. Even if there is no law of attraction, you can still make your life and the lives of those around you better simply by being more grateful and positive. One thing I do believe about the law, and with absolutely no scientific evidence of my own to back it up, is that positive, kind people make for a better existence. So, even if it’s all nonsense, you’d probably be keener on surrounding yourself with people that do practice the law of attraction than those that don’t.

That leads to the age-old question:

Does the Law of Attraction Actually Work?

If I was to answer this question, I’d say yes, it does. However, that’s once again based solely on experience and nothing at all to do with science. I feel it works because I attribute things that have happened to me to it, but it doesn’t mean I can prove it.

Even today, there’s a leap of faith involved with anything like this. I could introduce you to a small army of people who say that they now live in the home they put on their vision board years ago or that the law of attraction helped them get their dream car. They can prove that they have the cars and the homes, and they could potentially show you the vision boards and scripts on which they appeared.

Whether you would then believe the full story or not is entirely down to you, and that’s why there cannot yet be any true scientific basis to the law of attraction. All you can go on is the belief of others, and the willingness to try it for yourself.

Is the Law of Attraction Scientifically Proven? – In Summary

Numerous articles have attempted to put a scientific spin on the law of attraction, and many people who have claimed to have insight into the science. However, I don’t truly believe that there is any proven scientific basis. That’s not to say that there never will be – there is much to discover about the human mind, quantum physics and many other topics that would undoubtedly be involved.

We live in a time when we know a lot, and science trumps magic. There is still much we don’t know. I’ll reiterate that it doesn’t take much to try, and there’s no bad that can come from trying the law of attraction for yourself. If it works, you’re set for life. If it doesn’t, you’ve lost the time it takes to read a book or a few blog posts and might have learned something along the way. If it helps you to become more positive, happy and generous, I would consider that as the law of attraction working.